Friday, July 9, 2010

June 26, 2010 Board Minutes

FROM: Bob Dieterich, president
Beverley "Sue" Jacobson, secretary
RE: New Board Meeting Minutes
14th Annual LHA Conference
DATE: June 26, 2010

CALL TO ORDER: President Bob Dieterich called the meeting to order 10:50 a

ATTENDANCE: Bob Dieterich, president (CA); Jess Petersen, treasurer(UT); Sue Jacobson, secretary (IL); Jeff Blair (IN); Lennie Stubblefield (NE); Kay Shelton (IL); Jim Peters, At-Large #2(MA);Bob Beaudoin (UT); Jim Bonar (NV) Van Becker(IA); Jeff LaFollette (IA) A quorum was declared.

EDUCATION COMMITTEE: Joyce Chambers reported:
--guidelines for selecting Educator of the Year
--urged the board to send in nominations
--will select one person, not necessarily a teacher, may be someone promoting and educating about the Lincoln Highway

TELECONFERENCES: Bob Dieterich reported:
--calls made 4 times a year/4th Thurs
--calls scheduled for July 22, 2010; October 28, 2010; January 27, 2011;
April 28, 2011

2011 CONFERENCE: Jim Bonar reviewed invitation to CA/NV; a free program available entitled "Open Office"

OTHER: Suggestion to put Bylaws on website
--NV (northeast chapter??) resubmit chapter by-laws, ones submitted not accurate; it resubmitted and approved, will be umbrella under the state chapter


Some of the members were to travel to Joliet for the Triangle Tour of the Dixie, Rt 66 and Lincoln Highways.
Beverley "Sue" Jacobson, secretary
National Lincoln Highway Association

June 26, 2010 Membership Meeting Minutes

FROM: Bob Dieterich, president
Beverley "Sue" Jacobson, secretary
RE: 14th LHA Membership Meeting Minutes
Dixon, IL
DATE: June 26, 2010

CALL TO ORDER: After an enjoyable breakfast, President Bob Dieterich called the membership meeting to order at 10 a.m. in a reception room in the Comfort Inn.

The president introduced the Executive Board and the board members who were present: Bob Dieterich (CA), president has agreed to serve one more year, V, Pres.,Jeff LaFollette (IA); Secretary, Sue Jacobson (IL); Treasurer, Jess Petersen(UT); Van Becker (IA) At-Large #3; Jim Peters (MA) At-Large #2; Jim Bonar (NV); Bob Beaudoin (UT); Lennie Stubblefield (NE); Kay Shelton, (IL); Jeff Blair (IN); Tim Wunsch (CO);

MINUTES: Secretary Jacobson read the minutes of the 2010 membership meeting in IN. Kay Shelton made the motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Joyce Chambers; carried

TREASURER'S REPORT: Jess Petersen distributed papers to the members with the financial report for discussion. Rollin Southwell made a motion to have the LHA president or a committee, look into credit card fees from other banks, seconded by Russell Rein.
--Discussion: opinions voiced against motion
--opinions voiced of faith in LHA treasurer's decisions
--motion didn't carry
As of May 31, 2010, our checking account balance was pretty close to zero.
--Bob Stubblefield made a motion to take the cost of the Forum out of the Life Membership Fund interest for Life Members' Forums; seconded by Wayne Silvius; carried

GRANT AWARDS: Bob Dieterich reported:
--The Performance Fund committee received 3 requests which were granted
--Bob presented three framed copies to the recipients
--IN for 2 kiosks $2,500
--IA, Clinton Co. Cemetery restoration of historic site, $2,500
--NE. Kearney Visitors Bureau creator of historical LH marking of seedling mile in time for the 2013 LHA Conference, $5,000
--Bob stated it was necessary to cut down on the grants
--New guidelines will state each year there will be 1 award of $5,000.

BYLAW AMENDMENT re DIRECTORS' TERMS: Jeff LaFollette presented:
The following amendment to Article V, Section 5 of the Bylaws
--"All directors shall be elected for terms of three years, and may be re-elected to successive three year terms with no limit on the number of terms a director may serve"
--Discussion: fear of stagnation if in office for such a length of time
--Director has privilege of resigning or not accepting more terms
--Need to put this information in the Forum
Jim Ranniger made the motion to accept the bylaw change; seconded by Tammy LaFollette. Due to dissension a show of hands showed 34 ayes, 10 nayes and 2 abstaining; carried

MEMBERSHIP: Jay Banta gave the report which included:
--notify him of members who have passed away
--members might like to do multiple year renewals
--Life Membership of $1,000 may be paid in installments
--Increase in every level of dues except Life Membership and Corporate
--slight decrease in membership, with IL and IA showing slight increase
--complete membership report to be sent to secretary
--any questions regarding membership feel free to contact Jay

--send bylaws to new members
--suggest having new members name tags marked accordingly
--possibly hold Membership Meeting earlier in conference as people need to leave early on last day
--new members pay 1/2 first year to encourage getting new members
--give new members recognition at banquet
--possible Junior membership for $10 for members children/different than student rate

President Bob Dieterich thanked the conference committee for all their efforts in providing an entertaining and interesting LHA Conference, and wished all a safe and happy journey home.

