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October 27, 2011 Teleconference Meeting Minutes

TO: LHA Board Members
DATE: October 27, 2011

CALL TO ORDER: President Bob Dieterich called the meeting to order 7pm. CST, with 11 members present.

ROLL CALL: Bob Dieterich, president (CA), Kay Shelton, vice president (IL), Sue Jacobson, secretary (IL), Randy Wagner, Executive Advisor, (WY), Jerry Peppers, (NY), Jeff Blair, (IN), Bob Beaudoin, (UT), Brian Butko, At Large #1 , (PA), Jim Peters, At Large #2, (MA), Van Becker, At Large #3 , (IA), Ron Colson, At Large #4, (IL) Absent: Jess Petersen, treasurer, (UT); Tom Lockard, (OH); Jeff LaFollette, (IA); Ronnie O'Brien, (NE); Tim Wunsch, (CO); Jim Bonar (NV)

SECRETARY'S REPORT: Secretary Jacobson had sent the minutes of the last meeting to the board for perusal. Jerry Peppers made the motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Jim Peters; carried

MEMBERSHIP: Minutes from the Membership Meeting at the conference. Motion to accept the minutes by Jeff Blair, Seconded by Randy Wagner; carried

Minutes from the New Board Meeting at the conference; There being no quorum present, Bob Dieterich, President, promptly adjourned the meeting without taking any action, as required by the By-Laws so no actions taken.

TREASURER'S REPORT: no report due to Jess Petersen's absence

BUSINESS: In place of an agenda, Bob Dieterich (CA) called for any of the board members having anything to discuss to do so.
--Bob Dietrich reported receiving a request from a bridge engineer in OH, concerning information on AR rating on old bridges. He sent the information to Kathy Franzwa, who forwarded it to Jeff Blair, (IN) then on to Jim Bevins
and Mike Bittner in OH
--Mark Hoffman from CA will be taking a bus load of people to the 2013 Conference in NE
--Bus Tour on the National Road next summer
--National Tour Association proposed the LHA Conference to be their tour destination in 2013
--Magazine By Ways to all tour operators
--Bob wrote an article for the magazine, which is free to anyone subscribing
--Major tour organization in the country
--Their association will be meeting in Las Vegas, December 5 -9, 2011, which Bob plans to attend
--Asked for any display items for this meeting to be used for the free booth
--Ron Colson (IL) reported the IL LHA COALITION has portable informational panels to be used for this type of meeting. He'll check with the coalition about
--Mark Hoffman will man the booth, and asked Bob Dieterich, (CA) to help
--Randy Wagner (WY) suggested we don't need a large display
--Van Becker (IA) will ask a soft drink company to make a banner 8' by 2 and 1/2' and will request eye hooks for displaying. Bob will ask around his area if
there would be a company who would do a banner
--Norm Root a former CA director and CA LHA officer holder and all around LHA worker and promoter, passed away the end of September with memorial services October 10, 2011, which Bob D. attended
--In CA, the Donner Pass LH ends by Donner Lake. The owner barricaded the Old LH due to people trashing the area, which resulted in lawsuits, etc, with the property being sold to a Land Trust, and the route is now open to the public for approximately 5 miles of hiking
--Kay Shelton (IL) reported she and a new IL LHA board member, John O'Halloran, are attempting to have an IL license plate displaying the LHA logo. Need to guarantee 1500 to sell. This would be a permanent IL license plate.
Proceeds would be divided between the state and IL LHA
--She reported IL LHA meeting with the IA LHA in Clinton,IA November 19, 2011, to plan an IL/IA car tour with Jeff LaFollette, starting in Rochelle, IL west for next spring. Will ask Rick Korthaur to have a tour of Auto Row in Aurora
--Sue J was to interview a former Boy Scout about his trip on the LH whom Kay had met
--Kay is giving a series of talks about the LH at a retirement home in DeKalb. The talks are scheduled once a month, with the last one being December 19th

