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November 5, 2012

CALL TO ORDER 7:05 CST Monday, November 5, 2012

1. President Kay Shelton called for approval of the agenda she e-mailed to the board members. Call vote approved.
Roll Call was answered by the following directors:
Kay Shelton, (IL) LHA President; Sue Jacobson, (IL) LHA Secretary; Jess Petersen, (UT) LHA Treasurer; Bob Dietrich, (CA) LHA Executive Advisor; Paula Reynolds, (NJ); Rosemary Rubin, (OH); Jeff Blair, (IN); Jerry Hansen, (WY); Bob Beaudoin, (UT); Van Becker,(IA) At-Large #3; Ron Colson, (IL) At- Large #4. ABSENT: Jerry Peppers, (NY); Jeff LaFollette, (IA) reported late; Ronnie O'Brien, (NE); Tim Wunsch, (CO); Jim Bonar, (NV); Brian Butko, (PA) At-Large #1

2. MINUTES OF THE July 31, 2012 MEETING: Jerry Hansen made the motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Bob Dieterich; carried

3. TREASURER'S REPORT: Treasurer Jess Petersen reported the following:
--The LHA bank account is $35,000 which includes $13,500 of centennial tour money which is all registration money; approximately 37 cars --No sponsorship in this amount

A. Board Update: No takers yet for Vice President and At-Large-Director
B. Call for volunteers in the last Forum; Publicity, Fund-raising, Business and Business and Commercial Enterprises Outreach yielded a telephone message from John Jackson (OH) that day (Nov. 5th), who volunteered to help with publicity. John Peters (FL) is helping and was on the teleconference for Tours (see below).
--Need work on local media contacts; board members need to send info to John Peters or Kay. John Peters is press publicity liaison for the tour
C. Book Update: Brian Butko couldn't participate, but sent this update:
"Progress on the photo book is going well. Likewise, I've been trying to wrap up my Greetings Book update. Do you know how much has changed along the LH in 7 years? A LOT! But it's led to good discussions with Paul Gilger about the route and resulted in many corrections to the online maps.
Russell's postcards certainly predominate the photo book and I want to use a fair number of UM LHA photos, but was also hoping to include photos from the 1915 Holden album. (I've still not seen them---Bob, as I said, I never got the CD.) Once I do, I'll know weather the images on the CD are hi-res and can be downloaded. This is a big delay in the process. (The Holden Album is owned by the Holden Family.) Russell sent an e-mail a few weeks ago with questions about the album that no one could answer. "Who owns/owned the album? Who scanned the images and prepared the PDF? (I'll guess Lee Schegg) Are the images still available separately? If so, in what format and resolution?! These rare images could be a great addition to the book that would make it more attractive to buyers, but first we must find the files and confirm the ownership. Can any one help? Bob Dieterich, (CA) reported the Holden Album is owned by the Holden Family and Lee Schegg has it on a CD, which Bob sent to Brian.)
D. Update on the New Jersey Chapter:
--Paula Reynolds has nominations for three people to serve on the NJ Board and is wrapping up bylaws.
-Paula will meet with Jerry Peppers (NY) to coordinate a lunch stop for the centennial auto tour eastern group. Possibly provided by the Kingston Historical Society; will send update later to president Kay Shelton

