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June 20, 2009 Membership Meeting

TO: The National LHA Board
FROM: Bob Dieterich, President
Sue Jacobson, Secretary
RE: 17th Annual LHA Conference Membership Meeting
DATE: June 20, 2009

CALL TO ORDER: President, Bob Dieterich called the meeting to order after an elegant buffet breakfast at 9 a.m.

MINUTES: Kay Shelton read the minutes of the 2008 Membership Meeting. Leah Stinchcomb made the motion to accept the minutes as read, seconded by Hubert Mendelsohn; carried.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Jess Petersen gave the following report:
ASSETS: Checking Accounts.................................$40,406
Savings Accounts...................................113,431
Total Assets..........................................153,837

Chapters' Share of Dues..............................................$1.047
Life Membership Fund....................................................5,000
Iowa's Fisher Monument Fund.........................................500
Utah's Fisher Monument Fund...........................................500
LHA's Fisher Monument Fund.........................................2,500
Chapter Project Grants...................................................15,000
2009 Conference (estimated)..........................................35,680
Jess distributed copies to the members. Joyce Ausburger requested a more detailed report, which Jess will send to her. Kay Shelton made the motion to accept the report, seconded by Jim Bonar; carried.

Bob Dieterich introduced the Executive board to the membership:
President, Bob Dieterich (CA); Vice President, Jeff LaFollette (IN); Secretary, Sue Jacobson (IL); Treasurer, Jesse Petersen (UT); Executive Advisor, Randy Wagner (WY): The LHA State Directors' names were read:
Jerry Peppers (NY); Al Pfingstl (NJ); Mindy Crawfor (PA); Mike Buettner (OH); Kay Shelton (IL); Jeff LaFollette (IN); Lennie Stubblefield (NE);Shelly Horne (WY); Bob Beaudoin (UT); Jim Bonar (NV); Bob Dieterich (CA); Brian Butko (OH) At-Large #1; Jim Peters (MA) At Large #2; VanBecker (IA) At-Large #3; Ron Colson (IL) At-Large #4.

BUSINESS: A Bylaw change was proposed to have Teleconferences qualify as board meetings with voting allowed for issues. We'll still have the annual meeting at the annual conference, but in-between voting matters could be conducted via the Teleconference. These voting issues would be by roll call vote, each member announcing their name to be recorded. The motion to accept this proposal was made by Leah Stinchcomb, seconded by Kay Shelton; carried.

Bob thanked Jerry Peppers for all his advise and help with the Bylaw change.

LHA's DIRECTION: Bob reported we have all the qualifications for "All American Road" status...historic requirements, Scenic Byways, etc. We will proceed to obtain this status. Kay Shelton will make an application for a grant. Input from the state directors is needed. The states were encouraged to set up county consuls and/or regional areas to collect information and report back to the committee with pertinent information. Russell Rein suggested getting political support from senators and state representatives. The bill presented by the National Park Service some time ago, died. The "All American Road Status" is the LHA's #1 priority.

PUBLIC RELATIONS: Jim Peters and others made the following suggestions:
--Make more of an attempt to get LH to the public
--First step proceed with the county consul idea..have them visible at events
--Identify restaurants, diners, lodging, etc. state by state
--Each state produce brochures with pertinent information...keep updated
ones at various rest/tourism stops
--Utah already appointed consuls, also OH and IA
--Contact AARP with LHA information
--Sue Peppers suggested an article on the website. She will do this
--Lennie Stubblefield...need information center in each state
--Next year, two weeks before conference, contact newspapers
--Provide a "Certificate of Attendance" to conference attendees

--Bob Dieterich reported a $5,000 grant is given to a state chapter each year who has submitted a request. This year's grant goes to IA toward expenses of a Lincoln Highway Welcome Center in Cherry Valley. $3,000 to CA for E Clampus Vitus group for 2 bronze plaques to be placed on the LH ($1,500 ea.) in CA. Bob reminded the membership that any state may apply for an Endowment Grant. Information is available on our website.