Meeting adjourned 10:45 a.m.
Beverley "Sue" Jacobson, secretary
National Lincoln Highway Association

June 22, 2010 Board Minutes

TO: LHA Board Members
FROM: Bob Dieterich, president
Beverley "Sue" Jacobson, secretary
RE: 14th National Lincoln Highway Association Conference
Minutes of the LHA Board Meeting
DATE: June 22, 2010
Dixon, Illinois

CALL TO ORDER: President, Bob Dieterich called the meeting to order 1:15 p

ROLL CALL: Bob Dietetrich(CA); Jeff LaFollette (IA); Sue Jacobson (IL); Jess Petersen (UT); Jerry Peppers (NY); Mike Buettner (OH); Jeff Blair (IN); Kay Shelton (IL);Lennie Stubblefield (NE); Bob Beaudoin (UT); Jim Bonar (NV); Brian Butko (PA); Jim Peters (MA);Van Becker (IA); Ron Colson (IL)
Absent: Randy Wagner (WY); Al Pfingstl (NJ); Mindy Crawford (PA); Shelly Horne (WY). Guest members; Jay Banta (UT); Wayne Silvius (IL)

1) DIRECTORS ELECTION RESULTS: Jeff LaFollette, chairman of the election committee reported the following state directors elected
Van Becker (IA); Tim Wunsch (CO) new position; Jeff Blair (IN); Bob Dieterich (CA); Shelly Horne (WY) accepted position for one year--not a full term. No one elected from WVA. Jerry Peppers (NY) received one vote to be an At-Large director; Paul Gilger (CA) 2 votes to be CA director. Jeff LaFollette volunteered to chair the election committee for the coming year 2010-2011. The Board accepted this seat. Other seats announced last on agenda.

2) MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: Secretary Jacobson read the minutes of the last Teleconference Board Meeting of May 25, 2010. Motion to accept the minutes by Kay Shelton, seconded by Jeff LaFollette; carried

3) TREASURER'S REPORT: Treasurer Jess Petersen provided all members with copies of the financial report, which included:
--Encumbrances............. 10,789.00
--Assets........................... 6,758.44
--Trust Funds.................109,544.49
--Performance Fund........ 65,970.06
--Endowment Fund........... 2,370.00
--Projects Fund................. 160.00
Total of above 3............68,500.06
--Headquarters................. 9,520.52
--Membership Services.....1,562.39

(See attached # 1 for a more detailed report.)
Jim Bonar made the motion to accept the report, seconded by Kay Shelton; carried

Discussion to raise funds: Forum
--place more ads
--send copies electronically (hopefully appeal to the young)
--research shows 40% of people read papers, etc. on line/ just feature main articles, not whole issue
--take a poll of members if would prefer on line or regular copy snail-mail
--executive committee will draft a questionnaire

--These groups were asked to submit reports before the conference in June
--Secretary received 13 of possible 20 directors' reports/ 3 of possible 19 committee chair reports
--Bob will revamp the Committee Chair list and provide the board with a list

5) NEXT YEAR'S BUDGET: Jess Petersen
--MEMBERSHIP RATES: Jess distributed sheets with proposed dues increases:
--Individual, government entity and non-profits..................$45
--Businesses and Supporting....................$75
--Need to place stickers on brochures indicating increases
--Increases go into affect January 1, 2011
--Life Membership remains the same..........$1,000
Jeff LaFollette made the motion to accept Jess' proposal, seconded by Jerry Peppers. Kay Shelton amended the motion to include Corporate at $150, seconded by Jeff LaFollette; carried

GRANTS AWARDS: Bob Dieterich
--Competition for awards
--Need to rewrite the guidelines for requests for money
--Using up the Performance Fund too quickly/spending $10,000
--Suggest giving only one award in future rather than three as this year
--Limit the 1 award to $5,000
Motion to accept the proposed budget made by Kay Shelton, seconded by Jim Peters; carried
(See attachment #2 for details of budget)
Jim Bonar to write up a funds proposal for approval by the next Teleconference July 22.

MEMBERSHIP: Jay Banta's report included:
--state chapters fairly stable
--total membership slightly down; IL and IA slight increase
--needs help with cost of photocopying/ looking for cheaper source
--was to send the secretary a full membership report

Each member had a copy of the proposed amendment:
Section 5. "All directors shall be elected for terms of three years, and may be re-elected to successive three year terms with no limit on the number of terms a director may serve." A motion was needed to bring the proposal to the membership meeting Sat. a.m. Jeff stated in case of refusal, a new proposal would be brought back next year. Jeff LaFollette made the motion, seconded by Jerry Peppers; carried

7) TRAVEL BROCHURE: Jim Peters made the following suggestions:
--need to solicit libraries to carry brochures, a benefit to both of us
--develop mailing lists of libraries in each state
--have brochures consistent in design so easily identified
--need grants for producing
--not too much content/size 3 or 4 panels
--contacted Jim Cassler for samples
--NE showed their 12 panel brochure with businesses listed
--need to decide what we really want to accomplish
--Chris Plummer and Kevin Patrick devised brochures (in stock at HQs)
--Send copies to Jim Cassler and Brian Butko and the board
--Put the information and brochure on the website/Bob will call Jimmy Lin for revamping the site
--Rand McNally's large 2011 map guide has LH marked

Bob urged all the board members to give him suggestions for the committees
and reviewed the current ones.
--Bob Lichty is planning car tours from both directions to converge on the 2013 Conference in Kearney, NE (Paul Gilger, West; Jim Peters, East); Lennie and Bob Stubblefield conference co-chairs 2013, with Sarah Focke from the Kearney Visitors
Bureau, and Ronnie O'Brien from the Archway planning the Celebration in Kearney preceding the Conference.

