Sunday, June 24, 2012

April 26, 2012 Teleconference Meeting Minutes

TO: LHA Board Members
FROM: President Bob Dieterich/Beverley "Sue" Jacobson, secretary
RE: Teleconference Minutes
DATE: April 26, 2012
CALL TO ORDER: Bob Dieterich, president, called the meeting to order at 8:08 p.m. EST.
ROLL CALL: Bob Dieterich, (CA); Kay Shelton, (IL); Beverley "Sue" Jacobson (IL); Jess Petersen, (UT); Randy Wagner, (WY); Jerry Peppers, (NY); Jeff Blair, (IN); Ronnie O'Brien, (NE); Jerry Hansen, (WY); Bob Beaudoin, (UT); Brian Butko, (PA); Jim Peters, (MA); Van Becker, (IA); Ron Colson, (IL) ABSENT: Jeff LaFollette, (IA); Tim Wunsch, (CO); Jim Bonar, (NV); VACANCIES: NJ, PA, OH. President Bob Dieterich invited Eric Salverson of WY and Paula Reynolds of NJ to join the teleconference, but they didn't attend. Paul Gilger, Bob Lichty and Rosemary Rubin were in attendance by invitation.
SECRETARY'S REPORT: The minutes were e-mailed to all the board members for their perusal. Jerry Peppers made the motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Randy Wagner; carried
TREASURER'S REPORT: Treasurer Jess Petersen reported:
-- current balance of $31,000 in the checking account
--$16,000 registration for the conference is part of this sum
--47 signed up so far, including 6 board members
--Bob Dieterich reported a South Korean TV producer told him an eighth grade boy with MD (muscular dystrophy) is going to attempt a trip across the U.S. in a wheelchair in the fall on the LH. She is making a documentary of the trip and wants contact/input from each state.. Bob urged each state director to help with this project. She was told there could be possible snow in some states at that time
--Norwegian classic auto club president, Henning Kjensli is coming to the U.S. in June, and will be driving from NY to Canton, OH for part of the conference; wants to attend the board of directors' meeting Monday, June 18th
--Will be a speaker on Speakers' Day at the conference
--He will be in NY June 11th, 12th, & 13th and will meet with Jerry on the 13th

--Rosemary Rubin has been making contact with state and local officials to obtain activity permits; can't make some arranements more than a year in advance
--East tour leaves Times Square June 21st
--Finally reached Holiday Inn personal in Kearney to make arrangements
--May 15, 2012 the tour group is planning a teleconference with all property managers across the route
--Holiday Inn will give us a special group rate
--Rosemary will make announcement of plans at Dayton, OH conference
--She wants to set up reservations capability on our website
--People may enter the tours along the way
--Our tour is the Official LHA Centennial Tour
--Norwegians need to join the LHA; they will try to get a chapter started in Norway so they will be eligible
--Rosemary hopes to have 100 cars from each side of the U.S.
--Probably won't know a more accurate count until a few months before
--Will have a deadline to sign up, but usually allow people to sign up to the last
--Any type cars may join the tour
--Parade/Car Show on Sunday, June 30th
--Lots of 50s and 60s cars...all are urged to enjoy the road trip on the LH
--Paul Gilger  reported a Canadian Model A Club is interested...200 Model A's alone....also Packard groups.
--Cars need to be capable of maintaining 55 mph....difficult to enforce
--Too dangerous to caravan; small groups usually get together
--Mountain driving and altitude makes slower driving
--Ask each state director to help with various aspects of touring
--Brochure not done yet, hopefully by the first of July so as to start signing up people...Jimmy Lin is working with the committee
--June 26th, dinner at South Bend, IN
--Overnight in Rochelle, IL at Holiday Inn...possibly train depot park for evening event
--Holiday Inn in Tooele
--Holiday Inn in Kearney and overflow in facility across the road
--Will have a table at Canton, OH Conference bookroom with information
--Cost will be determined in next couple of days
--Paul Gilger will have maps ready by conference time...password to get on website for GPS directions
--Jimmy Lin is working with Paul Gilger's Mapping Committee materials to convert all maps to on-line Google maps...working on the east section right now (has toured the road)
--Jim Peters is working on a driving guide for states from IN to NE
CENTENNIAL BOOK: Brian Butko reported the following:
--Will bring to OH conference a draft of the Centennial book he is preparing
--Retail price about $ will be a soft cover book; we are considering an initial printing of 1000 copies but will make that decision at a later time. There was discussion about how the LHA will sell them and it was pointed out that Jim Cassler has been very good for the LHA and that in any event he has an exclusive arrangement to sell LH materials from the LHA. It is also true, however, that the book is being authored by Brian Butko on behalf of the LHA and that the LHA is bearing the production cost and that Jim will not have any inventory carrying cost
--Bob D and Jim Cassler will meet to discuss appropriate terms for the sales of the book consistent with our arrangement with Cassler and the unique facts of this situation.
--Question of book being included in tour packages, including the Norwegian tour.
--Brian is updating photos for his "Greetings" book and requested any new photos from directors by May 1st, 2012
ADJOURNMENT: Jerry Peppers made the motion at 8:25 p.m., seconded by Kay Shelton; carried
Beverley "Sue" Jacobson, secretary
After the meeting was adjourned, Ronnie O'Brien reported Ron Bernthal, a well known Travel Writer and producer for National Public Radio as well as author and Professor of Business and Hospitality Management at SUNY, will be at the Canton, OH conference. Ronnie will send more information to Rosemary.

January 26 and February 2, 2012 Teleconference Meeting Minutes

FROM: Bob Dieteich, president
Beverley "Sue" Jacobson, secretary
DATE: January 26, 2012 and February 2, 201

CALL TO ORDER: President Bob Dieterich called the meeting to order 7:05p CST.

ATTENDANCE: Bob Dieterich (CA); Sue Jacobson (IL); Jess Petersen (UT); Randy Wagner (WY); Jerry Peppers (NY); Jeff Blair (IN); Jeff LaFollette (IA); Ronnie O'Brien (NE); Brian Butko (PA); Jim Peters (MA); Van Becker (IA); Ron Colson (IL). Bob Lichty (OH) and Rosemary Rubin (OH) were in attendance for the initial meeting, January 26, 2012. Kay Shelton (IL) and Bob Beaudoin (UT) were also in attendance January 26, 2012, but not 02/02/2012.
No directors filling vacancies from NJ, PA, OH, WY

