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June 20, 2011 Board Meeting Minutes

Lincoln Highway Association
Annual Board of Directors Meeting Agenda
South Shore, Lake Tahoe, June 20, 2011

Call to Order, Roll Call, and Quorum Determination

Call to Order: 1:11 p.m.

Roll Call: Bob Dieterich, Jess Petersen, Jay Banta, Randy Wagner, Jerry Peppers, Tom Lockard, Kay Shelton, Lenny Stubblefield, Bob Beaudoin, Jim Bonar, Jim Peters, Lynn Asp, Van Becker, guests, Paul Gilger, Kell & Michael Bringan

Quorum Determination: Met quorum

Board of Directors Election Results: Jeff L. who could not attend the conference opened the ballots and sent information to Bob D. There was a discussion on what to do with the write-in votes. Bob D. thinks there should be a process for write-in candidates. The Bylaws say that candidates need to submit a biography. Write-in votes did not include biographies. There was a discussion about what happens with the write-in votes on the ballot because they did not include biographies. Jess P. said there should be a note about the write-in process on the ballots. Tom L. said that the ballot is confusing; people do not have to vote for a person from their own states, so the ballots should say people can vote for any person from any state. The Board interpreted the Bylaws--candidates need to submit candidate paperwork. The Board did suggest however that the President and Chairman of the Nominating Committee follow up with persons who received write-in votes in states where the Directorship is vacant to see if they want to submit the necessary written materials and to determine if they would be suitable directors.. Robbie O'Brien is the new state director for Nebraska and Tom Lockard is the new state director for Ohio.

Randy W. motioned to accept the election results. Kay S. seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

Approval of Minutes from Last Meeting: There should be a correction to say that the great-grandson of Gael Hoag is Roger Hoag. Kay S. motioned to approve the minutes as amended, with Randy W. seconding. The motion carried.

Bob D. will try to get the descendants of Hoag, Fischer, and Joy for the 1913 Centennial for a Roundtable discussion. They were to come to the California/Nevada conference but they had to cancel.

Treasurer's Report: Jess P. distributed three sheets with the budget information. The financial Statement as of June 1st shows $3,000 encumbered to E Clampus Vitus.

Life Membership Money—The last time the CD came due, there was not enough money in the checking account to transfer the funds that had been received for life memberships during the last three years into the CD.  This means that $13,700 is still owed to the CD.  Some of the money generated as interest was taken from the CD and transferred to the checking account to pay for the cost of the Forum for life members during the last three years. The life membership money can be used for emergencies. 

Old Accounts—The Wyoming US 30 and Iowa US 30 funds phased out when those organizations stopped functioning and they gave us the money. Randy W. said the Wyoming US 30 money dates back to 1994, and there are no restrictions on it. Jess P. said the US 30 CD should mature again next year.

Membership: Increasing dues did result in increasing the amount of money raised through membership dues.

The financials for 2010 show what came in and what went out.

Bylaws Amendment Re General Membership Meeting Date: Due to challenges in encouraging people to attend the general membership meeting on the last day of the conference, there is a proposal to move the general membership meeting as early as one day after annual Board meeting. Randy W. moved to forward the amendment to the general membership meeting with Jess P. seconding. The motion passed unanimously that we present the amendment to the general membership for a vote.

Fund-raising: The Indiana Chapter requested LHA funds to restore the Jens Jensen bench that is in need of restoration, with a cost of $20,000 and requested money to support a Centennial dinner in Indianapolis. There was a consensus that the cost of a dinner should be supported by the cost of dinner tickets for those who attend. For example, if it costs $40 to eat at the dinner then the cost of any dinner tickets should be $40. Paul G. mentioned that the bench is in the PBS special. There was a consensus that the bench restoration is a project is appropriate for the grant projects. This year, no states applied for the grant this year. Jess P. mentioned that the LHA has not done a national project. The Fisher project was not a national project.