9) 2012 CONFERENCE - All: Discussion:
--Contact Bruce B. Butgerist from MI about Detroit/Archives area
--Cassler proposal for Wooster/Canton OH; would present the proposal to the Sat. a.m board meeting for approval

--Van Becker (IA); Jeff Blair (IN); Bob Dieterich (CA); Shelly Horne (WY) will serve one year, not full term; welcome to Tim Wunsch (CO) first time director

President: Kay Shelton nominated Jeff LaFollette, seconded by Jim Peters;
Jeff declined due to commitments for the year, and nominated Bob Dieterich, seconded by Mike Buettner; Kay closed nominations, Jeff Blair, seconded; carried;
Vice President: Mike made the motion to retain Jeff LaFollette, seconded by Jerry Peppers. Jeff Blair called for vote, Kay seconded; carried
Secretary: Motion by Mike Buettner to retain Beverley "Sue" Jacobson, seconded by Jerry Peppers, call for vote by Kay, seconded by Jeff Blair; carried.
Treasurer: Motion to retain Jess Petersen by Mike Buettner, call for vote by Kay, seconded by Jerry Peppers; carried

Meeting adjourned 5 p.m.
Beverley "Sue"Jacobson, secretary
National Lincoln Highway Association

May 25, 2010 Teleconference Minutes

RE: Teleconference Minutes
DATE: May 25, 2010

ROLL CALL: President Bob Dieterich called the meeting to order 7:10 CST

1) Present: Bob Dietrich, pres (CA);Sue Jacobson, sec. (IL);Jess Petersen, treas.(UT); Randy Wagner, exec. director (WY); Jerry Peppers, (NY); Al Pfingstl, (NJ); Mindy Crawford, (PA); Jeff Blair, (IN); Kay Shelton, (IL); Lennie Stubblefield, (NE); Shelly Horne, (WY); Bob Beaudoin, (UT); Brian Butko, At Large #1, (PA); Jim Peters, At Large #2, (MA); Van Becker, At Large #3, (IA); Ron Colson, At Large #4, (IL). Absent: Jeff LaFollette, (IA); Jim Bonar, (NV)

2) Secretary Sue Jacobson (IL) e-mailed the last Teleconference minutes to the board members for perusal. Jerry Peppers (NY) made the motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Kay Shelton (IL): carried

3) Treasurer's Report: Jess Petersen (UT) reported the following:
--During the fiscal year beginning Jan. 1, 2009, the association's total Income $96,490. This amount included:
--$42,943 from membership dues
--$ 4.517 from various donations
--$39,354 from conference registration fees
--$ 2,834 from sale of merchandise at visitors center in Franklin Grove
--$ 2,843 in commissions from the LH Trading Post
--$ 2,259 in earnings from investments
--$ 362 from the Cardpartner credit card program
--$ 1,378 from other sources
Expenditures: During 2009, the association spent a total of $103,765
--$37,809 for conference related costs
--$27,331 for publishing costs of The Forum
--$ 9,520 for operating Visitor Center in Franklin Grove
--$ 1.562 membership services
--$ 6,644 state chapters share of membership dues
--$20,899 all other expenses
See attached for a detailed financial report and the 2011 budget which will be presented to the board for approval during the annual board meeting June 22, 2010. Copies of the financial report and budget will be available then, also.

4) Membership Rates: Jess Petersen (UT)---An increase is needed. Discussion to raise the fees of several categories, plus decrease The Forum to 3 issues. These items would be discussed at the board meeting in Dixon, IL June 22, 2010, where Jess will present a proposal.
As of Feb. 2010 the membership includes:
--Individual.........523 52.09%
--Family.............198 19.72%
--Business......... 24 2.39%
--Patron.............. 23 2.29%
--Supporting....... 76 7.57%
--Non-Profit........ 87 8.67%
--Government.....16 1.59%
--Corporate......... 4 0.40%
--Life................... 46 4.58%
--Student............. 7 0.70%
Total....................1,004........................(Thanks to UT Director)