MINUTES: Secretary Jacobson read the minutes of the October 27, 2011 meeting. There was one correction on page 4 . "The bridge is in need of repair and updating just west of the Hudson River". The wording "and updating just west of the Hudson River" was to be deleted." Motion to accept the corrected minutes was made by Kay Shelton (IL) and seconded by Jerry Peppers (NY), motion carried.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Jess Petersen (UT) had e-mailed the report to the members. As of today, we have $13,000 in our checking account. In four weeks there will be a bill of $6000 for publishing the Forum . We are in good, but not great shape.
-- Ron Colson (IL) made the motion to accept the report, seconded by Jerry Peppers (NY); carried.
--Jess, Bob D and Jim Cassler reviewed the registration fee for the 2012 LHA Annual Conference in Canton, OH and decided it should be $300 per person for full conference
--A contingency fee to cover incidentals was bumped up to $40 which will be included in the $300 fee.
--McKinley Grand Hotel (OH) will have a block of rooms @ $89 per night for the LHA Conference attendees

DIGITAL MAP OF 2013 Tour Route
--Available to non-tour participants
--DeLorme maps being to buy both software and data for LH
--Jimmy Lin works for Google; Paul Gilger is working to get LH maps on Google's map system, which would be a tremendous asset, as people will be able to go to the website to get a printout
--Paul also mapping out tour route not always on the LH
--Tour participants will get the password needed to get these tour maps
--General public will need to pay for these maps
--Bob Lichty and Rosemary Rubin (OH) were both present to discuss the progress being made on the tours for the 2013 LHA Conference
--Bob L is in agreement with the plans
--Rosemary reported Paul Gilger has started the tour from the West and reached half way mark
--Many on the tour want to go their own way, so necessarily won't buy maps
--Not all have computers, so need to have printed material available for them
--Copies for tour people are in the Tour Book
--$350 for the tour/ People going on tours need to be LHA members

--At approximately 7:35 p.m. CST, the telephone connection was broken. At 8:00 pm CST it was unsuccessfully attempted to reestablish the connection and the meeting ended without being formally adjourned.
DATE: February 2, 2012
CALL TO ORDER: President Bob Dieterich called the continued LHA Teleconference Meeting to order at 7:05 CST

ATTENDANCE: Bob Dieterich (CA); Beverley "Sue" Jacobson (IL); Jess Petersen (UT); Randy Wagner (WY); Jerry Peppers (NY); Jeff Blair (IN); Jeff LaFollette (IA); Ronnie O'Brien (NE); Brian Butko (PA); Jim Peters (MA); Van Beckers(IA); Ron Colson (IL). A quorum was determined so the meeting started.

--No nominations for NJ, PA, OH, WY
--Jeff L will go through the membership list and send a plea to the members of these states for a director
--Suggestion to place directors' name, term ending, in Forum. Jeff will send the information to Kathy Franzwa, editor

--IL, UT, NV (o.k.) and At-Large-#2, Jim Peters is choosing not to rerun
--Bob D has a possible candidate for Ohio

NORWAY CHAPTER: Bob D made contact with a gentleman named Henning Kjensil from Norway, who had previously done a Rt. 66 tour and wants to do one on the LH, especially the centennial year, 2013
--Possibly over 100 vehicles/will ship to NY then drive to CA
--Start July 2, 2013 after our tour/ need help from the state directors to help this group with tour through their LH state
--We briefly discussed the concept of a non-LH state chapter, such as Norway, and decided, for the time being, that any such group desiring to be affiliated with a Chapter needs to be affiliated with an existing state chapter
--Week before OH Conference, Henning is coming to NY to make plans for 2013 tour. Jerry Peppers has spoken with him and will host him in NY if Henning can fit it into his schedule
--Bob D has asked Henning to be a speaker at the conference and meet with Jim Peters and Bob Lichty tour directors

NOTED: CHRIS PLUMMER: Past LHA President, passed away last December 2011

TOM LOCKARD: Stepped down as Ohio State Director

Discussion about a bylaw change to hold an LHA Conference in a place not on the Lincoln Highway.
--Jerry Peppers read Article 3, Section 8 of the bylaws, which states a site needs only to be approved by the board
--This was approved at the 2010 conference in Dixon, IL
--No need to further change the bylaws to hold a meeting in a non-LH sate such as Michigan

--Publisher told him to proceed with a soft cover book
--Trying to keep cost $25...looking into various publishers
--128 pages, 8x10/ 100 books $10.90/ 500-$5,500/ 6,500- $25 per book; good profit for either the 100 or 500 copies
--Jim Peters offered to pay the difference between 500 and 1,000 copies if we could not otherwise come up with financing
--Brian asked a $1,000 payment for his time and expenses
--Money needed could come from the Performance Fund
--Randy Wagner made a motion approving this amount of money, seconded by Jerry Peppers; carried
--Brian will send more detailed information to the board via e-mail

--If a dues payment is received from a new subscriber based on the amount in an old brochure, we'll honor the fees listed, but states won't get the 20 % portion back the first year. When renewing, the subscriber will pay the full amount
--Ronnie O'Brien said it would be a good idea to place the expiration date on the enrollment blank
--Jerry made the motion to accept this suggestion, seconded by Randy; one opposed; carried

--Costs $8 per issue to send overseas
--Membership fee increase for foreign members
--Need to inform Norwegian group now (perhaps get the group to agree to take a single package and distribute the individual copies locally)
--Bob D will get back to Jim Cassler about mailing rate (surcharge)
--More details at the next meeting

--Kay Shelton was absent; has permission from the Archway group to use its picture on the stamp
--Ron Colson has political contact with state representative and will work with Kay on this issue

--$25 added to fee, which raises the contingency amount to $40
--Included in registration fee for Ohio LHA Conference

--Bob D attended, and was joined by Kay Shelton the last few days
--They had an LH table set up with maps, brochures, etc...much interest
--Close to 2,000 in attendance
--Broadway casts provided 10 minute musicals
--Mark Hoffman, Sacramento, CA was elected VP/ has the National Tour Ass'n endorsing the LH for 2013 tour

--Randy Wagner made the motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Jim Peters; carried
--Next Teleconference meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 26, 2012
Beverley "Sue" Jacobson, secretary

October 27, 2011 Teleconference Meeting Minutes

TO: LHA Board Members
DATE: October 27, 2011

CALL TO ORDER: President Bob Dieterich called the meeting to order 7pm. CST, with 11 members present.

ROLL CALL: Bob Dieterich, president (CA), Kay Shelton, vice president (IL), Sue Jacobson, secretary (IL), Randy Wagner, Executive Advisor, (WY), Jerry Peppers, (NY), Jeff Blair, (IN), Bob Beaudoin, (UT), Brian Butko, At Large #1 , (PA), Jim Peters, At Large #2, (MA), Van Becker, At Large #3 , (IA), Ron Colson, At Large #4, (IL) Absent: Jess Petersen, treasurer, (UT); Tom Lockard, (OH); Jeff LaFollette, (IA); Ronnie O'Brien, (NE); Tim Wunsch, (CO); Jim Bonar (NV)

SECRETARY'S REPORT: Secretary Jacobson had sent the minutes of the last meeting to the board for perusal. Jerry Peppers made the motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Jim Peters; carried

MEMBERSHIP: Minutes from the Membership Meeting at the conference. Motion to accept the minutes by Jeff Blair, Seconded by Randy Wagner; carried

Minutes from the New Board Meeting at the conference; There being no quorum present, Bob Dieterich, President, promptly adjourned the meeting without taking any action, as required by the By-Laws so no actions taken.

