Monday, September 1, 2008

August 20, 2008 Meeting

Teleconference August 20, 2008


ATTENDANCE: 11 present, 3 late, 5 absent
Bob Dieterich (CA),Russell Rein (MI),Sue Jacobson (IL), Lennie Stubblefield (NE), Jerry Peppers (NY), Michael Buettner (OH),Mindy Crawford (PA), Shelly Horne (WY), Al Pfingstl (NJ),Brian Butko (At Large), Diane Rositter (At Large),
LATE: Jess Petersen (UT), Kay Shelton (IL), Ron Colson (At Large)
ABSENT: Randy Wagner (Exec. Advisor), Geno Oliver (NV), Alan Stockland (UT), Jim Peters (At Large), Jeff LaFollette (IA)


--These Teleconferences are regarded as discussions and not formal meetings, due to the by-laws not specifying Teleconferences are regular board meetings. This requires a by-law change, which will be presented at the 2009 LHA Conference in IN.

--Committees needed: The nominating committee is most crucial at this time. Bob asked for a volunteer to chair the committee. Sue is on the committee, but unable to serve as chair. No one volunteered, so Bob will contact the absent board members to ask for a volunteer chair. If none, he will go outside of the board to ask for a chair.

--Long Range/Strategic Committee: Formally the Endowment Committee,which is now two committees. Need the Planning Committee now to establish a mission statement of our organization. We need such a plan in place when asking for funding. Bob has been perusing the mission statement of the Oregon Trail plan and found it would be helpful to us in establishing our mission statement. There was a discussion of other groups having such statements, including Rt. 66, American Road, National Park Service. Bob and Russell would be attending conferences in Albuquerque, NM where they would be contacting representatives of organizations for information and guidance on a plan.

--LH March/Song: Bob asked about any song/music about the LH. Sue reported she has copies in the secretary's files and would send it to him. Russell reported there are three marches and a piano roll for player piano. Sue has a tape or two to send to Bob, also.

--PBS Show Oct. 29th at 8 p.m. which will provide a lot of publicity for the LHA. Money in the budget for brochures. Jim Peters was to help with this. A state by state brochure was to be developed, plus one with things to see and do along the LH, plus eating places! (Thanks, Russell!) The national membership brochure would remain essentially as it is now. Jimmy Lin would have them on the LHA website. Diane Rossiter will put the info on the coalition's web.

--How to provide information was discussed. Place brochures in racks, use as handouts at various functions. PBS has website. We'll need to link to their's. Use of Press releases. Utilize brochures already printed.

--Brian Butko's publisher contacted the LHA to sell us a thousand books at a great discount. Not sure if we have the dollars to purchase them. Jim Cassler would be the one to sell them as we don't have the marketing to do it.
Bob contacted Jim to get his thoughts. Bob will keep us posted.

--Illinois Lincoln Highway Coalition: want to use our logo on murals, in gazebos, etc. They want a blanket approval to use the logo. We need to know more about how they will be using it. Need a more positive explanation. Couldn't get any satisfaction from Bonnie Heimbach. Bob was able to get a copy of the master plan explaining the coalition's efforts, prepared by the Schmeekle Reserve Interpreters in Wisconsin, who do consulting work. They are proposing in this master plan, to turn our Franklin Grove Headquarters into a "coalition experience hub". They will set up the primary visitors center in Dixon. and will use our logo on their building. There's a 2007 revision to this plan, but we can't get a copy of it. Bob e-mailed Bonnie to be more open with us and tell us what their plans are. Master Plan on web is 182 pages long and LH is not mentioned at all. We were not consulted at all during the composition of this plan. Fearful we will be pushed aside and tourism will be the main draw. Discussions on use of the logo, public domain issue, our registration of the logo to protect us, etc.The coalition wants to work with us, each group has its own mission, LH is the history of the highway...coalition is the tourism issue, but no mention of the LHA. Brochures of the coalition should have the LHA information credited.

--The Coalition nixed the idea of the IL LHA State Director, Kay Shelton, being the contact person to "proof" the coalition's use of the logo and other related LH matter. Russell Rein offered to be the person with whom the coalition would work. Bob was to inform Bonnie of this change, and report to the board.

Meeting adjourned 9:20 EST.
Sue Jacobson, secretary