5) Fort Bridger Bridge: Shelly Horn (WY) and Randy Wagner (WY)
--1921 LH bridge north of Fort Bridger threatened to be replaced with a new one, which won't replicate the original structure
--The new one will be longer, wider modern bridge meeting all federal bridge safety requirements, this done in order to receive federal 90%/10% funding
--Estimated cost......$500,000 which the county will pay $50,000
--Replacing the bridge with an exact duplicate built to modern standards with modern materials is not an option...wouldn't meet any historic preservation standards and have no historic value
--Restorations must be done making maximum use of existing structure and materials and on this bridge there isn't anything original that is useable.
--Funding from historic preservation sources would not be available for a visually identical modern replacement
--Leaving the old bridge in place and building a new one next to it also is not an would involve a maze of land ownership, condemnation, right-of- way and existing road construction, issues that WYDOT and the County don't even want to talk about.
--WYDOT engineers will do all they can to identify the new bridge with the LH through logos and concrete LH road markers incorporated into the bridge design......possibly an LH interpretive site nearby
--The bridge is in the center of a 3.8 mile stretch of the LH....improved by WYDOT in 1921 as Federal Aid Project #17.
--Used until 1932 when a new, paved road was built on present US 30 alignment through Fort Bridger
--Talk of establishing an LH driving tour using part or all of the old road and making the original LH from Granger to Evanston a State Historic Byway
--Shelly attended a "Tracks Across Wyoming" meeting in Fort Bridger to tour the bridge site and discuss ways to disuade the WYDOT from destroying it
--Discussion centered around getting a second opinion about the structural soundness of the bridge
--Local people who use the bridge do not accept the conclusion that it is failing and not fixable, and have talked with at least one engineering company to find out what a second opinion would cost
--"Tracks" is supporting their effort and a move is underway to raise funds for the study by soliciting contributions from the public. If successful, the WY chapter has pledged up to $500 toward the effort
--A county gravel pit is accessed across the bridge, so the county road and bridge department supports the replacement
--A very history-minded Globe Construction contractor has done work for Fort Bridger and will be contacted
--Bridge may be eligible for NRHP. A plan is in process to revise the report for resubmission to SHPO.
--Three alternatives will be investigated: 1) rehabilitation of the structure 2) bulding a new bridge off the current county road alignment which would be upstream from the existing structure, 3) replacement
--Right now WYDOT needs to enter into a MOA to mitigate adverse effects with SHPO, FHWA and other interested parties
--Fort Bridger Historical Association and the Uinta County Museum are interested groups
For more detailed information, please contact Randy or Shelly. Randy also sent three photos of the bridge, which he would probably send to those interested.
--Mindy Crawford (PA) suggested the LHA's Preservation/Endangered Sites Committee get involved. She was to contact Randy and Shelly concerning this issue.

6) Cell Tours: Bob Dieterich (CA) reported Cell's Systems provides tours using cell phones. A gentleman approached Bob concerning involving the LHA to prepare short tours on the LH at a cost of $400 for a basic tour, be put on the website and use Coast to Coast maps and pics of LH areas. It was decided the group has higher priority issues than this, so postponed the proposal until later.

7) 2012 Conference:
--Possible site in Ann Arbor near the Archives housed at Michigan State U. Russell Rein will be contacted about the possibilities of that area for a conference. Discussion will continue at the LHA Conference in Dixon, IL

8) Membership Certificates:
--Jeff Blair (IN) has a friend who will make a proof copy of the awards certificate we offer, and bring it to the conference.
--He also produces an ID card
--Jess Petersen (UT) has an original copy of the membership certificate which Jay Banta now uses

9) 2013 Walk Across America:
--Jeff Blair (IN) proposed a form of this activity to honor LHA's 100th year
--Have LHA partner with organizations and do in segments
--Volkswalkers group have done segments of the LH
--Car tours from both coasts were reported to take place and meet at Kearney, NE for the LHA conference in 2013

10) National LHA Museum:
--Jeff Blair (IN) reported an outstanding outdoor museum he visited in Jerusalem about 1/2 mile in two directions. A thought for the LHA to have a facility, which will be discussed further at the conference in Dixon.

11) Utilization of Internet: Jeff Blair (IN)
--Need to expand LH info to Face Book as a marketing tool to promote LH
--Jim Peters suggested brochure ideas...will elaborate at the conference

12) Dixon LHA 18th Conference: Kay Shelton (IL)
--105 registered to date
--Mike Hocker (OH) will talk about Yard Sales
--Mindy (PA) will speak on push for volunteers and ideas for preservation sites; will have pictures of sites lost in past years, list of possible sites for preservation

13) Bylaw Amendment re Director's Terms: Jeff LaFollette(IA)
In Jeff's absence, Van Becker reported:
--The director terms will be recirculated to the board by Jerry Peppers (NY)and brought up at the conference for vote
--Still receiving nominating ballots which will be counted at the conference in Dixon

14) Other:
--Sue and Bob reminded the board members to send their annual reports to each other and the officers
--Bob was to send an e-mail reminder to the Committee Chairs & Board
--Shelly (WY) spoke about raising funds through the Trading Post concerning computer keyboards...possibly have keyboard produced with LH logo....Need to work with Jim Cassler

Adjournment: The Teleconference ended at 8:30 CST
Beverley "Sue" Jacobson, secretary
Lincoln Highway Association

February 24, 2010 Teleconference Minutes

TO: LHA Board Members
FROM: Bob Dieterich, president
Sue Jacobson, secretary
RE: LHA Teleconference Board Meeting
DATE: February 24, 2010

CALL TO ORDER: President Bob Dieterich called the meeting to order 7:10 central standard time.

1. Bob informed the group of Russell Rein's hospitalization due to renal failure. They were urged to send cards to his home address as per a message from Jan Shupert-Arick from the IN chapter.

2. ROLL CALL: The following present members answered the roll call:
Bob Dieterich, president (CA); Jeff LaFollette, vice president (IA); Sue Jacobson secretary (IL); Randy Wagner, Exec. Advisor (WY); Jerry Peppers (NY); Al Pfingstl (NJ); Mindy Crawford (PA); Jeff Blair (IN); Bob Beaudoin (UT); Jim Bonar (NV); Brian Butko, At Large #1 (PA); Jim Peters, At Large #2 (MA); Van Becker, A Large #3 (IA); Absent: Jess Petersen, treasurer (UT); Mike Buettner (OH); Kay Shelton (IL); Lennie Stubblefield (NE); Shelly Horne (WY); Ron Colson, At Large #4 (IL) Quorum established

3. MINUTES: Secretary Sue Jacobson sent the minutes to the board earlier for their perusal. Jerry Peppers made the motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Randy Wagner; carried.