TREASURER'S REPORT: no report due to Jess Petersen's absence

BUSINESS: In place of an agenda, Bob Dieterich (CA) called for any of the board members having anything to discuss to do so.
--Bob Dietrich reported receiving a request from a bridge engineer in OH, concerning information on AR rating on old bridges. He sent the information to Kathy Franzwa, who forwarded it to Jeff Blair, (IN) then on to Jim Bevins
and Mike Bittner in OH
--Mark Hoffman from CA will be taking a bus load of people to the 2013 Conference in NE
--Bus Tour on the National Road next summer
--National Tour Association proposed the LHA Conference to be their tour destination in 2013
--Magazine By Ways to all tour operators
--Bob wrote an article for the magazine, which is free to anyone subscribing
--Major tour organization in the country
--Their association will be meeting in Las Vegas, December 5 -9, 2011, which Bob plans to attend
--Asked for any display items for this meeting to be used for the free booth
--Ron Colson (IL) reported the IL LHA COALITION has portable informational panels to be used for this type of meeting. He'll check with the coalition about
--Mark Hoffman will man the booth, and asked Bob Dieterich, (CA) to help
--Randy Wagner (WY) suggested we don't need a large display
--Van Becker (IA) will ask a soft drink company to make a banner 8' by 2 and 1/2' and will request eye hooks for displaying. Bob will ask around his area if
there would be a company who would do a banner
--Norm Root a former CA director and CA LHA officer holder and all around LHA worker and promoter, passed away the end of September with memorial services October 10, 2011, which Bob D. attended
--In CA, the Donner Pass LH ends by Donner Lake. The owner barricaded the Old LH due to people trashing the area, which resulted in lawsuits, etc, with the property being sold to a Land Trust, and the route is now open to the public for approximately 5 miles of hiking
--Kay Shelton (IL) reported she and a new IL LHA board member, John O'Halloran, are attempting to have an IL license plate displaying the LHA logo. Need to guarantee 1500 to sell. This would be a permanent IL license plate.
Proceeds would be divided between the state and IL LHA
--She reported IL LHA meeting with the IA LHA in Clinton,IA November 19, 2011, to plan an IL/IA car tour with Jeff LaFollette, starting in Rochelle, IL west for next spring. Will ask Rick Korthaur to have a tour of Auto Row in Aurora
--Sue J was to interview a former Boy Scout about his trip on the LH whom Kay had met
--Kay is giving a series of talks about the LH at a retirement home in DeKalb. The talks are scheduled once a month, with the last one being December 19th

Randy Wagner: There is a new website for WY state LHA chapter
--Reported the bridge at Fort Bridger has an LH post at each end
--Attempting to find a WY director from the Laramie area

Jeff Blair, (IN) reported the Osterman Memorial bench has a committee working on its preservation and moving from its place on a busy highway in Dyer, IN. There will be an article about it in the next Forum
--The LH in IN has been awarded Official Byway Status
--2012 IN road maps will have the LH highlighted
--Jeff had contact with a man from Belgium riding his motorcycle on the historical highways in the U.S, going from Ft. Wayne, IN to Ft. Laramie, WY. He has a website and other info, which Jeff will e-mail to the board members

Bob Dieterich, (CA) reported our website guru, Jim Lin, has quit his job at IBM and now works for "Google". He will have the LH showing on their maps

Bob Beaudoin, (UT) and Jess Petersen (UT), met with the Deseret people about hosting the 2014 LHA Conference in Utah
--A chapter event was held in Sept.
--Crossing the Dugway is being worked on for the 2014 LHA Confe rence
--Jess met with the Economic Development Committee in Tooele County. They said yes to susidizing the 2014 LHA Conference.More information in the Forum

Brian Butko, (PA) Road Trip to get information
--Book report couldn't get on due to lost domain---it expired
--LH news---Brian's segment will be back up next day (the28th)
--Is looking into books for self publishing; Lulu is $24.95 for 20 pages
--A book for centennial would be costly...$60 for 100 pages...not feasible
--Possibly sell 250 at Centennial in NE...maybe 500 @ $35
--Better to produce own....100 pages, mostly photos
--Do we want it, how do we pay for it, who puts it together?
--Brian offered to do this; will work on bringing the price to $25 or so. if this is what the board would agree to, if funds available
--Need to use local publishers/printers if possible
The Board encouraged Brian to continue with the project

Jim Peters, (MA) reported he is working with the Packard Club for the 2013 tour to Kearney, NE for the Centennial Celebration

Van Becker, (IA), told of the City of Cedar Rapids having money to place an LHA museum in a local fire station---recognition for Automobile Row
--Money from FEMA for the flooding of Cedar Rapids
--Van will work on the wording with the historical center and the county historical preservation commission.
--More FEMA money to place a statue of Abraham Lincoln in a park, which Van hopes to redirect the statue placement to the LH exhibit
--LH Amateur Radio Club 5 years old, celebrating 99 years in Belle Plaine, IA
--Will set up a radio station during summer festival.
--Points of interest: Preston's Station which Preston Family will continue having open for special functions; Jumbo Well---an oversized well that was enlarged due to an error in dynamiting
--Preston's Station has a collection of Outhouses the village is trying to remove

Jerry Peppers, (NY) reported about the Blue Smoke Restaurant.
--Big Show on TV
--He and his wife took a two day Am Track trip, from Chicago to Seattle. There was an oral presentation on the trip on a subject about the local interest along the route which was very well attended among the passengers particularly the many seniors on the trip. He suggested that we look into arranging with Amtrak to do a similar presentation about the Lincoln Highway on the Chicago to San Francisco route which follows much of the Lincoln Highway (the LH, of course, actually followed much of the UP route) as a way to promote the LH and encourage new members to join. (Bob Dieterich expressed an interest in this)
--Jerry and his wife drove from the LH Eastern Terminus across the bridge that connects NJ/PA on their way to Philadelphia. The bridge is in need of repair and updating just west of the Hudson River
--Gathering data on buildings on 42nd St to early LH days
--Debra Desilets) who was a singer/performer at the 2011 LHA Conference, lives in Miami, FL, and is interested in the Lincoln Rd in Miami. She is working with Jerry to place a plaque on a building in Times Square, NY, the beginning of the Lincoln Highway
--Jerry will work on a report to send to the LHA Board members
--Jerry is working on encouraging a friend to be the next NY director

ADJOURNMENT: Jim Peters made the motion to adjourn at 8:30 p.m. CST. seconded by Kay Shelton; carried
Beverley "Sue" Jacobson, secretary

June 24, 2011 Board Meeting Minutes



(called to order immediately after the 2011 General Membership Meeting)



FRIDAY, 24 JUNE 2011

Immediately following the 2011 Annual Meeting of the General Membership of the Lincoln Highway Association, Inc. ("LHA") Robert Dietrich, President, called to order a meeting of the Board of Directors. Present were Robert Dietrich, President, Jess Petersen, Treasurer, Jerry Peppers (NY), Ronnie O'Brien (NE) (newly-elected), Bob Beaudoin (UT), Jim Bonar (NV) and Jim Peters (At-Large #2) Also present was Sarah Focke of the Nebraska Chapter. Jerry Peppers kept minutes of the meeting in the absence of Sue Jacobson.