--Rick Sebak urged members to call their local PBS stations and request a showing of the program he produced "A Ride Along the Lincoln Highway". He said the stations will usually comply with requests. Bob thanked Rick for all his outstanding work in producing such an educational, entertaining and informative program about the LH.

HEADQUARTERS: Lynn Asp reported the following activities:
--19 new foreign countries have visited
--Needs information to give travelers on where to enter/exit on the LH
--Have info on website
--Place where Esther Oyster did tuck point on the H.I. Lincoln building

--Jay reported the membership increased 25-30 members from last year, especially after the PBS show. Suggested running the show every 4 months with hopes membership would increase
--Put e-mail address on renewal/membership form, saves money
--Extra Forums sent to directors; check with Kathy Franzwa
--Life Membership increases to $1,000 Januray 1, 2010

CLOSING: A big Thank You to the Indiana Chapter for producing such an outstanding conference. Their attendance was close to an all time high set by Ely, NV. The list of attendees for this year was given to some members. Bev Gillespie was to send a list to Bob to put on the website.

Bob called for a board meeting following the membership meeting.

ADJOURNMENT: Motion to adjourn by Kay Shelton, seconded by Esther Oyster; carried

The Post Conference Tour departed from the Holiday Inn Lobby--Auto Caravan--tour to include New Carlisle, LaPorte, Rolling Prairie area, Westville, Valparaiso and Deep River.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

June 16, 2009 Minutes

FROM: LHA Secretary
RE: LHA Conference Board Minutes 2009
DATE: June 16, 2009

CALL TO ORDER: President Bob Dieterich called the meeting to order at 1:10 pm in the lower level of the Holiday Inn in South Bend, IN.

ATTENDANCE: Bob Dieterich, president (CA); Sue Jacobson, secretary (IL);
Jerry Peppers (NY); Bob Beaudoin (UT); Mike Buetter (OH); Kay Shelton (IL); Lynn Asp, hdqtrs mgr.(IL); Jay Banta (UT); Jim Peters (MA); Brian Butko (PA); Mindy Crawford (PA); Lennie Stubblefield (NE); Gary Satkamp (IN); Jeff LaFollette (IA); Jess Petersen, treasurer (UT); Van Becker, At-Large Director #3 (IA)

MINUTES: Sue Jacobson, secretary read the minutes of the 2008 Board meeting. Jeff LaFollette made the motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Jim Peters; carried

TREASURER'S REPORT; Jess Petersen, treasurer reported the following:
--ASSETS:Checking accounts..........$40,406
Savings Accounts............113,431
Total assets.................$153,837

--ENCUMBRANCES: ........................$60,227
Life Member funds used only in emergency; Money Market used for projects,
Encumbrances are things we owe and/or are due.
(See attached sheet for an itemized report)

--Sue reported 12 directors' reports out of 19 were received;
13 committee chairs out of 17 were received
The directors' reports and the committee reports were to be sent to all the board members prior to the conference date, June 15, 2009
-- Jay Banta suggested the reports be sent to Jimmy Lin
--Mindy Crawford called for preservation nominations, but only received 12 to date. We need more promotion to get more nominations

WHEREAS: The Board of Directors of The Lincoln HIghway Association, Inc. ("LHA") deems it advisable for the Board of Directors to be able to meet by conference telephone;

RESOLVED that Section 2 of the By Laws is hereby deleted, Section 3 shall become Section 2, and the following shall become Section 3:

Section 3. (a) A regular meeting or meetings of the board of directors may be set by the board of directors at any meeting so long as each director has at least ten days written or electronically transmitted notice of such meeting. An emergency or special meeting of the board of directors may be called by the president and/or five members of the board of directors and shall be on at least ten days 24 written or electronically transmitted notice.

(b) Members of the board of directors may participate at any meeting other than at the annual meeting by means of conference telephone or other communications equipment by means of which all persons participating in the meeting can hear each other, and participation in a meeting pursuant to this subsection shall constitute presence in person at such meeting. Votes of the Board of Directors at any meeting held by such means shall be conducted by a roll call vote. The quorum and proxy voting provisions of Sections 6 and 7 of this Article III shall apply to any such meeting.