4. TREASURER'S REPORT: In Jess's absence, Bob Dieterich reviewed the report Jess had sent to the board which included the Financial Activity Report and the 2009 Budget Final Report.

5. There is enough money now to order 20,000 membership brochures, which will be printed by Cassler at a cost of approximately $2,700. He will distribute them and keep a stock pile.

6. DIRECTOR NOMINATIONS: Jeff LaFollette reported there are 4 directors positions to be filled. The following sent in their bios and information to be placed on the ballot: Jim Blair (IN); Bob Dieterich (CA); Van Becker, At Large (IA);Tim Wunsch (CO); None from VA, Shelly Horne (WY)not on ballot. Bob will appoint him for a one year term. Randy Wagner was to attend a WY Chapter meeting and said he would ask if anyone would be interested in being a candidate for the WY State Director.
--BY-LAW CHANGE: Eliminate 2 term limit on directors. Jerry Peppers has worked with Jeff LaFollette on this. There will be an alternate version to use as back-up in case the general membership doesn't want to go with the board's proposal. Jeff LaFollette sent the information to the board Dec. 3rd.

7. Bob received a call from Mike Buettner concerning getting major items from the Forum put on our website. A good idea, if editor Kathy Franzwa would agree to it. Need to get permission from authors of articles. One article should pique people's interest. Don't need to get authors' permission, since not reselling the information. Brian Butko will work on this. He urged others to submit articles they would like him to include from the Forum.
--Kathy Franzwa informed Bob another tool.. "Google"...used as a research engine...has an option to sign up for a Google research on a subject, such as the Lincoln Highway. Urged others to try this system.

8. LIFE MEMBERSHIP: Jeff LaFollette called attention to the increase in Life Membership to $1,000, but the old price of $750 is still listed in the Forum.
Bob was to call Kathy. The $250 down payment is paid every year until paid in full.

9. Jeff Blair---a question regarding grant money. Bob explained the two $5,000 grants given each year. Details are on our website. Deadline for applying is March 1 for submitting an application. Nebraska and Iowa have applied.

10. Jim Peters--LHA Travel Brochure
--Brian and Jim Cassler to work with Jim Peters on this brochure
--DeLorme maps will be used, but no advertising
--Same format for each state
--Two more years to use AAA maps....who are now using Rand McNally maps
--Committee will draft a sample to send out to board for viewing

In view of this being an Olympic year, Sue reported that her late husband Carl (LHA IL treasurer for many years), was a ski jumping official 30 years ago at the 1980 Olympics in Lake Placid, NY

2012 Conference: Possibly in Detroit, MI. Bob will contact Kathleen Dow of the Michigan Archives to see the feasibility of this locale. Discussion of possible sites/museums to visit and ideas for the conference there.

2012----Detroit, MI (?) [Editor's note, 2012 will be in Canton, Ohio]
2013----Kearney, NE
2014----Salt Lake City, UT

Van Becker reported the bridge that was destroyed on the Missouri River in Omaha, was a historic bridge, but not an LH bridge.

Next Teleconference, May 24, 2010, last one before the 2010 Conference in Dixon, IL.

Motion to adjourn by Jim Bonar, seconded by Jeff LaFollette; carried.
Beverley "Sue" Jacobson, secretary
Lincoln Highway Association

December 2, 2009 Teleconference Minutes

TO: LHA Board Members
FROM: Bob Dieterich, president
Sue Jacobson, secretary
RE: LHA Teleconference Board Meeting
DATE: December 2, 2009

CALL TO ORDER: President Bob Dieterich called the meeting to order 7:10 cst

1. ROLL CALL: Bob Dieterich introduced the new IN director, Jeff Blair

The following members answered roll call:
Bob Dieterich, president (CA); Jeff LaFollette, vice president (IA); Sue Jacobson secretary (IL); Jerry Peppers (NY); Mike Buettner (OH); Jeff Blair (IN); Kay Shelton (IL); Lennie Stubblefield (NE); Bob Beaudoin (UT); Jim Bonar; (NV); Brian Butko, At -Large #1(PA); Van Becker, At Large #3 (IA); Late: Jess Petersen, treasurer (UT); Jim Peters, At-Large #2 (MA); Ron Colson, At-Large #4 (IL). ABSENT: Randy Wagner (WY); Al Pfingstl (NJ); MIndy Crawford (PA); Shelly Horne (WY)

2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Sue Jacobson, secretary read the minutes of the last Teleconference, August 26, 2009. Jerry Peters corrected the spelling of Doug Pappas' last name on page 6. Jeff LaFollette made the motion to accept the corrected minutes, seconded by Jerry Peppers; carried.