The foregoing seven members of the board of directors not being sufficient to constitute a quorum pursuant to Article III, Section 6 (50% of total, or 10) of the Bylaws of the LHA, Mr. Dietrich immediately adjourned the meeting pursuant to said Article III, Section 6. No formal business was conducted.

An informal discussion ensued of upcoming annual conferences, including 2012 – Canton, Ohio, 2013 – Kearney, Nebraska, 2014 – Utah (proposed) and 2015 -MI (proposed), 2011-2012 telephonic board meeting dates on the fourth Thursday of October, January, and April (Bob Dietrich, or his successor, will set specific dates and notify the directors) and other miscellaneous matters, were discussed informally among those present.

June 24, 2011 General Membership Meeting



1. LHA President Bob Dieterich called the meeting to order at 8:30am.

2. Dieterich announced results of the balloting for the BOARD OF DIRECTORS by the Members and for new OFFICERS by the Board of Directors at its meeting on Monday, June 20, 2011.



2.3. TREASURER: Jess Petersen

2.4. SECRETARY: Sue Jacobson

2.5. EXECUTIVE ADVISOR: Randy Wagner

2.6. NEW YORK DIRECTOR: Jerry Peppers



2.9. OHIO DIRECTOR: Tom Lockard

2.10. INDIANA DIRECTOR: Jeff Blair

2.11. ILLINOIS DIRECTOR: (See Kay Shelton entry above)

2.12. IOWA DIRECTOR: Jeff LaFollette

2.13. NEBRASKA DIRECTOR: Ronnie O'Brien



2.16. UTAH DIRECTOR: Bob Beaudoin

2.17. NEVADA DIRECTOR: Jim Bonar

2.18. CALIFORNIA DIRECTOR: (See Bob Dieterich entry above)

2.19. AT LARGE #1: Brian Butko

2.20. AT LARGE #2: Jim Peters

2.21. AT LARGE #3: Van Becker

2.22. AT LARGE #4: Ron Colson

3. Legitimacy of elections was discussed, Dieterich citing for example Wyoming which only had 2 write-in nominations, each receiving 1 vote.. He said that the write-in candidates would not be deemed elected since they had never completed the necessary documentation but that they would be contacted regarding the legitimacy of their interest, their willingness to complete the documents that other Directors had completed, etc. since there were unfilled positions on the Board of Directors and the Board of Directors did not want to exclude the consideration of any qualified candidates.

4. Proposed bylaw amendment –Dieterich discussed an amendment to Article III, Section 2 of the Bylaws allowing the general membership meeting to be conducted on any day of the conference, but after the first board meeting, in the interest of increased attendance. Motion moved by Rosemary Rubin, seconded by Russell Rein. Motion passed, all in favor, no opposed, no abstained.

5. TREASURER'S REPORT presented by Jess Petersen (see attached). Jay Banta led discussion about the interest paid on the reserve funds set aside from Life Membership payments to pay for Forums to life members.



8. ELECTION OF OFFICERS: Dieterich led discussion about nobody willing to take on office of President and explained that he would be willing to continue to serve in the interim until a new President could be identified but that he would have to reduce the amount of time that he was committing. Paul Gilger introduced idea of the LHA creating a new position of a Correspondence Secretary to sort through emails and letters, directing them to appropriate people, answering casual emails, and purging junk emails, which would reduce the amount of routine administrative matters that the President would have to be responsible for. Lynn Asp contributed to this discussion. Rosemary Rubin suggested finding a college intern. Bob Stubblefield cautioned that the person should be knowledgeable about Lincoln Highway history. Dieterich finished the discussion with a confirmation of the idea that the position would be informal not necessitating a bylaw amendment.

9. MEETING ADJOURNED at 9:04am, moved by Richard Taylor, seconded by Mike Kaelin, motion passed all in favor, no opposed, no abstained.

Respectfully submitted,

Paul Gilger, acting Secretary of the Meeting

June 20, 2011 Board Meeting Minutes

Lincoln Highway Association
Annual Board of Directors Meeting Agenda
South Shore, Lake Tahoe, June 20, 2011

Call to Order, Roll Call, and Quorum Determination

Call to Order: 1:11 p.m.

Roll Call: Bob Dieterich, Jess Petersen, Jay Banta, Randy Wagner, Jerry Peppers, Tom Lockard, Kay Shelton, Lenny Stubblefield, Bob Beaudoin, Jim Bonar, Jim Peters, Lynn Asp, Van Becker, guests, Paul Gilger, Kell & Michael Bringan

Quorum Determination: Met quorum

Board of Directors Election Results: Jeff L. who could not attend the conference opened the ballots and sent information to Bob D. There was a discussion on what to do with the write-in votes. Bob D. thinks there should be a process for write-in candidates. The Bylaws say that candidates need to submit a biography. Write-in votes did not include biographies. There was a discussion about what happens with the write-in votes on the ballot because they did not include biographies. Jess P. said there should be a note about the write-in process on the ballots. Tom L. said that the ballot is confusing; people do not have to vote for a person from their own states, so the ballots should say people can vote for any person from any state. The Board interpreted the Bylaws--candidates need to submit candidate paperwork. The Board did suggest however that the President and Chairman of the Nominating Committee follow up with persons who received write-in votes in states where the Directorship is vacant to see if they want to submit the necessary written materials and to determine if they would be suitable directors.. Robbie O'Brien is the new state director for Nebraska and Tom Lockard is the new state director for Ohio.

Randy W. motioned to accept the election results. Kay S. seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

Approval of Minutes from Last Meeting: There should be a correction to say that the great-grandson of Gael Hoag is Roger Hoag. Kay S. motioned to approve the minutes as amended, with Randy W. seconding. The motion carried.

Bob D. will try to get the descendants of Hoag, Fischer, and Joy for the 1913 Centennial for a Roundtable discussion. They were to come to the California/Nevada conference but they had to cancel.