A. Update on the 2013 Car Tours
--Rosemary Rubin (OH) has been working on press releases. and will check with John Jackson (OH) as he wants to work as co-chair
--Jim Peters (MA) is publicity chair (press liaison) for tours from East
--Rosemary will try to get e-mail to directors about where to send press releases, newspapers, e-mails, etc.
--John Peters (FL) is listed in the directory
--Ronnie O'Brien (NE), Bob Lichty (OH), Paul Gilger (CA), Jess Petersen (UT)and the above are working via telephone once a month planning the tours
B. There is a concern about tag-alongs, people who may drive the Lincoln Highway, but who will not pay the car tour fees and the potential for liability for doing so because they are not signing any waivers. Kay's suggestion; just add "Any travel is at your own risk. The Lincoln Highway Association is not responsible for your safety", add this to the map page. Language is being worked on. Information for press releases to local papers/media, needs to be sent to John Peters (FL)
C Publicity:
Ronnie O'Brien (NE), reported that grants, or the Kearney Visitors Bureau, purchased ads for the Celebration in the "NTA Courier Magazine" in the December issue, and that issue is supposed to have a very heavy focus on the Lincoln Highway. Other ads will be in combination with Nebraska ads in "American Road", "Saturday Evening Post", "History Channel Magazine", and the "AAA Midwest Travel Magazine". The Kearney Visitors Bureau will also have an ad in the "Leisure Group Travel Magazine" in December.
D. We, being the LHA, purchased an ad for $395 promoting LHA membership and the online Google map in an upcoming distribution of 50,000 Nebraska Scenic Byways brochures. It is the PDF that is attached.
E. Van and Bev Becker (IA) have produced a handout on how to include LH in wills, stocks, the LHA. Jerry Peppers (NY) will review this when the final draft is done, although since stock and/or collections vary from state to state, a donor should consult their counsel. Jess Petersen (UT), Bob Dieterich (CA) and Kay Shelton (IL) have seen the first draft.
F. Kay Shelton (IL) reported the Iowa/Illinois Road Tour and the Indiana 1912 Carl Fisher reenactment of where he presented his idea of the Lincoln Highway, were a blast.
-- She made the inquiry of what other states are doing for the Centennial
--Illinois will have May 15th and 16th as a car tour; awesome food for the Saturday evening meal in Creston; places to visit not seen on the 2010 Conference where the buses couldn't go; music at the Egyptian Theatre and a relaxed day of sightseeing in Geneva. Everybody is invited.
Other activities noted:
--150th year of the Union Pacific Railroad 1862 signing.
--Medicine Bow Depot's 100th anniversary
--Jeff Blair (IN), will walk across the state painting poles with LH logo; the Studebaker Museum will have a display for the Centennial Tour
--Jerry Hansen (WY) asked for information on how to go about marking the LH route across WY. Bob Dieterich (CA) told him to find a sign company to produce signs for a reasonable price; need permission from department of transportation and/or a legislative representative
--Jeff LaFollette (IN) will join the northeast car tour; he thanked Kay (IL) and Sue (IL) for hospitality extended the participants in the IA/IL Auto Tour in Aug. Next year's tour will begin in NE and travel east to the IL/IA border G. "A Drive Over to the Dark Side"..Ideas to snag from Route 66 (Kay attended a conference in Albuequerque, NM and spotted things Rt. 66 had done that we might adapt, like a Welcome sign to place in windows of restaurants, motels, etc. with wording "Welcome Lincoln Highway Travelers".
--Cassler has banners to display on tour/ balloons to all sponsors, lunch hosts, garages, hotels,etc. with the Centennial Logo. Kay will mention the idea of a welcome sign to Jim Cassler for his opinion
--Credits to Jimmy Lin (CA) for work on the website, and Paul Gilger's (CA) work on the maps, plus work on the website. (Everyone was urged to spread the word about the extensive info on the LHA website.)
--Rosemary would like each state director to get info to her about places in their states for stops and points of interest
--Cost per car with driver, $350/$225 each additional passenger
--Need underwriters for meals...sharing of costs; perks would include being named on the website publicity for their establishment and an "appreciation sack" for their participation.
--The Eastern Tour will take 8 days, and the Western Tour 7 days.
--Return trip is posted on the website....leave NE July 5th..with participants on their own for the trip in pre-arrangements
--Paula (NJ) offered to help in PA
--Rosemary (OH) reported the committee hopes to have all stops in place by the end of January 2013 or first part of February.
--Might not be able to start from Times Square due to construction.
--Formula One Race has been cancelled from Times Square, making our 7:30 a.m. departure more convenient.
--Paula (NJ) has had experience working with the street, fire and police departments concerning logistics of tours
--Grand Central Station in NYC is celebrating 100 years; statue of Lincoln inside; suggested the autos in tour line up there
--Paula (NJ) concerned about publicity in the Forum. Told her Kathy Franzwa, editor, has information in the recent issue and to contact her for further information. Deadline for the next issue is January 7, 2013
H. Transportation Research Board Conference, Washington, D.C. Tuesday, January 15, 2013 which runs Jan. 14 to 18. Kay (IL) giving presentation at their of the panels is about the LH. Paula will be there to help Kay and will promote the centennial tour.
I. Any other items? Discussed the "Sandy" damage and any affects on members and or tour
--Paula (NJ) reported no damages to the Lincoln Highway in NJ. There was no lasting damage in NY.
6. Adjournment: Jess Petersen (UT) made the motion to adjourn at 8:15 CST, seconded by Jeff Blair (IN); carried

--Tuesday, January 29, 2013
--Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Beverley "Sue" Jacobson, Secretary LHA

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