3. TREASURER'S REPORT: Jess Petersen reported the following:
--Expenditures: Oct.26th wrote check for $3,700 to Rollin Southwell Foundation for the Fisher Monument
--The $3,700 included $2,500 donated previously by various members; $500 each from IA and UT chapters; $100 each from Shirley Andrus and Jerry Peppers.
--Nov. 24th, PA mini-project approved in 2007 of $5,000 was sent
--Balance $4,740....lowest since Jess has been treasurer
--Future expenditure of $6,000 for the Forum; $2,720 food deposit for the 2010 LHA Conference
--By mid January, possibly override of $1,000.
--Possibly take money out of Performance Fund for operations, put it back when possible.....board decision.
--Jerry proposed the following resolution:
"Resolved that an aggregate of up to $2,500 of the Performance Fund be available to be transferred by the Treasurer of the Association, upon e-mail confirmation from the President of the Association, to the General Account of the Association, to cover such actually incurred expenses of the Association as the Treasurer deems appropriate, and further...
Resolved, that upon the receipt by the Association of sufficient unreserved funds from any source in excess of Funds necessary to meet the operating expenses of the Association, such funds be reallocated to the Performance Fund and retained there without increasing the amount that may be transferred to the General Fund without further approval of the Board of Directors".

4. Fisher Monument: Bob Dietrich
--Jess just paid $3700 to Rollin Southwell Foundation
--Rollin thought there are more states who would like to contribute
(Bob called for any states who had promised donations, to pay)
--Kathy Franzwa wrote a short article and placed a picture in the Forum
--A report from Rollin was requested. Bob was to ask Rollin for such
--IL has sent $200 to the fund

--Jim Cassler's son Brian, cleaned all the bricks as an Eagle Scout project.
--Transportation to NE..a man from CO has a truck to transport them. He wants only money for gas. The association has contributed $500. NE had two individual and a chapter donation of $200; Jerry Peppers has sent a check; OH LHA League pledged $100 and the Mid-OH Chapter pledged $200. Hopefully other states and/or individuals will send in contributions so the national won't have to use funds. Any extra will go back to the LHA.
--IA, IN and CA will bring up the issue at their state meetings in Jan.
--The bricks will be used by the Archway committee as a walkway in front of their building. Since it's their project, it's up to them to install the bricks. It would also be up to them if people want to purchase a brick and have a name on it.
--Discussion concerning raising money in this manner, resulted in Lennie contacting the Archway rep, Ronnie to ask her opinion of the feasibility of such a project, and to have Ronnie contact Jerry Peppers for further information.

--The secretary read the resolution to the members. (See above)
Jim Peters made the motion to accept the resolution, seconded by Jeff LaFollette; carrried.

--This year's appointments remain until brought up at 2010 conference.
--Amendment allowing directors to hold office more than 2 terms
--Jeff LaFollette will rewrite the resolution (?) with Jerry's help, then send to Bob

Jim Peters had sent a two page document entitled "Position Paper" to all the board members to peruse before the meeting.
--Need a new design/high quality national and state by state touring brochures--maps included
--Brochure of sleeping and eating accommodations
--Funding for such could be via advertising ads and grants
--Reintroduce the county (or town) consul structure utilized by the original Lincoln Highway Association

8. Kay reported the conference information is on the IL Website
--LHA 2010 Conference dates: June 22 to 26, 2010
--Post-Conference Tour: Dixie Hwy, Rt. 66 and LH (Triangle tour Sat. 26th)
--Tried to keep the registration fee as low as possible, is the same price as 1999 LHA Conference
--Caterer, etc. expenses are as low as possible
--Tue, June 22nd...Board Meeting; Wed & Thur....Bus Tours: Fri...Banquet
(More information on IL Website)

--June 20 to 24 (The Board approved moving the dates up one day since room rates are very high on Friday night)
--Room rates high due to resort area (almost double Fri & Sat nights)
--Jim explained Harrah's Hotel cost for single of $89 is lower than IN's rate

10. ADDITIONAL ITEMS: Discussion:
--Ron Colson: need to work on tourism
--Coalition tried for several years to get small businesses along the LH route to get involved....dropped as an income source
--Forum needs a wider distribution with ads to help defray expenses
--IA has an advertising program on website
--Cassler is now our printer
--Bob suggested contacting local libraries for circulation information
--DeLorme's maps forbid advertising
--Jim Peters needs someone to help design the suggested brochures (travel and membership) Brian Butko and Jim Cassler are possibilities
--Brian Butko was asked if he would provide maps from his books
--Suggested having Paul Gilger contact Brain about maps and their use
--Are grants available to help finance the brochures?
--Use some of the Performance Fund for graphic arts of brochures
--Need to come up with an example of the brochures which Jim Peters again asked for help with
--Bob reported a group named "Cafe Press" had about 200 shirts for sale with the LH logo without our permission. Bob contacted them and they have removed the shirts from the web.
--Russ Rein, Jim Lin, Bob Dieterich and Jess Petersen all own LHA domain names: Bob will talk with Jim Lin about putting all LHA domain names in Jim Lin's name
--Van Becker (IA) reported that as the first of Dec. there is an official FCC approved LH Amateur radio group. For the last two years of operation they have been a special events station out of Youngville Café in Youngville, IA, west of Cedar Rapids. Last year they made contact with about a 1000 stations all over the US and in 3 or 4 other countries. The contacted stations all requested confirmation certificates, which were mailed with an LH brochure included as per an article in the Forum. Now they are an official amateur radio club. As per Federal Guidelines, Van is the special trustee and they have been issued their own call letters NY2SF. They hope to have a special event station again next June out of Youngville Café in Youngville, IA (NY2SF), from Ames, IA, (WØYL) and possibly from Times Square (W8JPP) just before the conference.
--Advertising in the Forum. A tour company with headquarters in Sacramento CA is interested in the LH. The rep came to the conference in South Bend, IN and Bob suggested he might try to arrange for some buses, to follow along with the two car caravans going from each coast to NE in 2013. This would be a good time and way for people to get to the conference and participate in the caravan. He is a member of the CA chapter and wants to join other state chapters.
--Jim Peters asked about states opening their car tours to the public. Jeff LaFollette explained how IA does their car tours, which has generated new members by opening their tours to the car clubs, special events groups, etc.He has between 50 and 75 cars participate. A winery stop everyday has created added interest with about 50 new members joining!
--Jeff asked if he could have time at the IL LHA Conference, to promote the IA car tour. He will contact the IL board for finalizing his request
--Kay reported there were a bunch of ham operators who helped with the Military convoy tour through IL last summer. A source for new members!
--Nominating committee consists of Jeff LaFollette, Sue Jacobson and Bob Dieterich