Treasurer's Report: Jess P. distributed three sheets with the budget information. The financial Statement as of June 1st shows $3,000 encumbered to E Clampus Vitus.

Life Membership Money—The last time the CD came due, there was not enough money in the checking account to transfer the funds that had been received for life memberships during the last three years into the CD.  This means that $13,700 is still owed to the CD.  Some of the money generated as interest was taken from the CD and transferred to the checking account to pay for the cost of the Forum for life members during the last three years. The life membership money can be used for emergencies. 

Old Accounts—The Wyoming US 30 and Iowa US 30 funds phased out when those organizations stopped functioning and they gave us the money. Randy W. said the Wyoming US 30 money dates back to 1994, and there are no restrictions on it. Jess P. said the US 30 CD should mature again next year.

Membership: Increasing dues did result in increasing the amount of money raised through membership dues.

The financials for 2010 show what came in and what went out.

Bylaws Amendment Re General Membership Meeting Date: Due to challenges in encouraging people to attend the general membership meeting on the last day of the conference, there is a proposal to move the general membership meeting as early as one day after annual Board meeting. Randy W. moved to forward the amendment to the general membership meeting with Jess P. seconding. The motion passed unanimously that we present the amendment to the general membership for a vote.

Fund-raising: The Indiana Chapter requested LHA funds to restore the Jens Jensen bench that is in need of restoration, with a cost of $20,000 and requested money to support a Centennial dinner in Indianapolis. There was a consensus that the cost of a dinner should be supported by the cost of dinner tickets for those who attend. For example, if it costs $40 to eat at the dinner then the cost of any dinner tickets should be $40. Paul G. mentioned that the bench is in the PBS special. There was a consensus that the bench restoration is a project is appropriate for the grant projects. This year, no states applied for the grant this year. Jess P. mentioned that the LHA has not done a national project. The Fisher project was not a national project.

Indiana also asked to appoint someone as a liaison for the bench restoration. There was a discussion to ask Jeff B. or Sue J. to serve as a liaison for the bench restoration. Kay motioned to appoint Jeff B. or Sue J., as a liaison, and to suggest to Indiana that they apply next year for the bench as a grant project. Jim B. seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

There was a discussion to raise money through bricks and to encourage people to remember the LHA in their wills. Tom L. said that having the LHA mentioned in wills would not raise funds instantly but it would over time. Estate planning takes time and usually an organization does not know about it until someone passes. Colleges have annual funds that are used for operating expenses. That may not work for this organization.

Old Business: Jim B. said that the conference badges have what people paid for on the tags. Dinners will be paid for by a head count, so that needs to be accurate, and there are tickets for the dinners. There will be pink ribbons for first-timers at the conference, go talk to them. Paul G. gave special thanks to Jim and Lonnie Bonar for helping with the conference. There will three buses and a chase vehicle. Do not let people wander where they should not because the road is dangerous, and there is construction in some areas. For the Thunderbird Dinner people will need to car pool and there will be a sign-up sheet.

Future of Lincoln Highway Association: Jim P. suggested that there should be a task force on getting youth interested in Lincoln Highway. Jim B. gives talks but people do not join the LHA after he gives a presentation. Van B. said Iowa has sites listed across the Lincoln Highway and it is getting marked.

Mapping Committee: Paul G. said the Delorme maps are not quite accurate. Jimmy Lin works for Google. They are trying to work toward having a Google Web site, with the hopes of having passwords for members through Google Maps.

Van B. mentioned that they do not have much success in selling Web site advertising. The National Parks Services paid for the signs that will mark the Highway in Iowa.

Van B. suggested that people donate books about the Lincoln Highway to local libraries.

Headquarters will have a new Internet service and there is an installation date set.

Kathy F. needs more materials for the Forum.
Directors should be using those free copies of the Forum or let Jim C. know that they do not need them.

Awards Committee: Gregory F. was made a permanent Awards Committee Chair and Bob D. suggested that the President head the Awards Committee. Kathy F. and Sue J. are on the Awards Committee and they will continue. Kay S. motioned to have the President lead the Awards Committee with Randy W. seconding. The motion passed.

New Business: Lennie S. thanked everyone as outgoing Nebraska State Director. She and Bob S. will be working on the 2013 Conference.

Election of Officers: Jeff L. indicated prior to the conference that he did not want to serve as President or continue as Vice President. Jess P. agreed to continue as Treasurer and prior to the conference, Sue J. agreed to continue as Secretary. Everyone there received a nomination but no one accepted the nomination for President. Bob D. agreed to continue until someone else could be found to serve as President. There was a discussion about possibilities.

Bob D. nominated Kay S. for Vice President, with Jim B. seconding. The motion passed.

Sue J. indicated prior to the conference that she wanted to continue as Secretary and Jess P. said he would continue as Treasurer. Kay S. motioned to approve them to continue with Jerry P. seconding. The motion passed.

Jerry P. said that Bruce and Kathy Jones are here as new conference attendees. Bruce J. has experience as an accountant. Try to meet them while they are here.

Jerry P. suggested that the Board continue the meeting rather than adjourn with a lack of president, because Jeff L. turned it down.

The Board voted to continue the meeting at 4:25 p.m.

At the 4:25 p.m. continuation, the directors attending had further discussion about the succession to the presidency but no resolution was reached. Bob D. agreed to continue to serve but informed the Board that for a number of reasons he could not be as active as he had been, and that we would continue the search for a successor president.

At approximately 5:00 PM PST on Thursday, 23 June 2011 Bob Dieterich called the temporarily adjourned Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors to order explaining that it was necessary to formally adjourn the meeting so that, as required by Article III, Section 2 of the Bylaws, the meeting would be deemed held at least one day before the Annual General Membership Meeting scheduled for tomorrow, Friday, 24 June 2011. Ascertaining that a quorum was present in the room, it was moved and seconded that the meeting be adjourned and approved by a majority of the Directors at the meeting.