Randy Wagner: There is a new website for WY state LHA chapter
--Reported the bridge at Fort Bridger has an LH post at each end
--Attempting to find a WY director from the Laramie area

Jeff Blair, (IN) reported the Osterman Memorial bench has a committee working on its preservation and moving from its place on a busy highway in Dyer, IN. There will be an article about it in the next Forum
--The LH in IN has been awarded Official Byway Status
--2012 IN road maps will have the LH highlighted
--Jeff had contact with a man from Belgium riding his motorcycle on the historical highways in the U.S, going from Ft. Wayne, IN to Ft. Laramie, WY. He has a website and other info, which Jeff will e-mail to the board members

Bob Dieterich, (CA) reported our website guru, Jim Lin, has quit his job at IBM and now works for "Google". He will have the LH showing on their maps

Bob Beaudoin, (UT) and Jess Petersen (UT), met with the Deseret people about hosting the 2014 LHA Conference in Utah
--A chapter event was held in Sept.
--Crossing the Dugway is being worked on for the 2014 LHA Confe rence
--Jess met with the Economic Development Committee in Tooele County. They said yes to susidizing the 2014 LHA Conference.More information in the Forum

Brian Butko, (PA) Road Trip to get information
--Book report couldn't get on due to lost domain---it expired
--LH news---Brian's segment will be back up next day (the28th)
--Is looking into books for self publishing; Lulu is $24.95 for 20 pages
--A book for centennial would be costly...$60 for 100 pages...not feasible
--Possibly sell 250 at Centennial in NE...maybe 500 @ $35
--Better to produce own....100 pages, mostly photos
--Do we want it, how do we pay for it, who puts it together?
--Brian offered to do this; will work on bringing the price to $25 or so. if this is what the board would agree to, if funds available
--Need to use local publishers/printers if possible
The Board encouraged Brian to continue with the project

Jim Peters, (MA) reported he is working with the Packard Club for the 2013 tour to Kearney, NE for the Centennial Celebration

Van Becker, (IA), told of the City of Cedar Rapids having money to place an LHA museum in a local fire station---recognition for Automobile Row
--Money from FEMA for the flooding of Cedar Rapids
--Van will work on the wording with the historical center and the county historical preservation commission.
--More FEMA money to place a statue of Abraham Lincoln in a park, which Van hopes to redirect the statue placement to the LH exhibit
--LH Amateur Radio Club 5 years old, celebrating 99 years in Belle Plaine, IA
--Will set up a radio station during summer festival.
--Points of interest: Preston's Station which Preston Family will continue having open for special functions; Jumbo Well---an oversized well that was enlarged due to an error in dynamiting
--Preston's Station has a collection of Outhouses the village is trying to remove

Jerry Peppers, (NY) reported about the Blue Smoke Restaurant.
--Big Show on TV
--He and his wife took a two day Am Track trip, from Chicago to Seattle. There was an oral presentation on the trip on a subject about the local interest along the route which was very well attended among the passengers particularly the many seniors on the trip. He suggested that we look into arranging with Amtrak to do a similar presentation about the Lincoln Highway on the Chicago to San Francisco route which follows much of the Lincoln Highway (the LH, of course, actually followed much of the UP route) as a way to promote the LH and encourage new members to join. (Bob Dieterich expressed an interest in this)
--Jerry and his wife drove from the LH Eastern Terminus across the bridge that connects NJ/PA on their way to Philadelphia. The bridge is in need of repair and updating just west of the Hudson River
--Gathering data on buildings on 42nd St to early LH days
--Debra Desilets) who was a singer/performer at the 2011 LHA Conference, lives in Miami, FL, and is interested in the Lincoln Rd in Miami. She is working with Jerry to place a plaque on a building in Times Square, NY, the beginning of the Lincoln Highway
--Jerry will work on a report to send to the LHA Board members
--Jerry is working on encouraging a friend to be the next NY director

ADJOURNMENT: Jim Peters made the motion to adjourn at 8:30 p.m. CST. seconded by Kay Shelton; carried
Beverley "Sue" Jacobson, secretary

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