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January 26 and February 2, 2012 Teleconference Meeting Minutes

FROM: Bob Dieteich, president
Beverley "Sue" Jacobson, secretary
DATE: January 26, 2012 and February 2, 201

CALL TO ORDER: President Bob Dieterich called the meeting to order 7:05p CST.

ATTENDANCE: Bob Dieterich (CA); Sue Jacobson (IL); Jess Petersen (UT); Randy Wagner (WY); Jerry Peppers (NY); Jeff Blair (IN); Jeff LaFollette (IA); Ronnie O'Brien (NE); Brian Butko (PA); Jim Peters (MA); Van Becker (IA); Ron Colson (IL). Bob Lichty (OH) and Rosemary Rubin (OH) were in attendance for the initial meeting, January 26, 2012. Kay Shelton (IL) and Bob Beaudoin (UT) were also in attendance January 26, 2012, but not 02/02/2012.
No directors filling vacancies from NJ, PA, OH, WY

MINUTES: Secretary Jacobson read the minutes of the October 27, 2011 meeting. There was one correction on page 4 . "The bridge is in need of repair and updating just west of the Hudson River". The wording "and updating just west of the Hudson River" was to be deleted." Motion to accept the corrected minutes was made by Kay Shelton (IL) and seconded by Jerry Peppers (NY), motion carried.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Jess Petersen (UT) had e-mailed the report to the members. As of today, we have $13,000 in our checking account. In four weeks there will be a bill of $6000 for publishing the Forum . We are in good, but not great shape.
-- Ron Colson (IL) made the motion to accept the report, seconded by Jerry Peppers (NY); carried.
--Jess, Bob D and Jim Cassler reviewed the registration fee for the 2012 LHA Annual Conference in Canton, OH and decided it should be $300 per person for full conference
--A contingency fee to cover incidentals was bumped up to $40 which will be included in the $300 fee.
--McKinley Grand Hotel (OH) will have a block of rooms @ $89 per night for the LHA Conference attendees

DIGITAL MAP OF 2013 Tour Route
--Available to non-tour participants
--DeLorme maps being to buy both software and data for LH
--Jimmy Lin works for Google; Paul Gilger is working to get LH maps on Google's map system, which would be a tremendous asset, as people will be able to go to the website to get a printout
--Paul also mapping out tour route not always on the LH
--Tour participants will get the password needed to get these tour maps
--General public will need to pay for these maps
--Bob Lichty and Rosemary Rubin (OH) were both present to discuss the progress being made on the tours for the 2013 LHA Conference
--Bob L is in agreement with the plans
--Rosemary reported Paul Gilger has started the tour from the West and reached half way mark
--Many on the tour want to go their own way, so necessarily won't buy maps
--Not all have computers, so need to have printed material available for them
--Copies for tour people are in the Tour Book
--$350 for the tour/ People going on tours need to be LHA members

--At approximately 7:35 p.m. CST, the telephone connection was broken. At 8:00 pm CST it was unsuccessfully attempted to reestablish the connection and the meeting ended without being formally adjourned.
DATE: February 2, 2012
CALL TO ORDER: President Bob Dieterich called the continued LHA Teleconference Meeting to order at 7:05 CST

ATTENDANCE: Bob Dieterich (CA); Beverley "Sue" Jacobson (IL); Jess Petersen (UT); Randy Wagner (WY); Jerry Peppers (NY); Jeff Blair (IN); Jeff LaFollette (IA); Ronnie O'Brien (NE); Brian Butko (PA); Jim Peters (MA); Van Beckers(IA); Ron Colson (IL). A quorum was determined so the meeting started.

--No nominations for NJ, PA, OH, WY
--Jeff L will go through the membership list and send a plea to the members of these states for a director
--Suggestion to place directors' name, term ending, in Forum. Jeff will send the information to Kathy Franzwa, editor

--IL, UT, NV (o.k.) and At-Large-#2, Jim Peters is choosing not to rerun
--Bob D has a possible candidate for Ohio

NORWAY CHAPTER: Bob D made contact with a gentleman named Henning Kjensil from Norway, who had previously done a Rt. 66 tour and wants to do one on the LH, especially the centennial year, 2013
--Possibly over 100 vehicles/will ship to NY then drive to CA
--Start July 2, 2013 after our tour/ need help from the state directors to help this group with tour through their LH state
--We briefly discussed the concept of a non-LH state chapter, such as Norway, and decided, for the time being, that any such group desiring to be affiliated with a Chapter needs to be affiliated with an existing state chapter
--Week before OH Conference, Henning is coming to NY to make plans for 2013 tour. Jerry Peppers has spoken with him and will host him in NY if Henning can fit it into his schedule
--Bob D has asked Henning to be a speaker at the conference and meet with Jim Peters and Bob Lichty tour directors

NOTED: CHRIS PLUMMER: Past LHA President, passed away last December 2011

TOM LOCKARD: Stepped down as Ohio State Director

Discussion about a bylaw change to hold an LHA Conference in a place not on the Lincoln Highway.
--Jerry Peppers read Article 3, Section 8 of the bylaws, which states a site needs only to be approved by the board
--This was approved at the 2010 conference in Dixon, IL
--No need to further change the bylaws to hold a meeting in a non-LH sate such as Michigan

--Publisher told him to proceed with a soft cover book
--Trying to keep cost $25...looking into various publishers
--128 pages, 8x10/ 100 books $10.90/ 500-$5,500/ 6,500- $25 per book; good profit for either the 100 or 500 copies
--Jim Peters offered to pay the difference between 500 and 1,000 copies if we could not otherwise come up with financing
--Brian asked a $1,000 payment for his time and expenses
--Money needed could come from the Performance Fund
--Randy Wagner made a motion approving this amount of money, seconded by Jerry Peppers; carried
--Brian will send more detailed information to the board via e-mail

--If a dues payment is received from a new subscriber based on the amount in an old brochure, we'll honor the fees listed, but states won't get the 20 % portion back the first year. When renewing, the subscriber will pay the full amount
--Ronnie O'Brien said it would be a good idea to place the expiration date on the enrollment blank
--Jerry made the motion to accept this suggestion, seconded by Randy; one opposed; carried

--Costs $8 per issue to send overseas
--Membership fee increase for foreign members
--Need to inform Norwegian group now (perhaps get the group to agree to take a single package and distribute the individual copies locally)
--Bob D will get back to Jim Cassler about mailing rate (surcharge)
--More details at the next meeting

--Kay Shelton was absent; has permission from the Archway group to use its picture on the stamp
--Ron Colson has political contact with state representative and will work with Kay on this issue

--$25 added to fee, which raises the contingency amount to $40
--Included in registration fee for Ohio LHA Conference

--Bob D attended, and was joined by Kay Shelton the last few days
--They had an LH table set up with maps, brochures, etc...much interest
--Close to 2,000 in attendance
--Broadway casts provided 10 minute musicals
--Mark Hoffman, Sacramento, CA was elected VP/ has the National Tour Ass'n endorsing the LH for 2013 tour

--Randy Wagner made the motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Jim Peters; carried
--Next Teleconference meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 26, 2012
Beverley "Sue" Jacobson, secretary

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