(c) Any action required or permitted to be taken at any meeting of the Board of Directors may be taken without a meeting if (i) the action to be taken was discussed at the annual, or at an emergency, special or regular meeting of the Board of Directors, (ii) all members of the board consent thereto in writing or by electronic transmission and (iii) the writing or transmission is filed with the minutes of proceedings of the board.

Jim Peters made the motion to recommend the By Law amendment to the membership, seconded by Kay Shelton; carried

--Jeff LaFollette made a motion to change the election procedure for directors. Money would be saved if the state directors would nominate directors.
--Discussion showed that process would be a problem in selecting At-Large directors and states with no chapters.
--A mistake to take away members' selecting members of the board
--Jeff withdrew his proposal due to needing more investigating and study.
--Jerry Peppers volunteered to help with this study.

Jeff LaFollette reported the results of the election for directors as follows: Illinois...........................Kay Shelton (130 votes)
Utah.............................Robert A. Beaudoin (136 votes)
Nevada........................James R. Bonar (131)
Director At-Large.........James Peters (132)
(612 votes on 149 ballots)

--Tom Lockard preferred titling this committee The Development Committee. The board was in agreement to his suggestion. However, Tom's suggestions of urging people to include the LHA in their will, needs to have other means of obtaining funds. Suggestions included:
--Selling bricks to be used in special LHA projects and places
--Ohio has a large supply of LH bricks
--Mike Buettner will work with Tom and Lynn Asp
--Need names of people who are interested in brick project

Bob attended a Historic Roads Conference last fall. The highest status is American Road status for which we should strive.
--Lennie Stubblefield suggested each state have a member on a committee
She provided the name of Ann Anderson of Gothenberg, NE as a rep for NE.
--Requirements are needed
--Support from political reps
--Full time coordinator needed
--Get a grant for the project
--Jerry Peppers will help, but not head the committee
--American Road Status means access to federal funds
--The LHAs Performance Fund could be used
--Kay Shelton knows someone who will write grants for projects

Kay Shelton made a motion obtaining American Road status for the LH be the Board of Directors' priority, seconded by Jeff LaFollette; carried

PROMOTION AND FUTURE DIRECTION OF THE LHA: Jim Peters brought the following "visions" for the board's consideration:
--We (The LHA) have a lot to offer to our own country and international ones
--Displayed Rt. 66 booklet
--How do we get popularity for LH
--Consuls in each area/state; be knowledgeable about LH
--Each state produce an inexpensive brochure/flyer in literature racks at information centers, roadsides, tourism centers, merchants businesses, etc.
--Sell ads to help pay for brochures/flyers
--NE has such a brochure at their exhibit in the bookroom
--Those interested in setting up consuls, get back to Jim Peters
Jerry Peppers moved to amend the American Road Resolution to include the Jim Peters points which were just brought before the board, seconded by Mike Buettner; carried.

--Jess checks with what went on in the past and prepares a budget proposal showing the previous year's budget, what is budgeted for the current year and a proposal for the following year.
--There were no special projects this year...just the Preformance Fund
--Bob Dieterich sited the printing expenses; cut back on membership brochures and recommended raising cost of any extra tourism brochures printed. Jeff LaFollette made the motion to accept this recommendation, seconded by Kay Shelton; carried (See attached report)

COMMITTEES for 2009-2010:
--Awards............................Bob Dieterich
--Historical Resources.......Lyell Henry
--Historic Preservation.......Mindy Crawford
--Marketing/PR..................Jim Peters
Committees will be listed in the membership brochures.

AWARDS: For this year, Greogory Franzwa wrote a script for the presentation of awards to the recipients to be read by Bob Dieterich. Sue Jacobson was to present the awards to each recipient as they were introduced this year.