--Respectfully submitted,
Kay Shelton, Acting Secretary

Saturday, June 23, 2012

April 28, 2011 Board Teleconference Meeting Minutes

FROM: Bob Dieterich, president
Beverley "Sue" Jacobson, secretary
RE: LHA Teleconference
DATE: April 28, 2011

CALL TO ORDER: Bob Dieterich, pres., called the meeting to order 7:12 DST

ATTENDANCE: Bob Dieterich, pres. CA; Beverley "Sue" Jacobson, sec., IL; Jess Petersen, treas., UT; Randy Wagner, Exec. Advisor,WY; Jerry Peppers, NY; Mike Buettner, OH; Kay Shelton, IL; Lennie Stubblefield, NE; Jim Bonar (NV);Shelly Horne, WY; Brian Butko, At Large#1, PA; Jim Peters, At Large #2, MA; Van Becker, At Large #3, IA; Ron Colson, At Large #4, IL.; Absent: Jeff LaFollette, Vice Pres, IA; Al Pfingstl, NJ; Mindy Crawford, PA; Bob Beaudoin, UT; Tim Wunsch, CO

1) MINUTES: Secretary Jacobson (IL) had sent minutes of the previous meeting of January 27, 2011 for the members to peruse. There being no additions or corrections, Jeff Blair (IN) made the motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Jerry Peppers (NY); carried

2) TREASURER'S REPORT: Treasurer Petersen (UT) reported the following:
--$33,000 in the checking with $26,000 for the conference.
--Many memberships are coming in with the new fee
--$2,000 put in checking for enough money to pay for the Forum to go to Life Members
--CD $340,700 reinvested
--Owe Life Membership account $12,000, hopefully replenish after the conference
--Conference money coming in, 79 registrations--ahead of other years for this time period
--Question from Shelly Horne (WY)---who is in charge of Fund Raising? Bob Dieterich (CA) reported Tom Lockhard (OH) has contributed some ideas..he is on the board of directors ballot for election as OH state director

3) 1913 Auto Tour: Lichty (OH), Peters (MA)
--Bob Lichty was absent, so Jim Peters reported they are focusing on how many will be attending/joining the tours, and who will participate in which activities
--Bob Dieterich (CA) has been in touch with Jerry Fisher, author and relative of Carl Fisher, Roger Hoag, great grandson of Gayle Hoag on the original LHA board, and Henry Joy IV, great grandson of Henry Joy, who all wanted to participate in the conference this year, but work commitments prohibited their attendance this year. Joy is planning to drive one of his Packards from his collection to the 2013 conference.
--Jim Peters (MA) is trying to generate interest to car clubs for the 1913 Auto Tours to Kearney for LHA's 100th anniversary
--Lennie Stubblefield (NE) reported their committee for the 2013 Conference has developed a logo and brochure...full itinerary of activities and tours which will be ready for distribution at the Tahoe Conference in June
--Rosemary Rubin is lining up cars to meet at Times Square for start of tour
--Brian Butko (PA) is working on tour books for the 1913 Auto trips. He has contacted a company by the name of LuLu and others for cost estimates
--Discussed copyright and trade marks
--The committee for the tour is to have a Telephone Conference next week

4) DIRECTORS' BALLOT: Jeff LaFollette (IA) was absent. The president reported the following:
--Several states without candidates
--Write-in space provided, but names of write-in require that the individual has to be registered as a member
--Ballots inserted in upcoming Forum

--Bob asked Jerry Peppers (NY) to send the proposed change to the board
--Board agreed to have Jerry rewrite the sections concerning eliminating the requirement the Membership Meeting be held the last day of the conference
--This is due 4 weeks before the conference to present the change to the Membership Meeting to be voted on at the conference (See attached proposal)

6) JEFF BLAIR'S (IN) WALK--Jeff Blair reported the following:
--Horrible weather....only 4 days without rain; 30-40 mph winds
--Finished distance targeted for each day
--4 people walked the entire length with Jim
--5 to 8 people walked each day
--Mishawauka, IN, 90 school children walked the entire length of the LH in that area
--Met 11 of the 12 mayors of towns on the LH route
--7 plus interviews with 2 front page coverages
--3 radio station and 4 TV interviews
--Raised a lot of awareness about the LH
--One million, 616 thousand steps to the IL/IN border
--Received over $17,000 to be divided between the Indiana LHA and Alzheimer's Foundation
--Next venture, is to paint the LH logo sign on poles across IN
--Those wanting more information---

--Jerry Peppers (NY)); Question about LH post medallions; someone in Omaha does this. Jerry has purchased one from the Omaha merchant, Steve Block, at Roman Marble
--Asked if concrete posts could be cast
--Among members who do this are Richard Taylor (OH) and Norm Root(CA)
--Shipping costs very expensive for 300# posts
--Jerry Peppers (NY) raised the "brick issue" for the umpteenth time (fund raiser) Tabled for further discussion

--Jerry e-mailed the proposed amendment to Bob, who read it to those present. All the board will get a copy to be presented at the conference board meeting in June.
--Van Becker (IA) reported another LH Amateur Radio special event (Call sign NY2SF) the first part of June. He has joined the Jefferson Highway group.
--Van also suggested information concerning meeting rooms be left at the check-in desk at Harrah's.
-- Bob (CA) reported signs will be placed in strategic places with information about meetings, schedules, etc.
--Jerry Peppers (NY) reported that Deborah Desilets in Miami Beach, is interested in getting a movie made about Carl Fisher from the screenplay "The Forgotten Man", by Jerry Fisher and in promoting the LH in connection with the movie.
--Jeff Lafollette, (IA) vice president, will be unable to attend the conference. Bob Dieterich (CA) will call Jeff regarding Jeff's assuming the LHA presidency.
--Lennie Stubblefield (NE) reported the dedication of a post in Kearney, NE on May 1, 2011 at a Seedling Mile there. This was made possible by the LH grant money allotted each year for a special LH project.

ADJOURNMENT: Jerry Peppers (NY) made the motion to adjourn, seconded by Kay Shelton (IL); carried
Beverley "Sue" Jacobson, secretary

January 27, 2011 Board Teleconference Meeting Minutes

FROM: Bob Dieterich, president
Beverley "Sue" Jacobson, secretary
RE: LHA Teleconference Meeting Minutes
DATE: January 27, 2011

CALL TO ORDER: President Bob Dieterich called the meeting to order 7:05 pm CST.

ROLL CALL: Present: Bob Dieterich CA, president; Beverley "Sue" Jacobson IL, secretary; Jess Petersen UT, Treasurer; Randy Wagner WY, Executive Advisor; Jerry Peppers NY; Jeff Blair IN; Kay Shelton IL; Lennie Stubblefield NE; Bob Beaudoin UT; Jim Bonar NV; Brian Butko PA, At Large #1; Jim Peters MA, At Large #2; Van Becker IA, At Large #3; Ron Colson IL, At Large #4 (called in to be excused) Not Present: Jeff LaFollette IA, Vice President; Al Pfingstl NJ; Mindy Crawford PA; Mike Buettner OH; Shelly Horne WY; Tim Wunsch CO

MINUTES: Secretary Jacobson had sent the minutes of the last Teleconference to all the board members for their perusal. There were no additions or corrections. Kay Shelton made the motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Jerry Peppers; carried

