Saturday, October 11, 2008

October 8 President's Memo


Date: October 8, 2008

To: Board of Directors
Lincoln Highway Association

From: Bob Dieterich

Subject: August & September Activities

My last memo was a half month late, and this one is another half month late. Therefore I have two months to cover here. I still think it is important that we all know what activities have taken place and that our business is conducted in the open. My last memo was dated August 20, 2008, and that was also the date of our last teleconference, so I’ll start there.

August 20, 2008, Teleconference Sue Jacobson emailed minutes of that teleconference on August 31. Some items that deserve further comment here are as follow:

• It was mentioned that Brian Butko’s new book, Lincoln Highway Companion, will be published this next spring. His publisher had contacted me offering to sell us 1000 copies at a 60% discount. We could then sell them at any price we choose. In return they would include LHA membership information at the back of the book. I discussed this with several members of the Executive Committee, and there was general agreement that we didn’t have the money to take advantage of this offer, and that the gamble we might be left with a sizeable inventory was too great. I informed Brian and his publisher of this decision. Jim Cassler is still interested in purchasing some and selling them as he has previously done with other books.

• We discussed the Illinois Lincoln Highway Coalition’s request to use our logo. We agreed that we didn’t want to give a blanket approval, but that we would not object to its use on the highway as long as it doesn’t mislead the public on the location of the highway and we received some recognition. Russell Rein volunteered to become the contact point so we can review their use of the logo. The Coalition keeps expressing their desire for cooperation between our two organizations, and in that spirit, I have asked to see their revised 2007 Master Plan. Even though prepared with taxpayer money, Bonnie Heimbach said she would have to obtain her board’s approval to let us see that report. They have had a board meeting, but we have heard nothing.

Nominations Committee Jeff LaFollette has volunteered to chair this committee. This is an important responsibility and we should have a request for nominations ready for the winter issue of the FORUM. Thank you, Jeff.

Lincoln Highway Song We briefly discussed the idea of a Lincoln Highway song during our last teleconference. Since then, music has been coming out of the woodwork. It turns out that a Shadric Smith of Fort Dodge, Iowa, wrote a song, “Rollin’ Down the Lincoln Highway,” for the Nevada, Iowa, Lincoln Highway Days in 1996. We have a recording of that and Paul Gilger, our in-house musician, has worked with Shadric to make some improvements. As soon as we get a handshake agreement on our use of the song (Shadric owns the copyright.), I’ll get the MP3 file out to the board and see if we can’t agree that it become our official theme song. It is a catchy tune, and I’m sure everyone will love it.

Historic Road Conference I attended the Historic Road Preservation Conference in Albuquerque. I met many people and gained some insight into the processes involved with attaining Scenic and Historic Byway and American Road status. We are unique in that we have a national organization to pull our state efforts together. There is no national Route 66 association. If you are interested, I’ll give a rundown during our next teleconference.

Complimentary Memberships Jan Shupert-Arick asked Jess Peterson, who passed the request on to me, to provide complimentary memberships to 26 sponsors of the Indiana Conference. These were for financial sponsors as well as other supporters. It didn’t seem right for the national association to foot the bill for something that should come out of the conference budget. This is especially true since a membership gives voting privileges to the sponsor and financial support back to the chapter. This has never been done before and the Conference Guidelines prohibit anything being given in return for a sponsorship. In the past, a half dozen copies of the FORUM which promote the conference, and the same number that summarize the conference, have been given to the conference chair to hand out as he or she wants.

Minutes Several of you have asked about the availability of minutes from the Evanston board meeting. Joyce Chambers filled in as secretary at the Evanston board meeting and general membership meeting. As soon as she provides the minutes to Sue Jacobson, they will be distributed to all board members.

Mini-Grants The “Mini-Grant” program is still in effect. This is the program which provides matching funds from our anonymous gift to state chapters for their projects. All directors are encouraged to have their state chapter make an application for this contest. Applications are due by March 1 every year and the guidelines are posted on our web site.

Indiana Kiosk The Indiana chapter’s request for support in erecting informational kiosks on the Lincoln Highway in Indiana was the first to win a $5000 grant from the above program. Their first kiosk has been placed in New Carlisle and will be dedicated this weekend, October 11. This is an excellent example of how this program works. Congratulations!

Preservation Mindy Crawford’s excellent "Preservation Opportunities On the Lincoln Highway" program is ready for nominations. The nomination form should be available on our web site by the time you read this. It is a Word document that you can fill in. We need to maintain an inventory of these sites.