TELECONFERENCE DATES: Wed: February 24, 2010; Wed: May 26, 2010

Beverley (Sue) Jacobson, secretary

August 26, 2009 Teleconference Minutes

TO: LHA Board Members
FROM: Bob Dieterich, president
Sue Jacobson, secretary
RE: LHA Teleconference Board Meeting
DATE: August 26, 2009


ATTENDANCE: Bob Dieterich (CA); Sue Jacobson (IL); Randy Wagner (WY); Jerry Peppers (NY); Mike Buettner (OH); Lennie Stubblefield (NE); Shelly Horne (WY); Bob Beaudoin (UT); Jim Bonar (NV); Brian Butko (PA);
Van Becker (IA); Ron Colson (IL); guest-Lyle Henry (IA)
Absent: Jeff LaFollette (IA); Jess Petersen (UT); Al Pfingstl (NJ); Mindy Crawford (PA); Kay Shelton (IL); Jim Peters (MA)

MINUTES: Secretary Jacobson had sent the minutes of the last meeting, plus the New Board minutes to the board. Randy Wagner made the motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Jerry Peppers; carried

TREASURER'S REPORT: In Jess Petersen's absence, president Bob Dieterich reported the Indiana Conference was $4000 to the good. At the end of July there was close to $10,000 in the bank, not including expenses.

LYELL HENRY'S PRESENTATION: "Getting files of state organizations into the LHA Archive at University of Michigan"
At its June, 2003 national meeting, LHA approved the Special Collections Library at the University of Michigan as the official archive, leaving it to the Historical Resources Committee to work with that library to implement this new relationship. The library is eager to receive Lincoln Highway materials not only from the national organization and individual members, but also from the state organizations (1) to send their existing inactive files to the LHA archive at the University of Michigan and (2) to adopt a policy that will ensure that organization files will continue to be sent there in the future.
The Types of Items for Inclusion in Files of State LHA Chapters:
1. Formal organization documents (e.g. charter, by-laws)

2. Minutes of meetings

3. Major correspondence (e.g. with state DOT, National Park Service, members of Congress)

4. Official enactments (e.g. position statements,studies, surveys, agreements with state DOT)

5. Membership records (rosters only; nothing having sensitive personal data)

6. Financial records (e.g. annual budgets, financial reports, tax filings older than 10 years)

7. Committee reports

8. Press releases, newspaper clippings

9. Newsletters

10. Other publications (e.g. route guide, brochures)

Lyell also reviewed the following policy that Iowa uses, which had been sent to all of the board members.

Policy On Official Files that was adopted by the Iowa Lincoln Highway Association in 2007 and is offered as a model of the find of policy that is hoped the other state LHA organizations will adopt. (The Historical Resources Committee developed both of these documents in consultation with Kathleen Dow, the Transportation History archivist at the Special Collections Library at the University of Michigan.)


1. The Transportation History Collection in the Special Collections Library of the University of Michigan, is the official repository of the files of the Iowa Lincoln Highway Association (ILHA).

2. At the conclusion of their terms of service, ILHA officers will transmit their files to their successors for review. The latter will, in turn, transmit these files to the ILHA Secretary after withholding (or making copies of) any items for which they may have a continuing need. Withheld items should be so indicated in the files and eventually returned to the files.

3. The ILHA Secretary will be responsible for holding documents for which there may be a continuing organizational need(e.g. articles of incorporation, by-laws, documents related to tax status)and for collating and sending, from time to time, all other ILHA files to the Transportation History Collection in the Special Collections Library of the University of Michigan, after first removing kinds of items (e.g. newspaper clippings, duplicate material) not wanted by the library.

4. The Transportation History Collection in the Special Collections Library at the University of Michigan should be added to the circulation list to receive quarterly newsletters and other ILHA publications as issued.

After the above reviews, Lyell asked for the help of the board in getting the requests reviewed and acted upon by the respective states. He further stated that if the members of their state organizations had any questions about what he was requesting or how to follow through, they were to feel free to get in touch with him by mail, phone or e-mail as follow: Lyell Henry, 921 Bowery St, Iowa City, IA 52240-5609; (319) 354-1386; Questions about the transmittal of files or other materials to the LHA archive can be addressed to: Kathleen Dow, Curator of Transportation History Collection, Special Collections Library, University of Michigan, 2000 Buhr, 200 Hill Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1205 (734) 764-9377; In no case should any materials be sent to the LHA Archive without first alerting Kathleen, discussing with her what you are proposing to send, and getting her concurrence.

