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April 28, 2011 Board Teleconference Meeting Minutes

FROM: Bob Dieterich, president
Beverley "Sue" Jacobson, secretary
RE: LHA Teleconference
DATE: April 28, 2011

CALL TO ORDER: Bob Dieterich, pres., called the meeting to order 7:12 DST

ATTENDANCE: Bob Dieterich, pres. CA; Beverley "Sue" Jacobson, sec., IL; Jess Petersen, treas., UT; Randy Wagner, Exec. Advisor,WY; Jerry Peppers, NY; Mike Buettner, OH; Kay Shelton, IL; Lennie Stubblefield, NE; Jim Bonar (NV);Shelly Horne, WY; Brian Butko, At Large#1, PA; Jim Peters, At Large #2, MA; Van Becker, At Large #3, IA; Ron Colson, At Large #4, IL.; Absent: Jeff LaFollette, Vice Pres, IA; Al Pfingstl, NJ; Mindy Crawford, PA; Bob Beaudoin, UT; Tim Wunsch, CO

1) MINUTES: Secretary Jacobson (IL) had sent minutes of the previous meeting of January 27, 2011 for the members to peruse. There being no additions or corrections, Jeff Blair (IN) made the motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Jerry Peppers (NY); carried

2) TREASURER'S REPORT: Treasurer Petersen (UT) reported the following:
--$33,000 in the checking with $26,000 for the conference.
--Many memberships are coming in with the new fee
--$2,000 put in checking for enough money to pay for the Forum to go to Life Members
--CD $340,700 reinvested
--Owe Life Membership account $12,000, hopefully replenish after the conference
--Conference money coming in, 79 registrations--ahead of other years for this time period
--Question from Shelly Horne (WY)---who is in charge of Fund Raising? Bob Dieterich (CA) reported Tom Lockhard (OH) has contributed some ideas..he is on the board of directors ballot for election as OH state director

3) 1913 Auto Tour: Lichty (OH), Peters (MA)
--Bob Lichty was absent, so Jim Peters reported they are focusing on how many will be attending/joining the tours, and who will participate in which activities
--Bob Dieterich (CA) has been in touch with Jerry Fisher, author and relative of Carl Fisher, Roger Hoag, great grandson of Gayle Hoag on the original LHA board, and Henry Joy IV, great grandson of Henry Joy, who all wanted to participate in the conference this year, but work commitments prohibited their attendance this year. Joy is planning to drive one of his Packards from his collection to the 2013 conference.
--Jim Peters (MA) is trying to generate interest to car clubs for the 1913 Auto Tours to Kearney for LHA's 100th anniversary
--Lennie Stubblefield (NE) reported their committee for the 2013 Conference has developed a logo and brochure...full itinerary of activities and tours which will be ready for distribution at the Tahoe Conference in June
--Rosemary Rubin is lining up cars to meet at Times Square for start of tour
--Brian Butko (PA) is working on tour books for the 1913 Auto trips. He has contacted a company by the name of LuLu and others for cost estimates
--Discussed copyright and trade marks
--The committee for the tour is to have a Telephone Conference next week

4) DIRECTORS' BALLOT: Jeff LaFollette (IA) was absent. The president reported the following:
--Several states without candidates
--Write-in space provided, but names of write-in require that the individual has to be registered as a member
--Ballots inserted in upcoming Forum

--Bob asked Jerry Peppers (NY) to send the proposed change to the board
--Board agreed to have Jerry rewrite the sections concerning eliminating the requirement the Membership Meeting be held the last day of the conference
--This is due 4 weeks before the conference to present the change to the Membership Meeting to be voted on at the conference (See attached proposal)

6) JEFF BLAIR'S (IN) WALK--Jeff Blair reported the following:
--Horrible weather....only 4 days without rain; 30-40 mph winds
--Finished distance targeted for each day
--4 people walked the entire length with Jim
--5 to 8 people walked each day
--Mishawauka, IN, 90 school children walked the entire length of the LH in that area
--Met 11 of the 12 mayors of towns on the LH route
--7 plus interviews with 2 front page coverages
--3 radio station and 4 TV interviews
--Raised a lot of awareness about the LH
--One million, 616 thousand steps to the IL/IN border
--Received over $17,000 to be divided between the Indiana LHA and Alzheimer's Foundation
--Next venture, is to paint the LH logo sign on poles across IN
--Those wanting more information---

--Jerry Peppers (NY)); Question about LH post medallions; someone in Omaha does this. Jerry has purchased one from the Omaha merchant, Steve Block, at Roman Marble
--Asked if concrete posts could be cast
--Among members who do this are Richard Taylor (OH) and Norm Root(CA)
--Shipping costs very expensive for 300# posts
--Jerry Peppers (NY) raised the "brick issue" for the umpteenth time (fund raiser) Tabled for further discussion

--Jerry e-mailed the proposed amendment to Bob, who read it to those present. All the board will get a copy to be presented at the conference board meeting in June.
--Van Becker (IA) reported another LH Amateur Radio special event (Call sign NY2SF) the first part of June. He has joined the Jefferson Highway group.
--Van also suggested information concerning meeting rooms be left at the check-in desk at Harrah's.
-- Bob (CA) reported signs will be placed in strategic places with information about meetings, schedules, etc.
--Jerry Peppers (NY) reported that Deborah Desilets in Miami Beach, is interested in getting a movie made about Carl Fisher from the screenplay "The Forgotten Man", by Jerry Fisher and in promoting the LH in connection with the movie.
--Jeff Lafollette, (IA) vice president, will be unable to attend the conference. Bob Dieterich (CA) will call Jeff regarding Jeff's assuming the LHA presidency.
--Lennie Stubblefield (NE) reported the dedication of a post in Kearney, NE on May 1, 2011 at a Seedling Mile there. This was made possible by the LH grant money allotted each year for a special LH project.

ADJOURNMENT: Jerry Peppers (NY) made the motion to adjourn, seconded by Kay Shelton (IL); carried
Beverley "Sue" Jacobson, secretary

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