Wednesday, November 6, 2013

April 30, 2013 Teleconference Minutes

Teleconference Board Meeting

April 30, 2013

CALL TO ORDER: President Kay Shelton called the meeting to order 7:05 p.m. CDST.

ROLL CALL: The following board members were in attendance:

Kay Shelton, (IL), president; Sue Jacobson, (IL), secretary; Jess Petersen, (UT), treasurer; Bob Dieterich, (CA), Executive Director; Jerry Peppers, (NY), Rosemary Rubin, (OH), Jeff Blair, (IN); Jerry Hansen, (WY); Bob Beaudoin, (UT); Brian Butko, (PA),At Large #1; John Jackson, (OH), At Large #2; Van Becker, (IA), At Large #3; Ron Colson, (IL), At Large #4: Absent: Paula Reynolds (NJ); Jeff LaFollette, (IA); Ronnie O'Brien, (NE); Tim Wunsch, (CO); Jim Bonar, (NV).

APPROVAL OF AGENDA: The president called for approval of the agenda, which was approved by members present.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES, January 29, 2013

The minutes were sent electronically prior to the meeting, for the board members' perusal. Jess Petersen (UT) made the motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Bob Dieterich (CA): carried.


Treasurer Jess Petersen (UT), reported $99,000 collected: $48,000 from tours. $28,000 conference fees; $23,000 balance in checking account.

90 registrations for full conference; eventually will receive reservations on-line; there will be an upgrade for accepting credit cards. Rosemary Rubin (OH), made the motion to accept the report, seconded by Jeff Blair (IN): carried.


--Jerry Peppers (NY) talked to the Australian man, Mark Gibbens, who is walking across America beginning in August this year, to inform him that not all of the Lincoln Highway is walkable or safe to walk, particularly after dark. Can't walk along the Interstate Highways, which Mark didn't know.. Kay Shelton (IL) reported the LHA has made no commitment of aid at this time. Urged members to give him names of local newspapers. She listed Mark's web site as

--Ronnie O'Brien (NE) was absent due to reoccurrence of an eye problem.

--A note for future conferences---add a cushion to the budget for contingencies so as not to go back to ask for more money

Future Annual Conferences - UT 2014; 2015 and 2016 open; IA 2017; It was suggested to ask Russell Rein to do MI either in 2015 or 2016

--Two Princeton college students are working on an LH documentary and have created a website; They need $2,000 plus, and have $650 to date. John Fairchild and Hannah Day coming to Kearney to do filming

--Board members were reminded to email their end-of-the-year reports.

--Officer election in Kearney... Sue Jacobson, our longtime Secretary, announced that she would not be a candidate for reelection and that we will need a new secretary. Kay warmly thanked her for her long time very capable service to the LH, its directors and members.

--The Lincoln Highway Association trademark has been renewed ; Jess Petersen (UT) paid the fee and Kay (IL) signed the renewal.


--Update on the Centennial Book from Brian Butko (PA);

--Added the LH trademark logo to the front of the book (property of LHA)

--Proofing in a couple of weeks

--John Peters sent out press releases to media contacts

--Upped the book order to 1,000; every tour car gets a book...$7 for each

--Hopefully books will be available the middle of June

--Books for West car tour will be sent to Paul Gilger's business address

--Jim Cassler will accept the East tour books

--Brian will work out with them as to where and when to ship the books

--Jess asked for an estimate of income from the book for the 2014 budget report

Bob Dieterich (CA) will check his files for figures

--On Sunday, June 30, probably at 8:00 PM EDT PBS will re-air nationally the 2008 WQED –Pittsburgh release A Ride Along The Lincoln Highway which was produced by Rick Sebak.


--The board members were asked if they had publicity for the car tours in their states. They were asked to develop and keep current a list of contacts with the media.

--Ron Colson (IL) reported on the installation of a mural in Franklin Grove, which will be dedicated during the IL Chapter's car tour at 3 p.m. May 18, 2013

TOUR UPDATE: Rosemary Rubin, (OH) and Paul Gilger, (CA) gave a comprehensive report, which included the following:

--The driving section is on the website: a password is needed to use, which is available only when signed up for the car tours

--There are so many registrations, will need to go to over-flow hotels

--Every state chapter has stepped up with some sort of, etc.

Mansfield, OH meal will be served in period clothing, IL serving a Hobo Stew, others serving sandwiches, tacos, dinners, etc.. Mooseheart, IL is celebrating their centennial also, and will have a program planned for a tour stop.