The following states/sites were announced:
--2010.................Illinois, June 22-26
--2011.................Lake Tahoe, June 21 -25
--2013.................Kearney,NE July 1 -5 (LHA 100th Anniversary)
--2014.................Tooele, UT, June 17 to 22
--2015 &
--2017.................Ames, IA
Jerry Peppers made the motion to accept the dates, seconded by Kay Shelton; carried.

--Kay Shelton made the motion for Bob Dieterich to be president, seconded by Mike Beuttner; carried
--Two nominations for vice president: Kay Shelton (IL) & Jeff LaFollette (IN)
Van Becker made the motion the nominations be closed, seconded by Jerry Peters; carried. Jeff LaFollette won by signed ballot.
--Jeff LaFollette made the motion for Sue Jacobson to be secretary, Kay Shelton closed the nominations, seconded by Jerry Peppers; carried
--Kay Shelton made the motion for Jess Petersen to be treasurer, Jeff LaFollette closed the nominations, seconded by Mike Buettner; carried

ADJOURNMENT: The president adjourned the meeting at 4 p.m.
Sue Jacobson, Secretary

February 18, 2009 Teleconference Minutes

February 18, 2009
To: LHA Board Members
Date: May 14, 2009
From: President Dieterich/Secretary Jacobson

1. CALL TO ORDER: 7:05 pm (CST)

2. ROLL CALL: Sec. Jacobson
Present: Bob Dieterich (CA); Russell Rein (MI); Sue Jacobson (IL); Lennie Stubblefield (NE); Jess Petersen (UT); Gary Satkamp (IN); Jerry Peppers (NY); Mike Buettner (OH); Brian Butko (PA); Jim Peters (MA); Ron Colson (IL); LATE: Kay Shelton (IL); Shelly Horne (WY)

3. INDIANA CONFERENCE: Anticipated attendance (concern about quorum)
Bob asked those present if they planned to attend. 10 planned to attend. Need 9 for quorum.
--Bob Dieterich said he will prepare a bylaw amendment to allow board meetings by teleconference in between the annual board meeting held during the annual membership meeting.

4. MINUTES: No corrections or objections, so secretary placed them on file.

--Diane Rossiter's resignation was sent by e-mail to the board members 02/12/09. The board accepted her resignation.
--Jim Peters asked if Ron Colson could be the Coalition's rep? The coalition has a membership so is entitled to have a representative on the board. Ron is the rep from Farming Heritage, Inc. Doesn't speak for Farming Heritage. He could take messages to the board. He provides a path for communication. He also is on the IL LHA Chapter Board. Total of 4 groups with whom he has a link
--Bob contacted Gary Satkamp from Indiana to serve as the IN Director for the LHA. Unanimous approval from board. The appointment lasts until June at the conference. Gary will be retiring in June and moving to NC. Russell will work on finding a replacement for Gary.
--Russell Rein is resigning as vice president. He might possibly run for a position of Field Secretary in the future, but at the moment has many things to do with his retirement...donating postcards and items to U of MI. Wants to do a blog on LH restaurants and food, (has registered a; also a blog He's willing to help with any projects, researches, etc. even if not a formal member of the board.
--Bob asked Russell if he was aware George Clark, of San Francisco, gave all his postcards to the Hamilton County Museum in Fallon, NV. Stanford University has George's collection of 5500 LP Records of jazz music. Russell will contact these two sources to get information about getting digital copies. This is a long-time project. Russell will provide Jerry Peppers with any NY items that he (Russell) has in his collection.
--Need to have a placement for Russell ASAP. If anyone is interested, or has ideas, let Bob know.

6. FINANCIAL STATUS: Jess Petersen:(Bob recognized all the competent hard work and energy Jess has expended, serving as LHA treasurer.)
--Jess reported Checking account balance is $8,500. Concerned about making money from conferences. Didn't make any money at Evanston. In fact, lost $1,600. Need to pay chapter dues $7 for each member, $3000 Fisher Monument project; Committed to pay $8,000 of the $8,500 we have in the checking account. Donations stipulated for a certain fund is sent there by Jess.
Life Members can contribute to any states to help with expenses. Unrestricted contributions should be so noted.