Ohio’s Brick Roads The story of Baywood and Cindell Streets is a superb example of what the Lincoln Highway Association is all about. Our primary mission is the preservation of remaining sections of the highway. The brick paving on Baywood and Cindell Streets is an outstanding reminder of what travel was like on the highway. There have been many “saves” in our past, but this one stands out because of the effort and cooperation by all involved. The Eastern Ohio Chapter’s efforts to convince the trustees from Paris and Osnaburg Townships to keep these sections of the highway intact, are to be commended. Our congratulations go out to the trustees and all members of the Eastern Ohio Chapter. In particular, a great big “thank you” and “congratulations” to Jim Cassler and Mike Buettner for a job well done!

Iowa Chapter Grant Just today I received a copy of the Iowa Chapter’s newsletter, “Along the Lincoln Highway.” The lead story tells us that the State Historical Society of Iowa has awarded the Iowa Lincoln Highway Association a grant of $37,130 for interpretive panels east of Grand Junction. Another job well done. Congratulations!

A Ride Along the Lincoln Highway Rick Sebak’s PBS show, “A Ride Along the Lincoln Highway” will air on PBS stations Wednesday, October 29, from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. You won’t want to miss this! Our California chapter is planning a “watch party” at a local pizza parlor with big screen TV.

Next Teleconference The next board teleconference is scheduled for Wednesday, November 19, 2008. Details will come by email as we get closer to that date.

Bob Dieterich

Monday, September 1, 2008

August 20, 2008 Meeting

Teleconference August 20, 2008


ATTENDANCE: 11 present, 3 late, 5 absent
Bob Dieterich (CA),Russell Rein (MI),Sue Jacobson (IL), Lennie Stubblefield (NE), Jerry Peppers (NY), Michael Buettner (OH),Mindy Crawford (PA), Shelly Horne (WY), Al Pfingstl (NJ),Brian Butko (At Large), Diane Rositter (At Large),
LATE: Jess Petersen (UT), Kay Shelton (IL), Ron Colson (At Large)
ABSENT: Randy Wagner (Exec. Advisor), Geno Oliver (NV), Alan Stockland (UT), Jim Peters (At Large), Jeff LaFollette (IA)


--These Teleconferences are regarded as discussions and not formal meetings, due to the by-laws not specifying Teleconferences are regular board meetings. This requires a by-law change, which will be presented at the 2009 LHA Conference in IN.

--Committees needed: The nominating committee is most crucial at this time. Bob asked for a volunteer to chair the committee. Sue is on the committee, but unable to serve as chair. No one volunteered, so Bob will contact the absent board members to ask for a volunteer chair. If none, he will go outside of the board to ask for a chair.

--Long Range/Strategic Committee: Formally the Endowment Committee,which is now two committees. Need the Planning Committee now to establish a mission statement of our organization. We need such a plan in place when asking for funding. Bob has been perusing the mission statement of the Oregon Trail plan and found it would be helpful to us in establishing our mission statement. There was a discussion of other groups having such statements, including Rt. 66, American Road, National Park Service. Bob and Russell would be attending conferences in Albuquerque, NM where they would be contacting representatives of organizations for information and guidance on a plan.

--LH March/Song: Bob asked about any song/music about the LH. Sue reported she has copies in the secretary's files and would send it to him. Russell reported there are three marches and a piano roll for player piano. Sue has a tape or two to send to Bob, also.

--PBS Show Oct. 29th at 8 p.m. which will provide a lot of publicity for the LHA. Money in the budget for brochures. Jim Peters was to help with this. A state by state brochure was to be developed, plus one with things to see and do along the LH, plus eating places! (Thanks, Russell!) The national membership brochure would remain essentially as it is now. Jimmy Lin would have them on the LHA website. Diane Rossiter will put the info on the coalition's web.

--How to provide information was discussed. Place brochures in racks, use as handouts at various functions. PBS has website. We'll need to link to their's. Use of Press releases. Utilize brochures already printed.

--Brian Butko's publisher contacted the LHA to sell us a thousand books at a great discount. Not sure if we have the dollars to purchase them. Jim Cassler would be the one to sell them as we don't have the marketing to do it.
Bob contacted Jim to get his thoughts. Bob will keep us posted.