--Some places will be seating/serving 100 people

--Many requests from people who went on earlier tours with Bob & Rosemary

--Many new LHA members signing up; need to compile a list of these

--Deadline for registration is May 9, 2013

--Bringing $100,000 in rooms alone to Holiday Inn Hotels

--Lincoln Highway Day in Auburn, CA....second day of tour

--The LHA will be receiving a proclamation as such

--The LHA will in turn present the city with a certificate of appreciation

--San Francisco, CA at Lincoln Park kick off will also have a proclamation from the city, with a 1914 Packard from Santa Clara, CA, a 1914 Pierce Arrow, and a 1914 Peerless. All of these early autos will drive with the tour the 1st day out

--Bob Dieterich, (CA) reported publicity in newspapers

--They again urged checking the website which has all the tour information

--So far, tour registration has brought in over $50,000.

Paul gave a summary of the number of people, vehicles, vintage and otherwise, that will be on the tours: From the East---98 people in 51 cars; West---104 people in 53 cars. Following is a listing of the cars and year:

2 cars.....1910/ 5 cars.....1920s/ 13 cars.....1930s/ 3 cars.....1940s/ 11 cars....1950s/ 16 cars.....1960s/ 2 cars....1970/ 1 car 1980/ 4 cars....1990/ 24 cars....2000/17 cars.....2010.

Most popular...34 cars CA/ 14 cars OH/ 7 cars PA/ 6 cars VA/ 4 cars IL

There are vehicles from every LH state including WVA and CO, plus many other states: Also from these countries:

4 cars from Canada/ 1 each from England, Germany, Norway and Russia


Kay Shelton, (IL),will be flying to NY June 21st for the East car tour kickoff, then fly to San Francisco for the West car tour, then back to Illinois to join the car tour to Kearney, NE! WHEW!!

The recent passing of Rollin Southwell on 24 March was noted and there was a discussion concerning the transfer of the LHA website he had in his name. It was decided to wait and see what action the family would take when the site comes up for renewal.

Kay and another gentleman will have an article in the Summer Forum concerning Mooseheart, IL.

Paul reported the mapping committee would like to continue with mapping official LH stops on the LH. It was noted that in the future the LHA Board needs to discuss this possibility along with having the businesses give a discount to LH members who patronize the various businesses. There are many details to consider and Paul will write up a proposal to present to the board in Kearney. There are already more than 100 such stops set up. It was noted someone would need to head up the project and be available during day time hours for people to contact.

ADJOURNMENT: Bob Dieterich (CA) made the motion to adjourn at 8:40 pm CDST; seconded by Sue Jacobson; carried.

Future Meeting: Monday, July 1, 2013, Kearney, NE
Beverley "Sue" Jacobson, LHA Secretary

Saturday, March 9, 2013

January 27, 2013 Board Teleconference Minutes [Unofficial until approved]

TO: National LHA Board
FROM: Kay Shelton, President/Beverley "Sue" Jacobson, Secretary
RE: Teleconference Meeting Minutes
DATE: January 27, 2013

CALL TO ORDER: Agenda approved at 7:10 CST

PRESENT: Kay Shelton, President (IL); Beverley Sue Jacobson, Secretary, (IL) Jess Petersen, Treasurer (UT); Bob Dieterich, Executive Advisor (CA); Jerry Peppers, (NY); Paula Reynolds (NJ); Rosemary Rubin (OH); Jeff Blair (IN); Ronnie O'Brien (NE); Jerry Hansen (WY); Bob Beaudoin (UT); Brian Butko, At Large #1 (PA); John Jackson, At Large #2 (OH); Van Becker, At Large #3 (IA); Ron Colson, At Large #4 (IL) late. The group welcomed Jerry Hansen, the new Wyoming State Director ABSENT: Tim Wunsch, (CO); Jim Bonar, (NV); Jeff LaFollette, (IA)

II. MINUTES: Jerry Peppers (NY) made the motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Jerry Hansen, (WY); carried

III. TREASURER'S REPORT: The Final 2012 Budget Report had been sent electronically to the board members. The Financial Activity Report had also been sent to the board. To date, there is $44,000 in the bank, of which $25,000 is for the Centennial reservations.

A. Board update: New member John Jackson from Ohio. new At Large #2; no takers for Vice President
B. Update on Brian Butko's book:
--Mostly uses home computer for topics..roads, bridges,markers, signs, etc.
--Last Fall he was put in charge of publishing a Pennsylvania Civil War book, hence, was delayed in working on the Centennial Book
--Learned much from that experience to apply to the Centennial book....a couple of months to get to printer
C. Publicity update
--Nebraska Byways--special Centennial Brochure just came out: Kay will send an electronic "link" to the LHA Board
D & E. Update on Car Tours:
--Send contact information about states' centennial activities to John Peters in FL and he'll get it out on the internet. He has press releases available with publicity not only on the car tours, but all publicity concerning the tours. Need to make others aware of the Centennial and activities
--Kay is getting things together for the tour stops in IL; people are contacting her. John Jackson reported sending a cover letter to newspapers in PA