7. FUND RAISING: Bob and Jess have been working on ideas to raise funds. In the near future an appeal will be sent out either in the Forum or a separate mailing to make donations that can be afforded to the General fund. Jess reported several years ago 40 letters were sent requesting funds. One reply was received. Goodyear sent $5,000.
--Named Tom Lockhart (IN) to work on fund raising. No progress to date.
--Bev Gillespie (IN) put out an appeal for memberships, which doesn't give us money. What we need is an appeal for straight donations. We need to pursue more ideas which anyone can submit.
--Credit Card Program; Visa Card called Card Partner's. We'll have our own card. what we get out of it....when a member signs up and uses it once, the LHA gets $50. United Missouri Bank in Kansas City. Card will have LH logo on it. OCTA organization has been using this method for quite a while and are happy with it. If interested look on internet: Look for "board of directors kit"

--Bob reported he has been in contact with Rollie and he (Rollie) wants to work with us and our names:; and and .net. He agreed to give up two sites. A registrar told Rollie to let his registration lapse and we could then order them. Instead, the registrar grabbed the .net name and has it for resale. Rollie has renewed the .com name so we can work out a transfer. The reseller's ownership of the .net name expires at the end of another year.
--Rollie told Bob the Fisher Monument would be up this summer.

9. EASTERN TERMINUS: (Jerry Peppers)
--Jerry reported on 02/12/09, the 200th Anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth, street signs were posted at Times Square in New York City at 42nd St.
Go to the northwest corner of Broadway and 42nd St. to view the sign on the light post. Jerry can see the sign from his office. Community involvement included, the Mayor's Office, Daily News Editorial Board, Times Square Alliance (a local community board) and the Speakers' Office...good, open working relationship with these groups. Funding is needed for a bronze plaque and to post a marker together, will cost $3,000 to $4,000. He would like the board to approve formally: the form of a sign and the language for on the plaque. Jim Peters questioned if the Endowment Fund money could be used. Russell informed Jerry there are individuals in the LHA who would donate for such a project. Jerrry would need the approval of the boards with whom he's working. Our Endowment Fund could be approached for up to $5,000 for a mini grant each year. Jerry would rather not spend the Endowment funds, but wants to raise money independently. He will send an e-mail with a design for the terminus sign. Jess expressed that past ideas had been that a post couldn't be placed on the sidewalk. Now someone quite powerful is excited about placing such a marker on the sidewalk. Jerry will continue working with all the groups and keep us posted. Bob commended Jerry for an outstanding job well done with the Eastern Terminus Project.

10. LONG RANGE PLANNING: (Bob Dieterich)
--The Endowment Committee was split into two groups....Long Range Planning and Fund Raising. There's a great need for a plan to prioratize projects and activities, and follow with such a plan. An obvious plan right now is to get the LH named as an All American Road. To apply we need to be 1) an organization of national scope. This is part of the National Park Program, so is part of the federal government. 2) need the road designated as a byway of some sort and can show the ability to support and manage such a project. Bob wants to activate the Long Range Planning Committee and is looking for someone to head it. Jerry Peppers suggested contacting a relevant person in the National Park Program in Washington and ask them for information that would lead them to believe we are starting the process for American Road status. Bob will be emphasizing this and asks for help with the committee.
--Kay Shelton reported information on obtaininbg the proper form from a congressional representative. The park service has already sent a group out to evaluate the LH and gathered information for this designation. Somewhere along the line, the LHA didn't want government involvement. Jim Peters and Kay volunteered to be on the committee with Jerry Peppers. Russell reported that once American Road status is obtained, a group would be eligible to apply for any number of grants for preservation, research, etc.. Rt 66 has this designation. Russell found the Lincoln Highway Study Act of 1999 on the internet. He will copy it and sent to Bob who will send it on to the board.
--Jess thought a Long Range Plan which the LHA needs to be involved in, seems to be intimidating, and instead, suggested passing a resolution stating that this is an objective of the LHA to work to get the LH American Road status. Bob is going to send OCTA's Long Range Plan for us to peruse.

