Friday, June 27, 2008

Summary of June 21 Board Meeting and Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting

Summary of the New Board Meeting
Evanston, Wyoming
Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mindy Crawford, Pennsylvania State Director
Bob Dieterich, LHA President and California State Director
Bev Gillespie, National Office
Tom Lockard, representing Ohio
Geno Oliver, Nevada State Director
Jerry Peppers, New York State Director
Jesse Peterson, Treasurer
James Peters, Director At-Large
Russell Rein, Vice President
Kay Shelton, Illinois State Director
Lennie Stubblefield, Nebraska State Director
Randy Wagner, Executive Advisor


With the additional number of At-Large Directors, the meeting did not meet quorum.

The full Board could not vote upon any official business. At 10:40 a.m., those present held a short discussion of several topics:

1.) Kay gave a short overview of the Franklin Grove Committee that did not get included in the regular Board Meeting agenda. An architect worked toward creating a sketch of adding restrooms along with a larger-sized area that could function as a visitors’ center. At the time, Farming Heritage did not have the sketch ready in a format for Kay to bring on an airplane or to send via e-mail. Such a new space would be appropriate for displays. Additionally, if there are items that states would like to sell in the store, please contact Lynn Asp.

2.) Rollin Southwell had several conversations with individuals throughout the Conference. UDOT gave clearance for the memorial he worked on for a long time. According to those he spoke with, he was ready to give a report about the Johnson Pass Monument to Carl Fisher but he had difficulty with Jan and he did not know if he was welcome. Others said that Rollin provided invaluable help to the Evanston Conference. He will also not renew the domain name in October when it expires and the Lincoln Highway Association can take it over. He created a conference Web site years ago and simply kept the domain name. After the Board meeting in Colorado, Jan was to talk to him but instead she hired a lawyer from St. Louis who sent him a letter. His Ely group will be re-writing their by-laws to match other states and submitting them.

3.) Bev attended the meeting to receive direction on how to close down the National Office in South Bend. Bob said he greatly appreciated her work. Bev did say that when hired, a discussion occurred on the possibility that she might work until the Board made a decision in Evanston. Bev asked what to do with the bulk mail permit and the 501(3)c paperwork. The paperwork should go to Jesse. Bev mentioned seeing paperwork with the word “Associates” instead of “Association” but was uncertain on what paperwork that word appeared. Russell will help check, too. Also, a telephone number and address appear on the Web site and in the Membership Directory. The telephone number can be disconnected to cut costs and if the phone company will allow it, calls may be forwarded to the Franklin Grove number. Old Forums can be returned back to Franklin Grove. Russell donated computer equipment and he does not want it back. There is a digital projector, too. Kay suggested that the next state to hold a conference should get it and it could rotate to future conferences so no one would have to pay to rent a projector during a conference.

4.) Suggestions from Bob include greater openness. He plans to have a monthly report. He would like to hold teleconferences of the Board that would be open to all of the members, with one possibly sometime in August.

5.) Tom will serve as Chair of a new committee for development. He suggested that news items be placed in the Forum.

6.) There is a need for long-range planning and policy setting.


The Executive Committee did form a quorum. Due to the flooding in Iowa, Lyell Henry and a traveling companion could not attend the Conference and missed the deadline to request a full refund. Jesse suggested that they be given a full refund anyway, and that the normal $25 refund fee be waived. The motion passed, with Jesse, Bob, Russell, and Randy voting to give the full refunds.

Meeting Adjourned, 11:30 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Kay Shelton, temporary replacement for Sue Jacobson