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October 28, 2010 Board Teleconference Meeting Minutes

FROM: Bob Dieterich, president
             Beverley "Sue" Jacobson, secretary
RE:      LHA Teleconference Meeting Minutes    
DATE: October 28, 2010
CALL TO ORDER: President Bob Dieterich called the meeting to order 7:02 p CST.
ATTENDANCE: President, Bob Dieterich,CA; V. Pres, Jeff LaFollette, IA; Sec "Sue" Jacobson, IL; Treasurer, Jess Petersen, UT; Randy Wagner, WY Executive Director; At-Large #1, Brian Butko, PA; #2, Jim Peters, MA; #3 Van Becker,IA ; #4 Ron Colson, IL; Jerry Peppers, NY; Mike Buettner, OH; Jeff Blair, IN; Kay Shelton, IL; Lennie Stubblefield, NE; Shelly Horne, WY; Bob Beaudoin, UT; Jim Bonar, NV; ABSENT: Al Pfingstl, NJ,  Mindy Crawford, PA; Tim Wunsch, CO
1) MINUTES: Secretary Jacobson had sent the minutes from the last Tele- Conference to all the board members to peruse before the meeting. No additions or corrections. Kay Shelton made the motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Jeff Blair; carried
2) TEASURER'S REPORT:  Jess's report included:
    --$8,187 in the checking account
    --$61,000 in the Performance Fund
    --Expense of $2,500 out of Performance Fund for grant Sept for IA
    --Expense soon of $4,000 for the next Forum
    --$4,000 deposit for next year's conference/Banquet $500/Hotel guarantee...
    -- A question on cost of envelopes for Forum/ Jess will find out from Cassler
3) Miscellaneous  Financial Items: Jess Petersen and Bob Dieterich
    --How much do state chapters get from dues
    --During the 2001 board meeting in Grand Island, NE, the chapters' share of the dues was set at 20% of the individual Member's dues. When membership dues were again adjusted in 2008 in Evanston, WY, the 20% rate for chapters was continued.
    --Chapter fees were not addressed in Dixon
    --Discussed during Teleconference when the board decided to set the chapters' share of the membership fee at 20% of the individual Membership fee which comes to $9 up from $7
    --Jim Bonar had sent an e-mail to the board members proposing part of the Life Membership moneys go to the state of which the Life Member is a resident, to go into a trust for the state chapters' use in an emergency.
    --Vote taken on proposal to change the Bylaws....Section 2, Article II
    --Discussed reviewing this at the 2011 LHA Conference
    --Need to rewrite section of Bylaws stating states get 20% of fee
    --Motion to change the bylaws to start giving the chapters 20% of the Life Members fees 
    --Vote on issue: Yes...5; No....11; One abstain
    --Jim Bonar won't present proposal again until next year
    --When the Life Membership CD matures, Jess will deduct the cost of the Forum for all Life Members to the extent it is covered by the interest that has been paid and put that amount into the checking account
4) WEB SITE ADVERTISING: Bob Dieterich had been approached to have activities and products
    --Concerned about home page being cluttered
    --LH get on other websites
    --Restrict to LH businesses/need to become members if wanting to get on our homepage
    --Group or groups need to pay-in to get on homepage
    --Need to get more information and report at next Teleconference
5) BROCHURES: Brian Butko and Jim Peters
    --Brian received what Jim Bonar had on web site/will update when each state director sends him main features to emphasize from their state
    --Bob Dieterich asked Brian to do a sample  bochure for one state and send it to the board
    --Make brochure simple so it appeals to the public
    --Try to have a tri-fold brochure  available by 2013
    --Not every state brochure needs to have history of the LH
    --Aim....each state have information on-line
    --High resolution letterhead
    --Bob Dieterich will send Brian what he has
    --Jess will make these up for the brochures
    --Each state director must notify Jess of number of stickers needed
    --Each state responsible for placing stickers on brochure
    --Stickers to Cassler to include in requests he gets
    --Jim Peters not hearing from others on his committee: Bob Lichty, Paul Gilger, Brian Butko and Jim Cassler
    --Mike Buettner sent e-mails to board with proposed activities
    --He wants to conduct two different tours on each of the tour days--one on the Lincoln Highway and the other to some other interesting sites
    --Wanted to get o.k. with the ideas he and the committees have suggested
    --All agreed to have Mike proceed with proposals outlined
    --2013 transcontinental tour from both coasts to conference in NE
    --Members of tour will need to be LH members
    --Sends out journal every quarter--3200 members to break even
    --Southern CA individual tours have impact
    --Jeff LaFollette will send Model A and T Clubs info to Bob D.
    --Bob Lichty in on tour from east for 2013
    --Jim Bonar reported it will be more expensive due to resort area
    --Need to explain to members attending to sign up at hotels---Harvey's and Harrah's Special rate depends on number of rooms rented
    --Jim will place explanation/notice in Forum
Jeff LaFollette gave a brief nominating committee report...8 positions; he will e-mail the information to those involved in order to get the process started early
NEXT TELECONFERENCE MEETING: Thursday, Jan. 27, 2011    
ADJOURNMENT: Jerry Peppers made the motion to adjourn at 8:35 CST, seconded by Jeff LaFollette; carried
Beverley "Sue" Jacobson, secretary    

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