Indiana also asked to appoint someone as a liaison for the bench restoration. There was a discussion to ask Jeff B. or Sue J. to serve as a liaison for the bench restoration. Kay motioned to appoint Jeff B. or Sue J., as a liaison, and to suggest to Indiana that they apply next year for the bench as a grant project. Jim B. seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

There was a discussion to raise money through bricks and to encourage people to remember the LHA in their wills. Tom L. said that having the LHA mentioned in wills would not raise funds instantly but it would over time. Estate planning takes time and usually an organization does not know about it until someone passes. Colleges have annual funds that are used for operating expenses. That may not work for this organization.

Old Business: Jim B. said that the conference badges have what people paid for on the tags. Dinners will be paid for by a head count, so that needs to be accurate, and there are tickets for the dinners. There will be pink ribbons for first-timers at the conference, go talk to them. Paul G. gave special thanks to Jim and Lonnie Bonar for helping with the conference. There will three buses and a chase vehicle. Do not let people wander where they should not because the road is dangerous, and there is construction in some areas. For the Thunderbird Dinner people will need to car pool and there will be a sign-up sheet.

Future of Lincoln Highway Association: Jim P. suggested that there should be a task force on getting youth interested in Lincoln Highway. Jim B. gives talks but people do not join the LHA after he gives a presentation. Van B. said Iowa has sites listed across the Lincoln Highway and it is getting marked.

Mapping Committee: Paul G. said the Delorme maps are not quite accurate. Jimmy Lin works for Google. They are trying to work toward having a Google Web site, with the hopes of having passwords for members through Google Maps.

Van B. mentioned that they do not have much success in selling Web site advertising. The National Parks Services paid for the signs that will mark the Highway in Iowa.

Van B. suggested that people donate books about the Lincoln Highway to local libraries.

Headquarters will have a new Internet service and there is an installation date set.

Kathy F. needs more materials for the Forum.
Directors should be using those free copies of the Forum or let Jim C. know that they do not need them.

Awards Committee: Gregory F. was made a permanent Awards Committee Chair and Bob D. suggested that the President head the Awards Committee. Kathy F. and Sue J. are on the Awards Committee and they will continue. Kay S. motioned to have the President lead the Awards Committee with Randy W. seconding. The motion passed.

New Business: Lennie S. thanked everyone as outgoing Nebraska State Director. She and Bob S. will be working on the 2013 Conference.

Election of Officers: Jeff L. indicated prior to the conference that he did not want to serve as President or continue as Vice President. Jess P. agreed to continue as Treasurer and prior to the conference, Sue J. agreed to continue as Secretary. Everyone there received a nomination but no one accepted the nomination for President. Bob D. agreed to continue until someone else could be found to serve as President. There was a discussion about possibilities.

Bob D. nominated Kay S. for Vice President, with Jim B. seconding. The motion passed.

Sue J. indicated prior to the conference that she wanted to continue as Secretary and Jess P. said he would continue as Treasurer. Kay S. motioned to approve them to continue with Jerry P. seconding. The motion passed.

Jerry P. said that Bruce and Kathy Jones are here as new conference attendees. Bruce J. has experience as an accountant. Try to meet them while they are here.

Jerry P. suggested that the Board continue the meeting rather than adjourn with a lack of president, because Jeff L. turned it down.

The Board voted to continue the meeting at 4:25 p.m.

At the 4:25 p.m. continuation, the directors attending had further discussion about the succession to the presidency but no resolution was reached. Bob D. agreed to continue to serve but informed the Board that for a number of reasons he could not be as active as he had been, and that we would continue the search for a successor president.

At approximately 5:00 PM PST on Thursday, 23 June 2011 Bob Dieterich called the temporarily adjourned Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors to order explaining that it was necessary to formally adjourn the meeting so that, as required by Article III, Section 2 of the Bylaws, the meeting would be deemed held at least one day before the Annual General Membership Meeting scheduled for tomorrow, Friday, 24 June 2011. Ascertaining that a quorum was present in the room, it was moved and seconded that the meeting be adjourned and approved by a majority of the Directors at the meeting.

--Respectfully submitted,
Kay Shelton, Acting Secretary

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