--Illinois Lincoln Highway Coalition: want to use our logo on murals, in gazebos, etc. They want a blanket approval to use the logo. We need to know more about how they will be using it. Need a more positive explanation. Couldn't get any satisfaction from Bonnie Heimbach. Bob was able to get a copy of the master plan explaining the coalition's efforts, prepared by the Schmeekle Reserve Interpreters in Wisconsin, who do consulting work. They are proposing in this master plan, to turn our Franklin Grove Headquarters into a "coalition experience hub". They will set up the primary visitors center in Dixon. and will use our logo on their building. There's a 2007 revision to this plan, but we can't get a copy of it. Bob e-mailed Bonnie to be more open with us and tell us what their plans are. Master Plan on web is 182 pages long and LH is not mentioned at all. We were not consulted at all during the composition of this plan. Fearful we will be pushed aside and tourism will be the main draw. Discussions on use of the logo, public domain issue, our registration of the logo to protect us, etc.The coalition wants to work with us, each group has its own mission, LH is the history of the highway...coalition is the tourism issue, but no mention of the LHA. Brochures of the coalition should have the LHA information credited.

--The Coalition nixed the idea of the IL LHA State Director, Kay Shelton, being the contact person to "proof" the coalition's use of the logo and other related LH matter. Russell Rein offered to be the person with whom the coalition would work. Bob was to inform Bonnie of this change, and report to the board.

Meeting adjourned 9:20 EST.
Sue Jacobson, secretary

Saturday, August 16, 2008

LHA Teleconference July 23, 2008


CALL IN TIME: 7:00 to 7:15 p.m. EST

ATTENDANCE: Bob Dieterich, Jess Petersen, Sue Jacobson, Kay Shelton (IL) Jerry Peppers (NY), Al Pfingstl (NJ),Mindy Crawford (PA), Lenore Stubblefied (NE), Geno Oliver (NV), Ron Colson (At Large), Brian Butko (At Large)

ABSENT: Russell Rein (MI), Randy Wagner (WY), Mick Buettner (OH), Jeff LaFollette (IA), Shelly Horne (WY), Alan Stockland (UT), Jim Peters (At Large)
Diane Rossitter (At Large)

CALL TO ORDER: Bob Dieterich, president, informed the members that Teleconferences can not be regarded as a meeting. We need a by-law amendment stating such. The teleconferences will be termed "sessions". The board members will be in attendance, but a Board Meeting isn't considered such until held at the annual conference. A by-law to the effect that a teleconference may be considered a board meeting, will be presented at the 2009 Conference.

LHA LOGO: Bob wanted the Board to be involved in the discussion of the logo legalities, and setting a policy. The attorney for the logo trade mark, whom Howard Stovall had asked to take on the task of researching the logo, sent the information to Jan, who sent it to Jess, who sent it to Bob. The renewal of the registration to keep ownership would be $1050.

Some of the problems ensuing the use of the LH Logo included:

---Someone selling T-Shirts, bearing the LH Logo, being offered on the internet. Bob contacted her, and politely asked her to take the ad off. She sent back a very nice e-mail and said she would and would like to join the LHA, already being a member of the Route 66 group. Kay reported Jeff LaFollette knows her as a very nice person.

---Gazebos and murals will be erected in towns not on the LH and they had the LH logo on their works. Some towns were misinformed about their location being on the LH, which was misleading to the public.

---The Illinois Lincoln Highway Coalition has been using the LH Logo on their brochures, signs, etc. Many thought this shouldn't be. Diane Rossitter, of the ILHC was asked to temporarily not use the LH Logo until the LHA Board met.

---Other states and highway groups have used the LH logo, even AAA.

---A call to the LHA Executive Committee by Bob resulted in the decision: If a city or town thinks they are on the LH and are not, they will be notified they are in error. Bob Dieterich will so notify.

---By not restricting the use of the logo, it rather brings awareness of the LH to the public, which is a good thing.

---The registration attorney recommended we not charge a fee for the use of the LH Logo. It complicates matters. Jim Cassler has the exclusive right to use the logo for his merchandise. All others may use the logo for advertising, signs, brochures, etc. if that information applies to places on the LH.

---Ron Colson commented on the registration of the LH Logo via Howard Stovall, which included the above recommendations. He also noted in a conversation with Bonnie Heimbach of the ILHC, that the ILHC used the logo as it pertained to marketing and not to merchandizing.

---Jerry Peppers recommended we should publish this information on our website to clarify our policy on the use of the LH Logo. Promote positive side of the logo use.

---Also note on web, that Jim Cassler has exclusive right to use of the LH Logo and arrangements could be made with him on the sale of merchandise. Make known that the LH Logo is a registered trademark.

Jess Petersen asked Jerry Peppers to write this up for the website. Jerry couldn't do the writeup due to professional technicalities as an attorney, but he could review a copy if someone writes up one. Bob Dieterich volunteered to do this writeup and will also contact Jimmy Lin about getting it on the website.

Ron Colson cited his town of Oregon, IL not being on the highway, but has ties to it via the camaraderie of Jens Jensen, landscaper for various sites on the LH, and Lorado Taft, sculpture of the Blackhawk Statue in a park off the LH. All of this is OK as long as publicity doesn't claim the areas are on the LH.