New Jersey Chapter: Paula Reynolds reported:
--Their annual meeting will be held this Sat. Feb, 2, 2013; they are getting pertinent information together to form the chapter via by-laws, membership, etc.
--They are set up for the car tour stop June 22
--They would like to purchase two concrete markers--one more post for Kingston--will possibly order three
--Met with Kingston Historical Society in Princeton,about hosting a tour stop.
They are planning a year round museum display of LH info
--Parade route in Kearney is laid out
--$20,000 shortfall...hope to get help from national
--7 committees are working on arrangements
Rosemary (OH) reported:

--Targeting Car Clubs, Historical Societies, newspapers, CVB, etc.
--Packard International is having an event in Los Angles, CA, to whom she sent 500 brochures
--Norway Car Tour in July, another Classic Car tour in May; Motorcycle group in June/July; Tin Can tourists in Grand Island & Kearney June 30th and July 1st, same time as our tour
--Almost 100 % covered on lunches/almost all coffee stops
--Bob Lichty's idea for tour with Henry Joy Packard to Kearney, NE; Jim Peters, Bob Lichty and Ronnie O'Brien belong to the Detroit Packard Co. A Packard is being transported by trailer to the Archway Museum from Warren, MI. It belongs to the Detroit Historical Society who is loaning it to the Packard Museum in Warren
--Hotels and dinners are in place, and most luncheons....participants on own for one time...Still need commitments from the eastern states
--Website info put together by Paul Gilger, Jimmy Lin and John Peters gives all daily stops, great press releases, terrific pictures
--Rosemary is getting phone calls daily about the website
--Hotels, dinners in place and most luncheons..on own for meals one time.
Still need commitments from the eastern states.
A committee for the car tours is made up of John Peters (FL); Paul Gilger (CA) Jess Petersen (UT); Rosemary Rubin and Bob Lichty (OH); Jim Peters (MA); and Ronnie O'Brien (NE) is meeting by phone and working on publicity. State directors or someone from each state should help with identifying media contacts so press releases can be sent to them. They meet once a month.
--Need help monetarily. Bob Dieterich (CA) reported some funds from the Centennial Book would possibly be available
--Treasurer Jess Petersen stated shouldn't take LHA funds, but on the other hand, we committed to support the tours
--Rosemary commented the tours should be self supporting
--By April 30th the committee should know the shortfalls/sponsorships
--Need assurance from the board for support; the Board took no formal action during the meeting.
--Can't handle more than 100 cars....only 40 some so far
--The tour will follow the 1928 LH route wherever possible

F. The LHA purchased an ad for $395 promoting LHA membership and the online Google map in an upcoming distribution of 50,000 Nebraska Scenic Byways brochures. Those are now available and are very appealing. Kay will send these out to board members. This is a very comprehensive brochure covering Nebraska.
-- Conference Registration will be in the next Forum--Lot of choices, variety of activities. Bus tours are not included in the conference fee. Must be paid spaces

G. Other states' activities: CA...2 days hosting car tour/OH the same/IL also and planning to host a "Hobo Stew Dinner" at Franklin Grove's Chaplin Creek/ IN had kickoff dinner last fall, with Jeff Blair again walking the 1928 LH in IN, members will be painting 100 poles with the LH logo and working with the IN Tourism map groups. There will be a Centennial exhibition in the Studebaker Place which will be a stop on the car tour

H. Kay Shelton, president gave a presentation at the Transportation Research Board Conference, Washington, D.C. Tuesday, January 15, 2013.
--This was a huge convention with 11,000 people attending
--A speaker from American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) was the main speaker
--Kay informed the group of the LHA's upcoming Centennial Celebration, car tours, and activities, and displayed the Google maps, of which they were quite impressed. She handed out brochures with the URL for the Google maps

--Kay was asked for a letter of support for a grant by Cece Otto a singer, and Video Game Group, Spark Media, working on an online video game about the Depression Era Federal Writers' Project. Kay e-mailed the addresses for both, plus the link to order the LH Centennial NE brochure/ the contact information for John Peters and the press release and pictures ready to go. If members didn't get this information, inform the secretary and it will be sent. The project has a chapter on the LH which is another good source. Kay will send info on the video games to the board. She asked the Board to approve providing a letter of support: Bob Dieterich commented that while he was President he used discretion and good judgment but routinely supported such endeavors without coming to the Board each time. While he observed it was probably not formally necessary. Jerry Peppers made a motion giving Kay permission to use her discretion in supporting grants. The motion was seconded by Jerry Hansen and it carried.

Ronnie O'Brien reported Daniel Herschberger will have his camper trailer at the 1920s tourist camp exhibit at the Archway.

Future Meeting: April 30, 2013

VI. Adjournment: Jeff Blair made the motion to adjourn at 8:22 CST, seconded by Jerry Peppers; carried
Beverley "Sue" Jacobson, secretary