TREASURER'S REPORT: Treasurer Petersen reported the following:
--Year End Report: Income: $90,972
--Expenses: $92,199 (in red...spent more than we earned)
--Start of Year: Checking Account $3,665; Paid out to Cassler for printing Fall Forum; paid Kathy Franzwa for editing the winter Forum
--Insufficient funds, so transferred $5,000 out of Performance Fund to
checking, which now has a balance of $7,300
--Dues money coming in, most at the new rate
--Paid on this year's conference, which is a lot more money requested up front than other years' conferences
--$11,00 needs to be paid to the Life Membership Fund--we don't have it
--The Winter Forum has the conference registration form
--One full scale audit held three years ago since Jess has been yearly one; a suggestion there should be an annual one

--Bob Dieterich had invited Bob Lichty to sit in on teleconference
--Lichty asked Brian to prepare a book(s) for the 2013 east/west tours
--Invest $75,000 in a new book, or update Greetings Book
--Will need money no matter what the choice
--Discussion of type and number of books
-photo book, large format; maps/tour guide, 100 years of LH
--Publishers suggested
--A committee needed to look into all the possibilities
--Jeff Blair (IN); Jess Petersen (UT) Randy Wagner (WY); Jerry Peppers (NY) volunteered to work with Brian
--2 of maps, the other commemorative photos
--Samples of these books to be sent to Brian
--Committee will send report to the board later
--There was discussion about various on-line publishers that would be much cheaper than traditional publishers

--Bob Dietrich contacted Tom Lockard our committee chair for Fund Raising to attend this evening's Teleconference, but he couldn't make it
--Tom had suggested earlier that stocks and bonds can be given to us with out taxes
--Bob asked for ideas from the board and possibly members
--Jim Peters (MA) suggested contacting businesses along the LH to join
--Bricks for placement at a designated LH site
--A national project on our own property
--Kearney, NE was suggested, but they have their own project
--Other ideas included western terminus in San Francisco, Headquarters in Illinois, eastern terminus in NY,
--A plaque of some sort with brass plates designating donors in honor of the 100th anniversary of the LHA, or any other donors; could be a traveling plaque
--Need a standing committee to come to meetings with ideas/proposals
--Bob D was to contact Tom Lockard to get a committee together

--Jim e-mailed the members concerning his contact with Packard Club
--Their car tour is same time as our 2013 tour
--LHA used American Road Magazine for advertising the LH and they in turn used our publication to advertise; we should try to reactivate this participation
--Bob will call them regarding this concern
--Gregory Franzwa formerly wrote a column for the American Road Magazine, which Lee Whiteley is now doing..Lee was contacted by the magazine without contacting us for Greg's replacement
--Jim suggested sending a letter and copies of the Forum to the 36 board members of the Packard Club to inform them of the content and quality of the magazine
--Decision was made to have Jim Peters proceed with his plan and to contact board members for extra Forums for him to send to the Packard board

--Sent out 100 letters to businesses, organizations, clubs, etc. informing them of the LHA upcoming 100th Anniversary Car Tours and Conference
--PBS wants to film the tour
--Jeff was contacted by The Classic Car Club of America from someone in Milwaukee, with their headquarters in Chicago interested in joining the tours
--Jim Peters will work with Jeff on this
--Bob Dieterich reported a Norwegian Antique Car Club plans on shipping 100 cars over here July 1st for a tour of the LH starting in NY and following the LH across the U.S.
--Suggestions were made to use Paul Gilger's maps for them to purchase
--They could printout maps from the CDs
--Bob D will contact Paul concerning this
--Bob also reported our web site guru Jim Lin, is no longer employed by IBM, but is employed by Google. He is working to get the LH on Google maps
--Jeff also reported there is an LH display in the Automotive Hall of Fame in Dearborn, MI, which has been on display since 1947. He will work to update the display
--Jeff would like to hold off on the Marketing reporting. A PR person is needed for this committee
--The IN website is now up and running
--Jeff will be walking across the state of IN on the LH to promote awareness of the LH, April 14 to 27, 2011.
--Volkswalk people will walk some of the way with him

--Jerry Peppers brought up a proposed amendment to the by-laws. He will send the proposal for the change at the next meeting.
--Need to change the LHA Membership meeting at the annual conference to a day other than the last day of the conference
--Jerry will send the proposal to Bob D, who will send it to the LHA board
--Jim Bonar reiterated the necessity of reserving rooms at one of the two hotels we've booked for the 2011 conference so we'll be able to make the quota of 85 room nights

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, April 28, 2011

ADJOURNMENT: Jerry Peppers made the motion to adjourn at 8:55 CDT, seconded by Jim Peters; carried
Beverley "Sue" Jacobson, secretary

