Saturday, August 16, 2008

LHA Teleconference July 23, 2008


CALL IN TIME: 7:00 to 7:15 p.m. EST

ATTENDANCE: Bob Dieterich, Jess Petersen, Sue Jacobson, Kay Shelton (IL) Jerry Peppers (NY), Al Pfingstl (NJ),Mindy Crawford (PA), Lenore Stubblefied (NE), Geno Oliver (NV), Ron Colson (At Large), Brian Butko (At Large)

ABSENT: Russell Rein (MI), Randy Wagner (WY), Mick Buettner (OH), Jeff LaFollette (IA), Shelly Horne (WY), Alan Stockland (UT), Jim Peters (At Large)
Diane Rossitter (At Large)

CALL TO ORDER: Bob Dieterich, president, informed the members that Teleconferences can not be regarded as a meeting. We need a by-law amendment stating such. The teleconferences will be termed "sessions". The board members will be in attendance, but a Board Meeting isn't considered such until held at the annual conference. A by-law to the effect that a teleconference may be considered a board meeting, will be presented at the 2009 Conference.

LHA LOGO: Bob wanted the Board to be involved in the discussion of the logo legalities, and setting a policy. The attorney for the logo trade mark, whom Howard Stovall had asked to take on the task of researching the logo, sent the information to Jan, who sent it to Jess, who sent it to Bob. The renewal of the registration to keep ownership would be $1050.

Some of the problems ensuing the use of the LH Logo included:

---Someone selling T-Shirts, bearing the LH Logo, being offered on the internet. Bob contacted her, and politely asked her to take the ad off. She sent back a very nice e-mail and said she would and would like to join the LHA, already being a member of the Route 66 group. Kay reported Jeff LaFollette knows her as a very nice person.

---Gazebos and murals will be erected in towns not on the LH and they had the LH logo on their works. Some towns were misinformed about their location being on the LH, which was misleading to the public.

---The Illinois Lincoln Highway Coalition has been using the LH Logo on their brochures, signs, etc. Many thought this shouldn't be. Diane Rossitter, of the ILHC was asked to temporarily not use the LH Logo until the LHA Board met.

---Other states and highway groups have used the LH logo, even AAA.

---A call to the LHA Executive Committee by Bob resulted in the decision: If a city or town thinks they are on the LH and are not, they will be notified they are in error. Bob Dieterich will so notify.

---By not restricting the use of the logo, it rather brings awareness of the LH to the public, which is a good thing.

---The registration attorney recommended we not charge a fee for the use of the LH Logo. It complicates matters. Jim Cassler has the exclusive right to use the logo for his merchandise. All others may use the logo for advertising, signs, brochures, etc. if that information applies to places on the LH.

---Ron Colson commented on the registration of the LH Logo via Howard Stovall, which included the above recommendations. He also noted in a conversation with Bonnie Heimbach of the ILHC, that the ILHC used the logo as it pertained to marketing and not to merchandizing.

---Jerry Peppers recommended we should publish this information on our website to clarify our policy on the use of the LH Logo. Promote positive side of the logo use.

---Also note on web, that Jim Cassler has exclusive right to use of the LH Logo and arrangements could be made with him on the sale of merchandise. Make known that the LH Logo is a registered trademark.

Jess Petersen asked Jerry Peppers to write this up for the website. Jerry couldn't do the writeup due to professional technicalities as an attorney, but he could review a copy if someone writes up one. Bob Dieterich volunteered to do this writeup and will also contact Jimmy Lin about getting it on the website.

Ron Colson cited his town of Oregon, IL not being on the highway, but has ties to it via the camaraderie of Jens Jensen, landscaper for various sites on the LH, and Lorado Taft, sculpture of the Blackhawk Statue in a park off the LH. All of this is OK as long as publicity doesn't claim the areas are on the LH.

Bob asked if there were any disagreements on the proposed decision. Brian Butko cited a similar case to Route 66.

Bob commented that the LHA Logo has been in Public Domain for sometime, making it not restricted to use, except inaccurately. Also, the by-laws need to be specifically stated that Teleconferences may be considered a board meeting.

Mindy Crawford, chair of the LHA Preservation Committee/ Endangered/ Opportunity list, reported there would be an official announcement in the next Forum about the committee's efforts, plus an application to nominate an endangered/historic site by Sept. 31st. She will electronically send the info to the state chapters. Jimmy Lin will be asked to place this on the website, also.

Lennie Stubblefield (NE) a member of the 2013 Centennial Conference to be held in Kearny, NE, reported meeting with the Archway Executive Committee. They will be using the LH Logo in their LHA Centennial literature. She was pleased to hear of the use of the logo being justified.

Bob would be sending membership brochures to many of the states who requested them at the conference.

The meeting adjourned 8:40 EST.
Sue Jacobson, Secretary
Lincoln Highway Association