--State boards make judgment who can use the information that's appropriate
--Asked if anyone opposed to adapting these policies
--Each state make own rules, but let Lyell know
--Any records prior to 2005 be sent to archives (from 2005 to present, state secretary keep them or possibly some stored at Franklin Grove)
--Explain this program/policy to state boards, encourage the state levels to adopt them
--Explain at the 2010 Conference

Randy Wagner made the motion for the adoption of the Iowa Lincoln Highway's policies as an LHA National Policy; 2nd Mike Buettner, called vote-unanimous.

This also authorizes the national secretary to sort out pertinent papers and information from the national files.

--At the 2009 Conference, it was discussed to raise the present fee of $750 to $1000. Discussion:
--Reasonable increase in today's world
--Time payment still available if first payment of $250 made by Jan. 1,2010
--This is a special fund to be used only in emergency
Jerry Peppers made the motion to adopt this increase, 2nd by Ron Colson, no objections; motion carried.

--Bob Dieterich announced the general fund needs to get money now as well as long-range possibilities such as wills.
--Discussion to put a suggestion in the Forum to consider LHA in wills
--Have a mailing such as OCTA's direct mailing to membership
--Members doing so would need to contact their attorney
--Tom Lockard's proposal in Forum

Bob has had some discussion on the above matter with Tom, and decided to include Tom's input in an earlier e-mail for the board's information. Tom's quote is as follows:

"As far as your questions are concerned, I'll try to answer, blending my professional fund-raising experience and what I know about the LHA in the time I've been a member.

I think that a general operating fund appeal would probably generate very little results. Based on our mid-Ohio group, who are not even all willing to pony up the small annual fee and join the national group, most of our national members probably feel that their membership dues are all that they need to pay to help keep the group afloat. I know that you have done some end-of-the-year appeals. but am not sure what those results have been.Generally there needs to be a good reason for folks to put pen to checkbook, and we walk a fine line in coming up with one. Usually a plea from a position of weakness is not a good one--and with a membership of around a thousand old road souls with a less than flush treasury, that's the place we're in. Mind you, I'm not suggesting that with the proper message, it couldn't be successful, but will unlikely raise the kind of money you are looking for. What we really need are what the LHA needed at its inception---large corporate sponsors. Again, though, even this approach is likely to be a tough one because of our very small total membership. And most corporations are looking for some sort of return on their investment. Henry Ford didn't think that the Lincoln would help sell his cars, so he passed on helping Carl Fisher and the LHA. It was probably one of the few times in his business life that he was wrong! But the reality is, that every successful fund-raising attempt starts from the top down. In other words, go after the big gifts first, then the smaller ones. Often a challenge fund is effective and could be to our members. For example, a letter of Forum insert might say "XYZ corporation had agreed to donate $$$$to the LHA if members of the group will match that donation over the next year." We surely have a few members with the connections needed to flush out a heavy hitter or two. It also helps when the large donor is known. The $100K gift we got a couple of years ago was great, but might have actually helped to generate some similar donations if it had not been anonymous. In our case at Kenyon College, alumnus Paul Newman always wanted to be anonymous, but we finally convinced him that his name would help almost as much as his money---and it did! I could go on for much longer, but I think you get my drift. We really should talk more about this at length, because I really don't want to see the LHA fade into oblivion

About the wills. Yes the payoff will not be immediate, but if we don't start now, there simply won't be one at all!! And such a pitch doesn't really affect what you may request as far as a cash give now. In my opinion and based on the age of many of our members, the "will ad" could possibly be very successful.

As far as your Forum vs. mailing question, I would opt for the mail. My guess is that an LHA envelope that doesn't outwardly look like a fund-raising appeal, would at least get opened and read---and that's probably most important. A return envelope should be included, though not necessarily stamped.

Again, our small membership number makes any appeal a crapshoot, simply because the standard return percentages would make the returns much smaller than if you were dealing with almost any college, the AARP or some similar group with a much larger base.

We'll be on the Lincoln again through Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Iowa next week on our way to Des Moines to visit the grandkids, but I'm usually on the computer once every couple of days and look forward to helping in whatever way I can."

Bob asked for input on the above ideas of Tom Lockard.
--People more apt to contribute to a special project
--OCTA; commitment to save the trails
--Ours would be to save the Lincoln Highway and it's amenities
--Fisher Monument; Tentative date of dedication Oct. 3, 2009 according to Rollin Southwell
--Turn off area paved by UDOT is done

All American Road Status decided at conference. Possibility to ask for donations to this project.
--Put insert in Forum along with info about wills/estates
--Need to keep repeating request for a year
--Forum is late being published; possibly look for a new one

Jim Peters is really pushing to have state by state brochures; ask for sponsors with ads to help finance the brochures. Brian Butko's new "Lincoln Highway Companion" is a great source. IA has a map pack, OH's Buy-Way brochure has maps through each section, NE also has a brochure with mapping. Lennie suggested Paul Gilger be contacted due to his diligent work of mapping for the 2013 conference.

An inquiry from a gentleman about a book of Doug Pappa's. Sue sent the request to Bob Dieterich and Russell Rein. Jerry Peppers has a copy. Sue contacted Kathleen Dow at the archives and returned a message that she is in contact with Doug's mother and felt she would give us permission to make copies.

Sue received the talk of Lighting the Lincoln Highway presented by Amy Herdman Minnick (many pages) at the LHA Conference in South Bend. Sue had an IL member bind it and it is now at the headquarters in Franklin Grove.

Meeting adjourned 8:30 CST

Sue Jacobson, secretary