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July 22, 2010 Teleconference Board Meeting Minutes

FROM: Bob Dieterich, president
             Beverley "Sue" Jacobson
             LHA Secretary
RE:       Teleconference Board Meeting
DATE:  July 22, 2010
ROLL CALL: The following members answered to roll call: Bob Dieterich (CA)pres; Jeff LaFollette (IA) v.pres.; Beverley "Sue" Jacobson (IL) secretary; Jess  Petersen (UT) treas; Jerry Peppers (NY); Mike Buettner (OH); Kay Shelton (IL) Lennie Stubblefield (NE); Bob Beaudoin (UT); Brian Butko (PA) At Large; Van Becker (IA) At Large; Ron Colson (IL) At Large. Absent: Randy Wagner(WY) Executive Director; Al Pfingstl (NJ); Mindy Crawford (PA); Jeff Blair (IN); Shelly Horne (WY); Jim Bonar (NV); Tim Wunsch (CO); Jim Peters (MA) At Large.
2) APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Secretary Jacobson had sent the minutes of the last board meeting. Lennie Stubblefield submitted a correction to #8 concerning the committees for the 2013 LHA Conference. Lennie made the motion to accept the corrected minutes, seconded by Jerry Peppers;carried.
3) TREASURER'S REPORT: Jess Petersen reported:
    --End of June, 2010, checking account balance was $12.075
    --The day of the board meeting account balance was $9,950
    --Our Life Members Certificates of Deposit matures in Feb. 2011
    --Treasurer is to take $10,000 out of the checking account & add  to the CD
    --This money is what we have received from the new life members since the CD was purchased in 2008
    --The conference costs this year were about $5,000 less than the income

4) BROCHURES--Jim Peters and Brian Butko (absent)
    --Jeff Petersen pointed out one-page flyers at H.I. Lincoln Bldg from each state; more economical than colored/slick copies
    --Bob checked them out during the conference. Suggested having these flyers put on our website besides having them to hand out.
    --At a later time when a sponsor is available, have the more colorful and elaborate ones produced
    --Generic one for the national highway route
    --Each state update their flyer
    --Brian Butko will put these flyers on his website. Would like to find the original files to check for accuracy.
    --Jess reported Chris Plummer had the files for these flyers
    --Brian will contact him, update and put current copyright on the flyers.
5. ALL AMERICAN ROAD STATUS: Jeff Blair sent ideas to Bob. Need chairman of a committee to head project.
    --Kay volunteered to do this/Jerry Peppers offered to help
    --Suggested finding a student to help with this project
    --Kay knows a lady in Rochelle who is a grant writer
    --Kay found the National Park Service's report and will send it to board
    --The LHA is ideal group to have this status/have requirements to do so
    --Jeff  is also pursuing just what might be needed to get a proclamation thru Congress, to name the LH as an official memorial to Abraham Lincoln. It is the longest memorial in the world to anyone.
    --Jeff said we need a Fraternal Relations PERSON/CHAIR/ this includes
groups such as AAA, Volkswalk, etc.
    --Group agreed Jeff would be the person to head this commitee. Bob will contact him.
6) FUND RAISING--Bob Dieterich
    --Tom Lockard suggested the name "Development Committee".
    --One page ad in Forum; for members to remember LH in estate/wills/etc
    --Follow-up with insurance companies who  give non-profit groups good
 interest rates
OTHER: Bob Beaudoin
    --Sent all the board a link to the pdf flyers to print out as needed
    --Also sent link about non-profit annuity programs for board to peruse
    --Farming Heritage project
    --LHA pledged $5,000 to the project
    --The FH group discussed putting an additional building on the north side of the H.I.Lincoln Building to house restrooms/displays/museum
    --Ron will bring up the issue at the next Farming Heritage, Inc. meeting and report back to the board
Lennie announced the Lincoln Highway Festival in Shelton, NE July 25th.
NEXT MEETING: October 28, 2010
ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 8:15 CDT.
Beverley "Sue" Jacobson, secretary

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