--Some gentleman sent an e-mail to all the board and wanted information about our association and wants to compare it with the Jefferson Davis Ass'n. The request seemed more political than highway interest. Brian Butko's timeline and information has already been sent. (Six pages of this report are attached)
--Russell Rein reported a map of the Jefferson Highway was offered on ebay and went for a lot of money.
--Jim Peters found information about Jefferson Davis. After the Civil War, Davis moved to Brazil and his family is now Brazil oriented.

--Greg enjoys getting e-mails, cards, etc., but wants Krispy Kreme donuts!

14. OTHER NEWS: (All)
--Bob Dieterich reported on E-Clampus Vitus--a very active group in CA that plays hard, works hard, restores places and erects plaques at these sites. The President is "Chief Humbug". They contacted Bob and they want to put up plaques and markers along the LH in CA. He wants us to work with them on wording, size, etc.
--Our Trademark is registered again for another 10 years.
--Jim Peters would like to get off the At-Large position so he can devote more time to work in other areas. Bob will discuss this with Jim later.

Sue Jacobson, Secretary

November 19, 2008 Teleconference Minutes

Teleconference Minutes
November 19, 2008

CALL TO ORDER: President Bob Dieterich called the meeting to order 7:05pm

1) ATTENDANCE: The following board members were in attendance:
Bob Dieterich (CA), Russell Rein (MI), Sue Jacobson (IL), Jess Petersen (UT), Kay Shelton (IL), Lennie Stubblefield (NE), Al Pfingstl (NJ),Jerry Peppers (NY), Mike Buettner (OH), Mindy Crawford (PA), Shelly Horne (WY), Jim Peters(MA),Diane Rositter (IL), Ron Colson (IL) late; Absent: Randy Wagner (WY),Jeff LaFollette (IA), Geno Oliver (NV), Al Stockland (UT), Brian Butko (PA). Russell Rein reported a possible candidate for the Indiana Director. He had spoken with Gary Satkamp (a member since 2002) about running for the position of IN Director. He agreed, and Russell told him to send a written bio to Jeff LaFollette, the election chair.

2) Pete Davies, author "An American Road": Bob received a call from the people who are doing the reenactment of the Army Convoy in 1919 wanting to make contact with Pete. Russell had the information concerning Pete's addresses and will send the information to Bob.

3) SHADRICK SMITH "Rolling Down that Lincoln Highway":
---Bob Dieterich and Paul Gilger reviewed information about him and the song he recorded which Sue Jacobson had sent, plus info from the internet.
---Song was done at the Fort Wayne, IN banquet and at the IL LHA Conference marches were played on the piano.
---Jess reported video tapes of Shadrack
---Russell will put on website if Jimmy Lin is too busy
---Don't know if an LHA song is necessary
---Coalition rep said they could put the song and information on their website
---PA Director would like it on their website
---Cited Rt. 66 has two songs
---Lylle Henry (IA) was to have an IA college band record the music Sue sent
---Craig Harmon found the U. S. Army band playing the Lincoln Higway March on his website; Russell would like to have it for next conference
---Sue will send the music sheets she has to Russell
---There are several bands, songs, etc. that hopefully will come forward
---Jess inquired about a movie "A Walk in the Sun" from 1945. Russ found information about that and "Wolf Creek Pass"--Old 30. C.W, Gilbreath song about Old U.S. 30. Russell in contact with his grand daughter, Susan G. Lane from Chicago who is having her grandfather (Hoosier Auto Club) papers digitized by U of M archives. He also was the model for the sculpture "The Spirit of the Lincoln Highway". (In the 1924 tour guide) Bob and Russell both have had contact with her.
---The PBS Documentary "A Ride Along the Lincoln Highway would be another source of music/song
---Russell will try and coordinate all the information and put it on the website