Bob asked if there were any disagreements on the proposed decision. Brian Butko cited a similar case to Route 66.

Bob commented that the LHA Logo has been in Public Domain for sometime, making it not restricted to use, except inaccurately. Also, the by-laws need to be specifically stated that Teleconferences may be considered a board meeting.

Mindy Crawford, chair of the LHA Preservation Committee/ Endangered/ Opportunity list, reported there would be an official announcement in the next Forum about the committee's efforts, plus an application to nominate an endangered/historic site by Sept. 31st. She will electronically send the info to the state chapters. Jimmy Lin will be asked to place this on the website, also.

Lennie Stubblefield (NE) a member of the 2013 Centennial Conference to be held in Kearny, NE, reported meeting with the Archway Executive Committee. They will be using the LH Logo in their LHA Centennial literature. She was pleased to hear of the use of the logo being justified.

Bob would be sending membership brochures to many of the states who requested them at the conference.

The meeting adjourned 8:40 EST.
Sue Jacobson, Secretary
Lincoln Highway Association

Friday, June 27, 2008

Summary of June 21 Board Meeting and Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting

Summary of the New Board Meeting
Evanston, Wyoming
Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mindy Crawford, Pennsylvania State Director
Bob Dieterich, LHA President and California State Director
Bev Gillespie, National Office
Tom Lockard, representing Ohio
Geno Oliver, Nevada State Director
Jerry Peppers, New York State Director
Jesse Peterson, Treasurer
James Peters, Director At-Large
Russell Rein, Vice President
Kay Shelton, Illinois State Director
Lennie Stubblefield, Nebraska State Director
Randy Wagner, Executive Advisor


With the additional number of At-Large Directors, the meeting did not meet quorum.

The full Board could not vote upon any official business. At 10:40 a.m., those present held a short discussion of several topics:

1.) Kay gave a short overview of the Franklin Grove Committee that did not get included in the regular Board Meeting agenda. An architect worked toward creating a sketch of adding restrooms along with a larger-sized area that could function as a visitors’ center. At the time, Farming Heritage did not have the sketch ready in a format for Kay to bring on an airplane or to send via e-mail. Such a new space would be appropriate for displays. Additionally, if there are items that states would like to sell in the store, please contact Lynn Asp.

2.) Rollin Southwell had several conversations with individuals throughout the Conference. UDOT gave clearance for the memorial he worked on for a long time. According to those he spoke with, he was ready to give a report about the Johnson Pass Monument to Carl Fisher but he had difficulty with Jan and he did not know if he was welcome. Others said that Rollin provided invaluable help to the Evanston Conference. He will also not renew the domain name in October when it expires and the Lincoln Highway Association can take it over. He created a conference Web site years ago and simply kept the domain name. After the Board meeting in Colorado, Jan was to talk to him but instead she hired a lawyer from St. Louis who sent him a letter. His Ely group will be re-writing their by-laws to match other states and submitting them.

3.) Bev attended the meeting to receive direction on how to close down the National Office in South Bend. Bob said he greatly appreciated her work. Bev did say that when hired, a discussion occurred on the possibility that she might work until the Board made a decision in Evanston. Bev asked what to do with the bulk mail permit and the 501(3)c paperwork. The paperwork should go to Jesse. Bev mentioned seeing paperwork with the word “Associates” instead of “Association” but was uncertain on what paperwork that word appeared. Russell will help check, too. Also, a telephone number and address appear on the Web site and in the Membership Directory. The telephone number can be disconnected to cut costs and if the phone company will allow it, calls may be forwarded to the Franklin Grove number. Old Forums can be returned back to Franklin Grove. Russell donated computer equipment and he does not want it back. There is a digital projector, too. Kay suggested that the next state to hold a conference should get it and it could rotate to future conferences so no one would have to pay to rent a projector during a conference.

4.) Suggestions from Bob include greater openness. He plans to have a monthly report. He would like to hold teleconferences of the Board that would be open to all of the members, with one possibly sometime in August.

5.) Tom will serve as Chair of a new committee for development. He suggested that news items be placed in the Forum.

6.) There is a need for long-range planning and policy setting.


The Executive Committee did form a quorum. Due to the flooding in Iowa, Lyell Henry and a traveling companion could not attend the Conference and missed the deadline to request a full refund. Jesse suggested that they be given a full refund anyway, and that the normal $25 refund fee be waived. The motion passed, with Jesse, Bob, Russell, and Randy voting to give the full refunds.

Meeting Adjourned, 11:30 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Kay Shelton, temporary replacement for Sue Jacobson