October 28, 2010 Board Teleconference Meeting Minutes

FROM: Bob Dieterich, president
             Beverley "Sue" Jacobson, secretary
RE:      LHA Teleconference Meeting Minutes    
DATE: October 28, 2010
CALL TO ORDER: President Bob Dieterich called the meeting to order 7:02 p CST.
ATTENDANCE: President, Bob Dieterich,CA; V. Pres, Jeff LaFollette, IA; Sec "Sue" Jacobson, IL; Treasurer, Jess Petersen, UT; Randy Wagner, WY Executive Director; At-Large #1, Brian Butko, PA; #2, Jim Peters, MA; #3 Van Becker,IA ; #4 Ron Colson, IL; Jerry Peppers, NY; Mike Buettner, OH; Jeff Blair, IN; Kay Shelton, IL; Lennie Stubblefield, NE; Shelly Horne, WY; Bob Beaudoin, UT; Jim Bonar, NV; ABSENT: Al Pfingstl, NJ,  Mindy Crawford, PA; Tim Wunsch, CO
1) MINUTES: Secretary Jacobson had sent the minutes from the last Tele- Conference to all the board members to peruse before the meeting. No additions or corrections. Kay Shelton made the motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Jeff Blair; carried
2) TEASURER'S REPORT:  Jess's report included:
    --$8,187 in the checking account
    --$61,000 in the Performance Fund
    --Expense of $2,500 out of Performance Fund for grant Sept for IA
    --Expense soon of $4,000 for the next Forum
    --$4,000 deposit for next year's conference/Banquet $500/Hotel guarantee...
    -- A question on cost of envelopes for Forum/ Jess will find out from Cassler
3) Miscellaneous  Financial Items: Jess Petersen and Bob Dieterich
    --How much do state chapters get from dues
    --During the 2001 board meeting in Grand Island, NE, the chapters' share of the dues was set at 20% of the individual Member's dues. When membership dues were again adjusted in 2008 in Evanston, WY, the 20% rate for chapters was continued.
    --Chapter fees were not addressed in Dixon
    --Discussed during Teleconference when the board decided to set the chapters' share of the membership fee at 20% of the individual Membership fee which comes to $9 up from $7
    --Jim Bonar had sent an e-mail to the board members proposing part of the Life Membership moneys go to the state of which the Life Member is a resident, to go into a trust for the state chapters' use in an emergency.
    --Vote taken on proposal to change the Bylaws....Section 2, Article II
    --Discussed reviewing this at the 2011 LHA Conference
    --Need to rewrite section of Bylaws stating states get 20% of fee
    --Motion to change the bylaws to start giving the chapters 20% of the Life Members fees 
    --Vote on issue: Yes...5; No....11; One abstain
    --Jim Bonar won't present proposal again until next year
    --When the Life Membership CD matures, Jess will deduct the cost of the Forum for all Life Members to the extent it is covered by the interest that has been paid and put that amount into the checking account
4) WEB SITE ADVERTISING: Bob Dieterich had been approached to have activities and products
    --Concerned about home page being cluttered
    --LH get on other websites
    --Restrict to LH businesses/need to become members if wanting to get on our homepage
    --Group or groups need to pay-in to get on homepage
    --Need to get more information and report at next Teleconference
5) BROCHURES: Brian Butko and Jim Peters
    --Brian received what Jim Bonar had on web site/will update when each state director sends him main features to emphasize from their state
    --Bob Dieterich asked Brian to do a sample  bochure for one state and send it to the board
    --Make brochure simple so it appeals to the public
    --Try to have a tri-fold brochure  available by 2013
    --Not every state brochure needs to have history of the LH
    --Aim....each state have information on-line
    --High resolution letterhead
    --Bob Dieterich will send Brian what he has
    --Jess will make these up for the brochures
    --Each state director must notify Jess of number of stickers needed
    --Each state responsible for placing stickers on brochure
    --Stickers to Cassler to include in requests he gets
    --Jim Peters not hearing from others on his committee: Bob Lichty, Paul Gilger, Brian Butko and Jim Cassler
    --Mike Buettner sent e-mails to board with proposed activities
    --He wants to conduct two different tours on each of the tour days--one on the Lincoln Highway and the other to some other interesting sites
    --Wanted to get o.k. with the ideas he and the committees have suggested
    --All agreed to have Mike proceed with proposals outlined
    --2013 transcontinental tour from both coasts to conference in NE
    --Members of tour will need to be LH members
    --Sends out journal every quarter--3200 members to break even
    --Southern CA individual tours have impact
    --Jeff LaFollette will send Model A and T Clubs info to Bob D.
    --Bob Lichty in on tour from east for 2013
    --Jim Bonar reported it will be more expensive due to resort area
    --Need to explain to members attending to sign up at hotels---Harvey's and Harrah's Special rate depends on number of rooms rented
    --Jim will place explanation/notice in Forum
Jeff LaFollette gave a brief nominating committee report...8 positions; he will e-mail the information to those involved in order to get the process started early
NEXT TELECONFERENCE MEETING: Thursday, Jan. 27, 2011    
ADJOURNMENT: Jerry Peppers made the motion to adjourn at 8:35 CST, seconded by Jeff LaFollette; carried
Beverley "Sue" Jacobson, secretary    

July 22, 2010 Teleconference Board Meeting Minutes

FROM: Bob Dieterich, president
             Beverley "Sue" Jacobson
             LHA Secretary
RE:       Teleconference Board Meeting
DATE:  July 22, 2010
ROLL CALL: The following members answered to roll call: Bob Dieterich (CA)pres; Jeff LaFollette (IA) v.pres.; Beverley "Sue" Jacobson (IL) secretary; Jess  Petersen (UT) treas; Jerry Peppers (NY); Mike Buettner (OH); Kay Shelton (IL) Lennie Stubblefield (NE); Bob Beaudoin (UT); Brian Butko (PA) At Large; Van Becker (IA) At Large; Ron Colson (IL) At Large. Absent: Randy Wagner(WY) Executive Director; Al Pfingstl (NJ); Mindy Crawford (PA); Jeff Blair (IN); Shelly Horne (WY); Jim Bonar (NV); Tim Wunsch (CO); Jim Peters (MA) At Large.
2) APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Secretary Jacobson had sent the minutes of the last board meeting. Lennie Stubblefield submitted a correction to #8 concerning the committees for the 2013 LHA Conference. Lennie made the motion to accept the corrected minutes, seconded by Jerry Peppers;carried.
3) TREASURER'S REPORT: Jess Petersen reported:
    --End of June, 2010, checking account balance was $12.075
    --The day of the board meeting account balance was $9,950
    --Our Life Members Certificates of Deposit matures in Feb. 2011
    --Treasurer is to take $10,000 out of the checking account & add  to the CD
    --This money is what we have received from the new life members since the CD was purchased in 2008
    --The conference costs this year were about $5,000 less than the income

4) BROCHURES--Jim Peters and Brian Butko (absent)
    --Jeff Petersen pointed out one-page flyers at H.I. Lincoln Bldg from each state; more economical than colored/slick copies
    --Bob checked them out during the conference. Suggested having these flyers put on our website besides having them to hand out.
    --At a later time when a sponsor is available, have the more colorful and elaborate ones produced
    --Generic one for the national highway route
    --Each state update their flyer
    --Brian Butko will put these flyers on his website. Would like to find the original files to check for accuracy.
    --Jess reported Chris Plummer had the files for these flyers
    --Brian will contact him, update and put current copyright on the flyers.
5. ALL AMERICAN ROAD STATUS: Jeff Blair sent ideas to Bob. Need chairman of a committee to head project.
    --Kay volunteered to do this/Jerry Peppers offered to help
    --Suggested finding a student to help with this project
    --Kay knows a lady in Rochelle who is a grant writer
    --Kay found the National Park Service's report and will send it to board
    --The LHA is ideal group to have this status/have requirements to do so
    --Jeff  is also pursuing just what might be needed to get a proclamation thru Congress, to name the LH as an official memorial to Abraham Lincoln. It is the longest memorial in the world to anyone.
    --Jeff said we need a Fraternal Relations PERSON/CHAIR/ this includes
groups such as AAA, Volkswalk, etc.
    --Group agreed Jeff would be the person to head this commitee. Bob will contact him.
6) FUND RAISING--Bob Dieterich
    --Tom Lockard suggested the name "Development Committee".
    --One page ad in Forum; for members to remember LH in estate/wills/etc
    --Follow-up with insurance companies who  give non-profit groups good
 interest rates
OTHER: Bob Beaudoin
    --Sent all the board a link to the pdf flyers to print out as needed
    --Also sent link about non-profit annuity programs for board to peruse
    --Farming Heritage project
    --LHA pledged $5,000 to the project
    --The FH group discussed putting an additional building on the north side of the H.I.Lincoln Building to house restrooms/displays/museum
    --Ron will bring up the issue at the next Farming Heritage, Inc. meeting and report back to the board
Lennie announced the Lincoln Highway Festival in Shelton, NE July 25th.
NEXT MEETING: October 28, 2010
ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 8:15 CDT.
Beverley "Sue" Jacobson, secretary