---Bob has had many requests for brochures. Jim Cassler will print 5,000 and distribute them to those who contact him. Many new members since the PBS show have become members and many requests for merchandise.
---Mindy (PA) had 36 requests for information the next day, Peppers (NY) had 40 requests
---Jim Peters requested two brochures---a membership one and a travel one;
looking for helpers with graphic design; each state have own sites and information for their state
---WY Conference had a great one, (Summit County did the work on the Echo Canyon section); Jim Cassler wants to be involved in the production of this brochure. He will send quantities of brochures to Jay Banta, Jess Petersen and Lynn Asp
---Jess reported money in the budget for another brochure, but not one for each with information on travel along the LH
---Lennie Stubblefield (NE) reported byway people in NE put out a brochure which the LHA group in NE helped with the historic section. It won an award. She was to send copies to Bob, Jim Peters and Sue. She'll also bring them to South Bend in June 2009.
---Suggestion to put these brochures on the website

In Jeff's absence, Bob highlighted some of Jeff's ideas:
---Jeff is nominating committee chair this year; wants support for his idea that board of directors be elected by each state, rather than nationally and officers be elected on a national ballot. This gets quite complicated, but discussion can't be done unless Jeff is present
---Each state should be making nominations for someone to be on the ballot
---Any change, requires a by-laws change
---Discussion about states nominating directors, but not officers since they are a national board and should be elected by national membership
---Anyone can make nominations now
---Bob will contact Jeff about the vacancies

---Bob has been in contact with Rollin Southwell. Rollin has apologized for the problem regarding the domain names. He promised not to renew the domain names, he would let their renewal lapse so we could pick up the domains when the names were released. However, the registering agency, Simple URL, didn't release the names, in fact they locked the names so they can't be brought up by anyone else. They are owners of the names now and have them up for auction on the web. Bob will send out the link with the cost of the purchase being $69 but now is $29. This can be obtained on back order, which we already have. Russell will see what he can find for ownership. Name Jet has the control over the sale at auction. Bob will send the link to the auction site to Russell.
---Rollin wants to get an Eastern NV Chapter started, but can't do anything until the domain name business is settled.

---Bob Dieterich reviewed the LHA's involvment with the Illinois Lincoln Highway Coalition. Past President Jan Shupert-Arik had requested one of the ILLHC members serve as an At-Large member on the LHA Board. The IL LHA Director took issue with having a coalition member serve on the board who wasn't an LHA member. Two members of the ILLHC were nominated and elected to At-Large positions....Ron Colson and Diane Rossiter. Some of the issues with the ILLHC are listed below:
---They have asked to use our logo, which LHA has trademark for when used commercially
---The ILLC used the logo on various projects, interpretive panels, etc. and didn't mention the LHA. They were asked for their master plan of their projects
to see how the logo was being used. They didn't provide one
---Bob had to go to the website and downloaded it--2004 Interpretive Master Plan, which was copyrighted and couldn't be reproduced.
---The coalition wanted to change our Headquarters building in Franklin Grove into a coalition information center and they would set up a big visitor's center in Dixon, IL. Large pictures and info about the coalition, but nothing about the LHA
---Can't reproduce the plan due to being copyrighted which is questionable due to using taxpayers' money to produce it.
--Filed a "Freedom of Information Act" request to get supporting documentation leading up to the grant to produce this plan. There's a 2007 addendum. They sent one copy to Russell Rein, which is also copyrighted so he can't make copies for the LHA officers. (Russell is the LHA's contact person with the coalition after failed interaction with the state director and the LHA's president.)
---Russell shared the cover letter sent with the plan from the coalition:
"While we are supplying you with one copy each of the Master Plan and the addendum, please understand the coalition will not acquiesce to ass'n's review of or changes to the coalitions plans or projects." The letter was written by Sue Vos, chairman of the ILLHC and Ray Keller, past chairman. Group from U of Wis. wrote up the plan who have done other similar plans for other groups like Rt. 66 and other byway programs.
--Delays in sending the plan to us due to lack of copies and the cost, plus the ILLHC Board needed to give approval at a monthly meeting. Ron Colson would ask the next coalition meeting if we could make copies for our LHA board members.
---Russell gave his impression or interpretation of the plan. Their plan is to promote tourism and historic byways, under many different titles. They are able to get national park funding for projects for the states
---The addendum had some historical problems...stated concrete markers were
mile markers, inaccurate routing of LH, trying to enlarge the corridor of the LH to encompass the surrounding communities to expand tourism. Misleading to people as to actual route of the Lincoln Highway. Russell felt there's enough along the actual highway, that expanding to outlying areas isn't necessary.
---Ron Colson cited a situation of Larado Taft's and Jens Jenson's friendship that connected two distant areas in his area. Ron will ask to have the issue of the Master Plan copies for the LHA board, put on the coalition's agenda. Also, they need historical accuracy in their presentations, exhibits, etc.
---Russell maintained the byway designation is separate identity from the coalition.Funds available should be spent on improving, identifying, preserving, and documenting the byway , not expanding it to related communities
---Kay Shelton elaborated on people getting confused as to where the Lincoln Highway goes and where not. Franklin Grove has received numerous calls to that effect.
---We need to establish a closer working relationship, but don't know why the coalition is relunctant to review anything with us or let us review for accuracy.
---Each one has it's own direction/mission. Communication needs to be improved. We've tried to maintain a two-way street when Kay was attending meetings, but had no idea the plan and addendum were available. We need to be included and involved.
---The contents of the cover letter was taken with offense, especially when it stated "don't contact us, you may contact the board of directors,but we don't want to communicate with you". There's a conflict that needs to be resolved.
---The ILLHC was offered help by the state LHA, but it was ignored. They refused to work with us and sought outside help from the Schemkle group.
---Russell will contact the ILLHC about the markers, include a copy of the marker booklet, mention we'd appreciate if they would included the LHA in their various publications with LHA information to those wanting to know more about the highway
---Coalition is for municipalities...not individuals
---Question for Jerry Peppers....How can somebody copyright something that's been prepared with taxpayers dollars? Reply: Federal statute that permits the discoverer to take ownership of something that's created with a Federal grant. Doesn't know if that covers our situation. This seems more like a lack of communication. This communication has gone back to 1996 from the beginning of the coalition involving the LHA. More like a lack of trust.
---The plan is 182 pages in length and the addendum is 82 pages, which Bob will copy if he gets the o.k. from the coalition
---Diane and/or Ron at next coalition meeting ask them to put the LHA's purpose and statement of purpose on their website
---Bob asked Diane if she supported this letter, She said she had nothing to say about she is a staff member, not a board member. Then he told her she was the coalition's representative on our board, and Ron was their representative and she said anything board related, Ron is the representative. Bob took issue in that Ron represents the Farming Heritage. He's also been involved in the formation of the coalition and helped work toward Scenic Byways status. Northern Illinois Tourism Development Office managed that...a state function, to get grants, funding, etc. Diane is the ILLHC representative who was elected to our board of directors, hence he asked her, not as a coalition member, but as a LHA director, member, how she felt about this issue. She replied as a staff member on the ILLHC, she had been instructed by the executive board not to comment. Russell told her he was into the ILLHC website, and when he clicked on LHA link, it goes to the homepage of the National Byways Program. She said they would work on that. Bob again asked Diane as a LHA director, how she felt. She said he put her on the spot. Bob told her we're truly at odds with the coalition and her not responding is a detriment to the LHA. She asked him what he wanted her to do about it and he said he couldn't do anything, but she could tender her resignation. Russell will try to get in contact with the ILLHC to try and counteract this hostility and conflict.
---Concluded communication should be forthcoming and will be doable. Our intentions are to improve and protect the highway, not to impose or restrain any of the coalition's activities. We want to work for historic accuracy. Ron will take the request for copies of the Master Plan and addendum to the ILLHC board at their next meeting, and ask them to place LHA membership contact in their brochure
---Jerry Peppers wanted a copy of Doug Papus' book. Also a life-sized marker to place in his work with the Eastern Terminus. Bob Dieterich gave him some suggestions and will e-mail the info to him

Sue Jacobson
National Lincoln Highway Association